Whether you are a mountain biker or bodybuilder, a runner or a cyclist, strength training should be an integral part of your routine. Lifting weights can help you build a stronger muscle, which will eventually be helpful in any athletic activity you participate in.

You should focus on performing a variety of bodyweight exercises too. These exercises are a great way to build endurance, strength and stamina. This is not all, these exercises come in handy when you are traveling and don’t have ready access to a gym.

They could be helpful in times when weather prevents you from visiting a gym. Some experts even suggest that doing a couple of bodyweight exercises first thing in the morning has amazing effects on your overall strength.

With so many benefits of these exercises, why not learn some? Here are 15-minute bodyweight workouts that you should know.

The Best 15-minute, Bodyweight Workout for Busy Guys


Planks is by far the best bodyweight exercise you will come across. It is very easy to do and even beginners can think about effective weight loss and strength training with it. Planks are popular because they work on your core and help you get that lean and shredded look. You can work on your hips and shoulders too with a few modifications.

The exercise is very simple. You simply need to be on the tabletop position. Once done, lower your forearms and ensure that your elbows remain under your shoulders while the balls of your feet touch the ground firmly. The longer you are able to hold this position, the better. Make sure that your body always remains in a straight line.

To do a high plank, you need to put your palms on the ground (like you are beginning a push up). This helps in strengthening your shoulders. If you want more advanced workouts, then you should alternate between the high plank and the regular plank. This will build your core as well as shoulders, giving you a commendable upper body workout. Your hips will also get a solid workout due to this alternating position.

A great variation of this position is using side planks. You can do the high plank on one arm, followed by the second arm. It is better to do the high plank variation when you are alternating between arms. However, you can try either of them without any issues.

The Ultimate All-in Bodyweight Workout

If you are looking for the most effective bodyweight workout, your search ends here. This workout will help you get all the benefits of a gym workout, whether you are at home or a hotel room. The idea is to do as many exercises in this list as possible. You have to do 10 reps of each exercise.

Ready? Here are the exercises

  • Lateral launch
  • Standing long jump to high knees
  • Donkey kick
  • Diagonal mountain climber
  • Plank run to plank jack
  • Side-to-side bunny hops
  • Spiderman run
  • Sit up toe clutch
  • Push-up clap
  • Boxing punch and kick
  • Push ups
  • If possible, pull ups and chin ups

You will be completely exhausted with this workout in 15 minutes. Most muscles of your body, especially the larger muscle groups, will get a great workout.

The Simple but Effective Body Weight Workout

Bodyweight workouts don’t have to be complicated. You can do this very simple, but effective workout at home for great results too. This workout is amazing for early morning. Just wake up and do this intensive workout. It doesn’t matter if you go to the gym or not.

Just make sure that you work out as soon as you rise up. No food should be consumed before the workout, not even your daily workout. This is a ‘get out of bed and start working out’ kind of exercise plans and it always works, especially if you are trying to lose weight. These exercises will keep you fit and energetic all day long.

Here is what to do.

  • Do 2 sets of 12 reps each in single leg squats.
  • Do 2 sets of 12 reps each in split squats.

Follow each exercise with a 30-second rest. If you feel more tired, allow a 60 second rest but don’t let your heart rate come down significantly.

After this, do pushups and skull crushers. You should do 2 sets of each exercise. Each set should have at least 15 reps. you could even opt for 20 or more reps.

Follow this with planks. Do as many reps of planks as you can. You can alternate between one arm planks, high planks or regular planks. You don’t need any weights or tools. Just get up, do this workout and give your day a rocking start.

A Morning Workout You Can’t Miss

We often find it impossible to get out of home when the weather is bad. It could be raining outside and you may have to stay at home today. Don’t worry, morning gym enthusiasts. We have a workout for you that will not make you miss the gym. It is simple, easy and doesn’t even require a trainer by your side. You get strength training benefits along with a great cardio right in the morning, that too without stepping out of the house.

The entire exercise schedule should last for 5 minutes. You will need to repeat this schedule thrice for a perfect 15-minute workout. If you want to give yourself a breather, rest for 1-2 minutes between sets to avoid burnouts and injury.

Here is what you need to do.

  • Start with 20 jumping jacks and follow by 20 squats.
  • Do 20 lunges, followed by 10 pushups.
  • Do 40 air punches and top it all off with elbow planks (ideally 60 seconds).

This workout is very simple but it will give all your muscles some much-needed training. Your heart rate should go up after this workout.

Workout for the Fitness Enthusiast

If you want a more rigorous workout, then you should follow the routine we are describing below. It is only for those who love exercising and dread the day when they can’t visit a gym. This full body workout brings to you the most intense cardio and strength benefits. The good news is that it is a progressive workout with three levels. Therefore, your benefits will be multiplied every time.

Beginner level:

  • Do 20 squats. Make sure that you do it without any help. Don’t use any chairs or your bed for performing these squats.
  • Do 10 reverse crunches. Make sure you always maintain a good posture.
  • Use your bed to do 15 incline pushups.
  • If a heavyweight is available to you (the weight should be firm, not wobbly), then do 10 one-arm luggage rows.
  • If you think you can do more than 20 squats or 15 incline pushups, go ahead and do that. However, make sure that you don’t injure yourself.

Intermediate level:

Your heart rate has already pumped up and you are ready to take your workout a notch higher.

Start with 20 pushups and then do 25 overhead squats. If you have rest for too long between the beginner and intermediate level, getting to this number will be difficult. Follow it up with 15 reverse crunches. If you can muster up some more courage and strength, do 10 inverted rows as well.

Your body will likely exhaust now. If you think you can’t move ahead of this, don’t force yourself or you risk an injury.

Advanced Level:

If you have achieved this level, congratulations! You have the great physical strength and should now be ready to work up those muscles a little more.

Here is what you have to do. Start with 25 jumping squats. Your muscles may ache while doing this. If yes, then don’t ignore the pain and stop. If not, then continue doing 10 reverse crunches. End it with 20 decline pushups. The final level doesn’t sound too intimidating. However, if you have successfully crossed the first two levels, you will understand that it isn’t as easy as it looks.

These were some of the most amazing 15-minute bodyweight workouts that you could perform even at home, or while traveling. Don’t worry. These workouts will provide you all the benefits of a regular gym workout, only with slightly less intensity. If you workout at home, these are perfect for setting up a daily routine.

So, don’t wait anymore and start trying each workout yourself. You may be surprised with the results.

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