5 Core Workouts You Can Do with a Resistance Band

It is the latest workout product in reduce workouts. They are absolutely inexpensive and definitely easy to use. This equipment can give a total workout that is highly effective. This one piece equipment can give anyone a royal workout. Resistance bands help in reducing the fat because it gets one’s heart rate up as well as it provides resistance training. The core is a word for the whole body leaving out the arms and legs. The core is the place from where the power is generated so that one carries out movement.

What is the equipment required?


The equipment needed is a resistance band and each core exercise lasts for forty-five seconds and has a rest period for fifteen seconds. There are three circuits with a resting period of thirty seconds between the circuits. To get maximum results, one must perform the workout three times weekly every day for best results.

The five core workouts are as follows:

Front squat

In this one stands on the band with the legs apart, one has to hold the handle in each hand and bring the band over each shoulder.

Leg Extension

Anchor a loop band in the lower position on a support. One needs to step away from the anchor to create a tension in the band.

Prone Leg Curl

In this workout one lies down on one’s belly and loop the band around the right ankle while anchoring the other end to a door or any support.

Glute Bridge

In this workout the band is tied around the legs just above the knees. Lie on your back with the feet on the floor.

Standing adductor

In this work out a loop, the band is anchored at ankle height to as support and stand with your left side facing the support while wrapping the free end of the band around the right ankle.

What is the best workout with resistance bands?

The best resistance band core routine is often considered an aerobic workout with five pounds of resistance. These workouts’ are good for middle aged women they can work them out better.

How to find a responsive resistance band?

The easiest way to do so is to find a band that is appropriate to your strength while doing the exercise. The bands should be secured in such a way so that the resistance is appropriate to the length at the bottom of the exercise.


The resistance bands are used for the core chest exercises have to be used depending on the exercise one has decided upon on. While the exercise is on one must ensure that that the band is secured so that the length is equal to give resistance at the bottom of the entire exercise.

What is the difference between resistance bands and free weights?

Bend weights provide constant tension to the muscle which is not possible with dumbbells or any other weight lifting items. The core exercises dwell on both the lifting and lowering of the item. It must be remembered that one must not expect from this lifting.

Which band is suited to me?

One must choose a band that is simple. If one is experienced then one would need a thicker band as thicker the band the greater is the resistance. If one is just a novice in this field then one needs a resistance band that is less resistant. Bands should be available in different resistance levels such as light, medium, heavy and super heavy resistance.

What are the benefits of using resistance bands?

The main purpose of bands is to strengthen and make the fibres elongated. It helps to increase the flexibility in a great way. The bands help to stimulate the muscles and in the process control movements and keep the constant tension of the muscles. Short periods of rest between the sets help in increasing the stamina which in turn helps the cardiovascular system to perform better. The resistance bands are worth their cost as they are used when the gym is closed or while one is on vacation. These resistance bands help to train the muscles even when one is on vacation.

One can travel with resistance bands to any place.

  • It helps to coordinate balance between you and the muscle groups.
  • There is variety in resistance bands in companion to weights as it allows one to change once stance in many ways. In the process, it helps in making the changes in how one feels and exercises.
  • Bands are not so costly as compared to weights and hence it is easy on the budget.
  • Bands have the advantage that they are good for beginners as well as advanced people. One can start with the basics and slowly move to the advanced stage.
  • For beginners, each exercise for one set is about twelve to sixteen reps.
  • In intermediate it is two sets of sixteen reps.
  • In advance, it is three or more sets of sixteen reps using different types of bands.
  • This is very important that one warms up, at least, five minutes before the workout.

What is the best work out for resistance bands?

While free weights are good resistance bands also have their place of importance. The band word has earned a bad name as it is considered that it is meant for middle-aged people and for work out with five pounds of resistance. However, it should be made clear that resistance bands are useful to anyone and everyone. However, there are different advantages to using resistance bands. The first is that they fit into your baggage compared to the weights one has to carry. The mechanical advantage of using the bands is that resistance is maintained through every part of the motion. When one performs an exercise the band should be secured tightly in such a way so that the length is appropriate to give enough resistance.

Choosing the right resistance band

One has to be very careful in choosing the right brand. When it comes to the task of strength training the person must stick to the usual weights and machines. However, one needs not be confused in selecting the resistance band because when one uses the free weights the gravity decides where the weight comes from. However, bands work like a cable machine so that you are allows keeping constant tension on the muscle thus helping in the muscles to be in alignment throughout the exercise. The resistance bands are not so difficult as compared to dumbbells. When one is picking weights one is sure about their weights but with bands, one can go by how it feels on the tension on the band. If one uses the correct weight then one will not feel the difference between the weights and the bands. Bands also have a different way of using them such as front, sideways, below and overhead.

By using the resistance band, there are many advantages. One can stand on the band and hold the handles for the overhead and bicep presses. For the triceps one can attach it to the door or one can wrap it around a pole for chest exercises. The possibilities are limitless and so are its benefits.