The foundation or base of every athlete is the strength. This is the most important part of an athlete, as one knows that strength is not limited to muscle size. With strength one can run faster, throw further and hit harder.

Strength Training Exercise: Vital Part of Your Health

Strength training Exercise is a kind of physical exercise focusing in the use of some resistance to provoke muscular contraction which builds the strength, size of skeletal muscles and anaerobic endurance. Apart from using spin bikes or rowing machines, you can try these options to improve your core.

When appropriately performed, strength training can offer significant practical benefits and enhancement in overall wellbeing and health. There are five strength training exercises which one must follow to increase one’s strength:

1. The Squat

The squat is considered the King of all exercises. This is an exercise for the whole body. In the squat one has to bend the hips and knees while the bar rests on one’s upper back. The squat works on the whole body. When the legs bend it takes the whole weight while the abdomen and lower back muscles balances the body while the legs move. During this period, many muscles are working at the same time.

In the squat, more muscles are worked than any other exercise. The proper squat exercise is to avoid knee and back pain. It is not advisable to do partial squats which mean not going down just half way. The benefits of squat are to gain strength. Over all this strength carries on into one’s daily life. The squat increases fitness, endurance, burns fat, strengthens bones and joints and improves balance.

2. Bench Press

In this form of exercise one needs to lie on the bench with the feet on the floor. The bar is lifted with straight arms and then lowered onto the chest. Then raise the bar up so as to lock the elbow. The buttocks remain firmly on the bench. It is a full body exercise in which the chest, triceps and back are involved.

The bigger the bench so also is bigger the chest. Bench press without a power rack is considered dangerous. Fear of injury is often found in those doing the bench press. One should never do the bench press with the thumbless grip. The bar can slip from one’s hand and drop on the face. This could even kill a person.

3. Barbell Row

In this exercise one has to bend to pick up the bar. One has to grab the bar with both hands and palms facing down. The bar is then lifted to the lower chest while keeping the body straight. The bar is then lowered to the ground. This is a full body compound exercise. This exercise helps in building a stronger muscular back and bigger biceps.

One can lift heavier weights by using the hips but the upper back must do all the work. This exercise works on the muscles that one cannot see. What one can see is the muscles of the chest arms and abdomen. It also helps in strengthening the upper and lower back, abdomen, hips and arms.

4. Overhead Press

In this exercise one stands with the bar raised over one’s shoulder and above the head. The bar is then lowered to the shoulder. Once again this exercise is a full body and compound exercise. This helps in building strong muscular shoulders and back. This exercise is considered the hardest This is also one of the best exercises to build strong and muscular shoulders. However, the common mistakes in doing this exercise are that one tends to cheat.

Actually, the overhead press is a push press. It is a great exercise for the shoulders and back but it is the legs that take the brunt of the exercise. In doing this exercise, the technique should be consistent. As the weight on the bar increases, one can feel the gain in strength and muscle. This exercise uses more muscle as it involves the legs. This does not mean that the shoulder works less. There should be no arching of the back while one does this exercise.

5. Deadlift

This exercise involves lifting the weights from the floor. The bar is raised to the lower part of the abdomen and then lowered. The deadlift is dangerous for the back as it squeezes the spinal discs and can cause injury. This exercise will strengthen the abdomen muscles and back. A natural arch should be maintained in the back. The muscles around the spine work harder. The heavier the weight the stronger the core muscles become. Most of the back injuries happen outside the gym.

One must not start with a heavy lift straight away as this could end in injury. It is advisable to start with a low weight such as thirty-five kilos. If one feels comfortable by lifting this weight one can gradually add more weights. There is a technique in doing this exercise and if one can master it then the confidence increases. The fear of injury disappears when one masters the art of lifting.

How Frequently It Needs to Be Done?

One must train at least three times a week and resting one day between two workouts. As one works out three times a week and rest for two days, it will help the body to recover and become stronger.


  • No exercise must be done without a warm-up. This will help one to avoid injury to the body. The idea or goal is not to get too pumped up but the goal should be to increase one weight as one works out.
  • It is never good to start with heavyweights as that will make the legs weak and one would tend to skip the workouts. It is always right to start with light exercise like squatting.
    All weights include the weight of the bar as both are lifted at the same time. In the case of dead lifts, one must increase the weight by five kilos at a time as this exercise uses more muscles than any other exercise.
  • It is always sensible to think long term rather than short term. In this way, one can get stronger. To start with deadlifts and barbell rows, one must be sure to warm up considerably before attempting them.
  • One can practice by holding an empty bar in the air so as to get the hang of it and also how to stand straight.
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