[toc]Effective procreation is indeed the main reason why human beings have managed to establish their power, monopoly, and existence in this huge world. Just think of the day when human beings lose their ability to reproduce and raise their children. That would be the end of it all, right? Well, although not that extreme, such a world isn’t that far and the problem in the debate is nothing else but Male Infertility. In a world that has turned into a processed-food hub and never gives a darn about organic consumption, sexual dysfunctions and male infertility are not at all rare, if not common.


This is exactly where an eco-friendly and historically-relevant medical stream like Ayurveda seems relevant. We’ve already mentioned that the so-called new lifestyle has changed the way we procreate, giving rise to many medical issues regarding male fertility. So, something like Ayurveda will surely have some useful tips to offer for everyone. Thankfully, there is something unique and organized that Ayurveda offers in order to boost male fertility — called Ashwagandha. Even before we begin, understand this: Ashwagandha isn’t made to treat any particular sexual disorder or dysfunction. Rather, the approach is overall.

It follows a method that is quite relevant in this period of time — connecting sexual health with overall health and living habits. So, instead of focusing on your sexual hormones or other specific areas, Ashwagandha goes a bit forwards and transforms your body a bit. As a result, you will have many benefits for male fertility and the fixing of current issues you have. So, apart from sexual health and fertility, Ashwagandha has some other possible health impacts as well. It’s just that we are talking about the male-fertility-related points here. So, in the article below, you will find the top proven benefits of Ashwagandha for male fertility.

Proven Benefits of Using Ashwagandha

Given below are the important benefits you will have through the use of Ashwagandha in a healthy manner. As we mentioned earlier, Ashwagandha does not work in a direct manner, but rather finds out a root cause of the problem. For instance, we may be talking about Erectile Dysfunction, which is actually caused by a lot of issues. While Ashwagandha cannot do anything about Erectile Dysfunction, the same medicine will have an impressive impact on some root causes of the situation, such as stress or anxiety. And, yes, don’t think of Ashwagandha as the magic cure for all your issues. Now, shall we check out the benefits?

#1 Ashwagandha Enhances Reproductive Hormones & Testosterone Levels

If you know a thing or two about sexual health, you also know the status of reproductive hormones when it comes to fertility. As a matter of fact, these hormones have an enhanced impact on males than females. So, as you can guess, the lack of sufficient hormones will put you in a state of lower fertility. This is an area that Ashwagandha can make huge impacts on. According to several researches and studies, experts have proven that this amazing mixture can impact the levels of a few things — Testosterone levels, presence of Prolactin in blood and hormones for follicle-simulation and luteinizing.

All these have a significant role in bring a total improvement for the reproductive system. For instance, we’d take the case of Testosterone levels. If your body has a higher Testosterone level, chances are, it will produce more sperms. On the other hand, Ashwagandha manages to reduce the amount of the hormones for follicle simulation, which will be a good thing for your own health. In case you did not know, Prolactin levels in your blood is a symptom that you are suffering from male infertility. In addition to all these, Ashwagandha forces certain changes in hormone production and overall metabolism. At the end of the day, it’s all awesome!

#2 Ashwagandha Boost Sperm Count, Volume and Mobility

In most cases of male infertility, the problem is not about the production of sperm. It is rather about quality and quantity of the semen being produced. That is, if the produced semen does not have enough quality or quantity, the reproduction won’t take place. There is also another aspect named mobility, which denotes its ability to move and procreate. According to a human-based testing that involved Ashwagandha, this mixture had awesome impacts on enhancement of sperm count and quality.

We will be covering the aspect of semen quality in the next session. For now, let’s talk how Ashwagandha is affecting the aspects of sperm count, sperm volume and mobility. According to the research, there was 53% rise in sperm volume, which means that reproductive organs will be making 1.5x amount of semen. On the other hand, the rise of sperm count was at 167%, which is beyond imagining. The better sperm count you’ve, the better the chances of reproduction. Last but not least, Ashwagandha can boost the sperm mobility up to 57%.

Altogether, Ashwagandha can have an overall impact on the effectiveness of your semen, which is indeed a great way to improve male fertility.

#3 The Boost on Semen Quality

Semen Quality is yet another aspect that Ashwagandha can have an impact on. It does not matter how much semen is produced if the quality isn’t good. The idea is this: the best rates of reproduction occur when there is a correlation between semen quality and quantity. Thankfully, Ashwagandha has an impact on the overall quality of semen produced. If you think you are currently suffering from infertility, Ashwagandha is going to be an awesome solution, period. The same is stated by the couple of researches done in several parts of the world.

We don’t want to go too much technical here, but the total improvement of semen quality is something you cannot determine without some sub-factors. For instance, there is the serum biochemistry, which plays big roles in the mobility aspect as well. Similarly, antioxidant enzymes and several vitamins like A, C and E seem quite important as far as the overall semen quality is concerned. Last but not least, there should also be an optimal level of fructose levels in seminal plasma too. Ashwagandha is so effective that a single medicine can take proper care of all these aspects.

Altogether, the health of your semen is going to be great again 😉

#4 Better Libido and Testicular Health

These two factors have a huge impact on your fertility, no matter what. It can be considered as an agent that applies the same effect of Testosterone, but in a slightly different manner. For one, tests have proven that Ashwagandha can improve your urge to have sex, thus leading to create a pro-sexual behavior inside your body. This has been quite helpful for overcoming one of the noted issues of infertility. Another area that you can see being affected by Ashwagandha is your Testicles. There are a few things that Ashwagandha does to your testicular health.

The first impact of Ashwagandha is on the testicular weight, which gets higher upon the consumption of this simple medicine. Coming deeper into the anatomy, we can see that seminiferous tubule diameter is being enhanced quickly. These tubules are where sperms are generated. So, if the diameter gets higher, there is a higher chance of sperm generation as well. As a part of the pro-sexual behavior that was enhanced, you can expect a better daily generation of sperms as well. Altogether, you can enhance the sexual health.

#5 Reduces the Impact of Issues Like Smoking, Depression and Anxiety

As we mentioned earlier, there are a few factors that affect male fertility in an indirect manner. Most of the personal issues you have, particularly stress and depression, are seen to have a huge impact on the overall sexual health and fertility. This is where the indirect power of Ashwagandha comes. So, what Ashwagandha does is quite simple: it can fix the causes of depression, stress and even other problems like smoking. This is going to change the way you approach your fertility in the long run.

By the way, do you know that stress can have a negative impact on erectile dysfunction? Ashwagandha can, working silently, optimize affect the root-cause of stress and thus help you from the problem in talk here. A bunch of studies have proven that Ashwagandha can work against the inhibition people have towards sex.

Another area where we find Ashwagandha really useful is in minimizing the impact of smoking on fertility. It is not like you can keep smoking as long as you are taking Ashwagandha. On the other hand, there are a few damages that happen to your body due to continuous smoking, such as the ones to sperm-producing tubules of your reproductive system. Ashwagandha is capable enough to minimize the effects of smoking on such body parts. Doesn’t that sound good enough?

A Necessary Note on Benefits Of Ashwagandha

These are some areas that you will find Ashwagandha improving male fertility. We hope we’ve listed down almost every reason why using such a medicine matters. That having said, we’d like to repeat one thing before we move on. Although Ashwagandha can impact your overall fertility, there is no known impact over issues like erectile dysfunction. So, don’t expect on getting rid of erectile dysfunction by simply having some Ashwagandha. It may, however, fix some factors that cause erectile dysfunction. However, it’s not as if you can consume as much Ashwagandha as you want. There is a certain limit to be kept when it comes to consumption.

Regarding the Consumption of Ashwagandha

Depending on where you are getting it from, you can have Ashwagandha in form of leaf powder or root in a concrete form. On the other hand, don’t expect it to be ready in an extract form. So, you should be extremely careful when it comes to how much you consume.


The recommended level is 2 tablespoons of the Ashwagandha root powder or tea powder are safe to use. It needs to be noted that, although Ashwagandha is completely non-toxic, it’s good to maintain a limit. If you are taking capsules instead of the extract or powder, you can even go to an extent of 2000mg.

Also, you have the freedom to mix the Ashwagandha powder with water or milk, according to your choice.

Wrapping Up

These are some important things you should know about Ashwagandha before you start using it for better fertility and more importantly for fighting infertility. Now that you know what exactly Ashwagandha can do to your body, you can understand whether it is the right option for you. For instance, if you were looking for a natural way to treat erectile dysfunction, Ashwagandha is not the right option. But, if the problem lies with semen quality of quantity, you can go ahead for this amazing piece of medicine from Ayurveda. Also, we’ve made sure that all the benefits we’ve suggested are scientifically proven, if not for the belief and true success stories of thousands of people out there.

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