spin-bikeCycling is the best exercise in the fitness world. But nowadays nobody wants to go out for cycling in heavy rains, intense cold, snowfall and scorching sun. Vow! To your greatest delight, we have found the best way of indoor exercise in the form of stationary cycling.

This latest technique has been practised since 1990. Several gyms and cycling studios have been opened around the country giving training in indoor cycling, the best form of exercise ever heard.

It is the most effective cardiovascular exercise, imparting tremendous energy and strength to the body. In 45 min period training you will ride a stationary bike, in the form of spin bike, and to your greatest delight, will burn 600 calories. It will strengthen your lung pumping capacity. Studies have shown that indoor cycling has reduced body fats and body mass index, within a short period of time.

What is a Spin Bike?

A spin bike is heavy, made up of metal. It weighs approximately 154lbs. It has a massive flywheel for spinning purpose. Flywheel weighs 48lbs. Seat, seat post and the handle bar are already installed on the bike. You have only to put the flywheel in its place, with a little effort. Rest of its parts are easily fitted together, with the help of bolts and nuts provided. It is a solid bike and if fitted properly, becomes the modern and latest exercise tool for users. Tension adjustment and braking does not lead to pulsing, vibration or squeaking, which is a common problem of the spin bike.

spinning bike

SB700, spin bike is a perfect option to buy, you can check out best spin bikes here. It is provided with numerous features, such as backlit LCD display which gives an idea of time, Kcal, speed, distance and RPM. It is supplemented with wireless devices. Lifetime warranty is granted on the frame, 3 years of warranty on electrical parts and one year warranty on labor.

Seat and handle bars are self-adjusting in all directions. The braking system is Kevlar. It is provided with an oversized pedal. Handlebars provided with cup holder to make hands free. It can be used to hold MP3 player or any other musical device. Its heavy weight flywheel is directly linked to the pedal. This acts like fixed gear. Even if you stop pedalling it will spin, due to the inertia of the flywheel.

The shape of the bike is designed as a common road bike. Your posture on the bike will decide how to use it. Most exercise bikes are upright, having wider seats and more comfortable. Different body postures will tone different groups of muscles.

How to Use Spin Bike in Efficient Way?


Focus On Pulling Up

Upstroke provides all power. So focus on pulling up then pulling down. Pulling up with each pedal stroke will increase momentum, and will also increase RPMs simultaneously. Clip in shoes provided helps users to concentrate on pedalling rather than fixing their foot. While using bike use your abs as much as possible, this will help to support your lower back. Try keeping your back straight when on the ride.

Know the Lingo:

Spin bike lacks gear system. It is supplemented with resistance knob which indicates how hard muscle movement is required to increase RPM or to increase your speed. Resistance knob will help you to keep appropriate speed, and tells you what to do when you pretending to climb up a hill or moving fast on the road. Instruction on flywheel provides technology about the level of resistance to be followed. Resistance should be adjusted according to comfort level.

Clip in (and Out):

Clipping into and out is the most difficult part in riding a spin bike. Ball of the foot should be held in the cage, directly in the middle of the pedal. When wearing cycling shoes, clip in one foot at a time. Toes should be bent at a downward position on top of the pedal and then push your foot down till the time you feel that shoes are properly fitted after that sit on the bike. At a time take one pedal to the bottom through the stroke of your legs. With some force turn ankle away from the bike, while shoes unclip.

Customize Your Ride

Little bits of self-adjustments in the bike will make your ride favourable. The first thing is to adjust the seat height. Bring seat to hip height. While riding, knees should be aligned over the toes. Accurate distance should be maintained between seat and handlebars. Keeping elbow on seat adjust the seat in such a way so that finger tips touch the back of handle bars. Finally, handlebars should be adjusted in higher position to avoid back, neck and shoulder pain.

Dress for Riding:

It is a sweating exercise, so three-quarter lengths tights are appropriate. Padded bike shorts are also good but avoid baggy. In the case of kicks, the spin bike is provided with pedal designed for the special clip- in bike shoes. It should be bought for few charges for an effective ride or may be provided free.

Benefits of Using Spin Bikes During Workout

Weight Loss:

If you are trying to lose weight, pedal skin bike is the appropriate option. It can help you to burn a thousand calories within less than one hour. Joining spin classes is the best way to lose weight.

Builds Strength:

It is a method to tone your entire body in a single package. You can tone, core, arms, legs, butts and back simultaneously. You will have to work on varying speed and resistance to build your body efficiently.

Best Cardio Workout Available:

This exercise is essential to maintain the heart health. It makes efficient heart pumping capacity and makes it stronger and healthier. Its increases body metabolic activities and shape the body to its perfection. Spin classes help you how to overcome fatigue and laziness and the best way to utilize energy.

Low Impact:

The best point of this exercise is no pressure on joints. Hence, it is applicable to all age group of people for proper fitness. Gives opportunity to every muscle to get stretched and strengthened.


After practising daily, you will maintain a normal and steady speed. The first week will be tough, but with the passage of weeks, you will acquire perfection and will be able to reach your goal.


Stationary bike exercise is the best way of maintaining a superb fitness level and healthy body, a perfect formula for losing weight if mixed with a healthy diet programme. Continuous pedalling exercise increases body basal metabolic rate, which is the essential component for losing weight. Even while you are in sleep, the body will burn more calories and produce maximum energy.

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