We still see some basketball players — especially newbies — who are hesitant to spend money on shoes! In the course of time, they come to know how these shoes can protect your legs, enhance performance and provide better support. That’s why professional players as well as coaches are really concerned about having some of the best basketball shoes.

It’s common that you have trouble in making a pick! There are hundreds of choices, in terms of style, color, designs and functions. What we done was, we got our hands on some of the best shortlisted basketball shoes in the market. We consulted with professional players, coaches and veterans to analyze those shoes.

Some of basketball aspirants in our team used them personally. At the end of the day, we have picked the 7 Best Basketball Shoes we’d love to recommend. We’ll have those Quick Recommendations first.

Best Basketball Shoes – Winners 2018


Top-End Pick: Nike Kobe X Elite

If you like to get a breathtaking look, best-in-class ankle support and durable functionality, Nike Kobe X Elite Men’s Basketball Sneakers Shoes is our top-pick recommendation. It’s worth the extra amount you pay.

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Low-Budget Pick – Under Armour Men’s

Our Analysis Team chose Under Armour Men’s UA ClutchFit Drive 2 Basketball Shoes as the budget-friendly alternative. This low-priced pair of shoes is making use of an all-new design and lightweight construction.

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Best Basketball Shoes Reviews – Our Top Picks 2018!

Best Basketball Shoes Reviews 2018!

Here are the best basketball shoes reviewed by Finesstep1’s experts team. Let’s take a look at individual basketball shoes.

Top Pick — Nike Kobe X Elite Men’s Basketball Sneakers Shoes

Our team chose Nike Kobe X Elite Men’s Basketball Sneakers Shoes, based on veteran’s rating and our own experience. We had tried playing basketball for a few hours, and the ankle support was just amazing. We’d received the same opinion from professional and amateur players alike.

nike-kobe-x-elite-mens-basketball-trainersJudging by the design, this one is something unique. Chances are, rather than the performance, people may praise the looks when you wear it. It’s made of synthetic and fabric, and the weight has been minimized on a dramatic level. You don’t feel like something heavy is down there.

While asked about durability, most customers were satisfied with the product for a long time. Serious players add that they love this pair of shoes for Nike Visible Air and Flywire Technology. In our playing sessions, these technologies had offered an extra power of comfort and speed.

In the end, Nike Kobe X Elite Men’s Basketball Sneakers Shoes makes sense if you don’t mind spending a bit more for extra quality. You will never regret the extra price, especially if you are looking for durability as well as incredible ankle support.

Best Buy — Under Armour Men’s UA ClutchFit Drive 2 Basketball Shoes

This is our recommendation if you need a comfortable basketball shoe at a lower price. When compared to what you get, the pricing is so low. In case if you didn’t know, Under Armour is one of the trusted names in the market of basketball shoes around.

under-armour-mens-ua-clutchfit-drive-2-basketball-shoesOne thing we loved about Under Armour Men’s UA ClutchFit Drive 2 Basketball Shoes is the wider range of availability. Apart from sizes, you can get this pair of shoes in a variety of colours, including some awesome combinations like Red/Metallic Silver. You can find your favourite colour or a matching alternative.

Despite the lower price, total support offered by these shoes is something. We found the second skin to be a true solution for that issue. According to the many players we consulted, they were impressed by the ease of use and enhanced performance offered.

Considering all these, we would recommend this pair of shoes with no doubt. It should work well for both the professionals and amateurs around, but the overall performance is on par with standard. According to our reviews, this was exceptionally good for speedy players as well.

Recommendation #1 — Nike Men’s Lebron XIII Basketball Shoe

Another pick from Nike, this one falls into medium-budget category to start with. This pair of shoes would be able to provide the best-in-class comfort for your longer playing sessions. In our testing, the product was quite responsive as well.

nike-mens-lebron-xiii-basketball-shoeThere are a total of 13 Colour combinations you can choose for this basketball shoe, with support for almost all sizes. The ones we’d tried and seen were amazing for sure. When compared to other products, these Nike shoes don’t cost much, either.

One thing about Nike Men’s Lebron XIII Basketball Shoe is that you can use it for various occasions, and not just while you are playing basketball. Our expert team also mentioned these, and we found the same opinion from other users of the product. It’s the right combination of lightweight, comfortable design and material.

At the end of the day, when you need a versatile basketball shoe, we’d recommend this one. It is powered by classic design, variety of colour selection and some truly comfortable features for extended usability. We also found the product to be durable, according to user-reviews.

Recommendation #2 — Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier IX Basketball Shoe

This is another mid-budget basketball shoe that promises standard quality and support. We considered this product, depending on various user reviews, and our team had nearly the same impression about the pair. There are some features exclusive for this particular shoe.

nike-mens-lebron-soldier-ix-basketball-shoeFor instance, Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier IX Basketball Shoe offers Velcro support, if you prefer that. This is a nice feature if you are expecting an extra support for your ankle. Once again, you have the option to choose from 44 design variants if you like.

It does not seem like a multipurpose shoe, but performed awesome for basketball purposes. We had tried the White variant and it fitted well too. Within the material, there are extra rubber pods, which we found a lot more useful for durability and consistent performance.

Altogether, Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier IX Basketball Shoe is the excellent choice if you need a wider range of colours to choose from, along with consistent performance and durability. And, the best part, you are not paying a lot for this.

Recommendation #3 — Nike Men’s KD VII Basketball Shoe 11 Men US

This recommendation is special, because we had reviewed a particular colour variant, in 11 size. So, you can go for it only if the size is suitable for you. This basketball shoe is available in a colour combination of Emerald Green, Metallic Silver and Dark Emerald.

nike-mens-kd-vii-basketball-shoe-11-men-usJudging by the looks, it’s something great and Nike has used different materials for each of its three zones. This has resulted in the better support and durability we found. The same perfection is there when we do consider the Flywire Technology.

In case if you did not know, Nike Men’s KD VII Basketball Shoe 11 Men US is the seventh signature shoe of Kevin Durant. And, Nike has put much effort into crafting this, we must say. Despite the semi-premium price we are paying, the quality is top notch for sure.

With the better durability, easier usage and 3-Zone construction, Nike Men’s KD VII Basketball Shoe 11 Men US is a nice choice for all basketball players, if your fit is according to this. This pair happens to be one of our personal favourites.

Recommendation #4 — Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoe

As the fourth contender, we have one of the most popular and affordable basketball shoes in the market. It being a product from Adidas, we had no doubt about quality and functionality. As it turned out, most of our expectations were true.

adidas-performance-mens-crazy-explosive-basketball-shoeAdidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoe is available in 19 colour variants and uses textile and synthetic for construction. It uses an exclusive type of cushioning, which was really good during our long basketball sessions.

Most of our veteran basketball trainers had recommended this product for extra comfort and its nice lacing system. Both were really good during the playing sessions as well as for other uses. If your current pair of shoes is giving your legs more stress, this can be a good alternative.

Conclusively, Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoe is an awesome choice for most of professional and amateur basketball enthusiasts. It costs you less, but the performance is impressive. We’d loved its fine construction and extra comfort for the price we’d to pay.

Recomendation #5 — Nike Jordan Melo M11 Men’s Basketball Shoes

With another best basketball shoe from Nike, we end our list. This is another choice if you prefer sticking on to a medium budget. The pair of shoes are available in different sizes, but the colour availability is limited to White/Black/Gym Red combination.

nike-jordan-mens-jordan-melo-m11-basketball-shoeWhen you are a quick runner, you would find the extra support of Nike Jordan Melo M11 Men’s Basketball Shoes to be really useful. Ankle-support is something excellent and one of the best we had seen in all those products in review.

The construction is equally awesome, and there is a premium feel for them too. While playing with this pair, we found a secure feeling for our legs, if not for the whole movements. Most customers love the additional support offered by Nike Jordan Melo M11 Men’s Basketball Shoes.

In the end of all, this is another Nike Basketball Shoe you can purchase with confidence. It’s low-priced but is offering better control, thanks to the construction. It’s all good to go, for both professional and passionate basketball players around.

An Introduction to Basketball Shoes

Let’s have a quick introduction to basketball shoes and their various aspects.

Basically, Basketball Shoes are particular type of shoes that have been made for basketball players. This type of shoes is used by both professional and amateur players around. There are even some newbies who go for basketball shoes for the advantages of comfort, lightweight design and better support. You can have this in different budgets, including the extreme low and pricier ones. Above, we have added products pertaining to all the possible budget-ranges. There are also some signature Basketball Shoes, which uses the name of the popular players across the globe.

The major advantage of having a basketball shoe is the dedicated perks. When compared to a standard pair of shoes, you can have better breathability, design and build. When you are in the field, all these will be lots of help. That’s just one advantage of having a pair of basketball shoes.

Next up, you have the benefits of performance impact. Depending on the type of play you are focusing on, your legs need to focus on several things. Sometimes, it’s about consistency while others need you to have better enclosure. If you can choose the right basketball shoes, this is a piece of cake.

As we mentioned earlier, when you are serious about the game, you have many more reasons to get a dedicated basketball shoe pair. At the end, it’s up to you to select from our recommendations. Before that, you can have a look at the major considerations for choosing the right basketball shoe from market.

Factors to Consider for Choosing the Best Basketball Shoes

We have a quick look here too, at the considerable aspects for choosing the best basketball shoe in town.

  • It needs to be noted what Type of Player you are. Depending on that, you will have requirements as well. For instance, when you are an Aggressive basketball player, you should go for a pair of shoes that is protective enough. On another instance, if you are a Speedy player, you will have to emphasize the comfort elements and lightweight behaviour. We have mentioned these aspects with each of the recommended products. So, by analysing the type of player you really are, the choice can be made.
  • Design is another element of choosing the best basketball shoes, especially if you want to wear it for professional gameplays or something. Make sure that the design is suitable for your style and other type of clothing you may have. Also, this can have an impact on the total attitude of your team.
  • Quality of Build is something you cannot tell at first glance. But, this should be considered when you really need the best basketball shoe in town. To help you here, we have collected different reviews along with our hands-on experience. So, you can choose the right one without worrying about those possible issues.
  • Construction Material is another aspect of consideration for sure. As you may know, basketball shoe can come in different builds like Mesh and Synthetic Mesh for the main part. These are known for the lightweight property, when compared to those old leather-based shoes.
  • Type of Basketball Shoe should also be considered before final considerations. The three major types are Low Top, Mid Top and High Top. Out of these, Low Top is suitable when you need ankle support, while Mid Top focuses on the speed of the player. The third one, High Top, is actually a combination of support and performance for your long playing sessions.
When you need to make a selection out of many, keep those points in your mind.

Summing Up

Well, these are our best recommendations when you need the best basketball shoes for regular needs. A few of them are Signature Shoes and are particularly recommended for professional players. That said, you won’t have any trouble in getting the right gameplay with any of the mentioned shoes. You just have to be sure about the type you are purchasing.

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