While insomnia has been increasing amongst the young and old alike, the rate of increase of generic sleep troubles is alarming too. More people now have problems falling or staying asleep. This creates problems with mood and memory and often translates into irritation, bad focus, lack of concentration and a brain fog-like situation. The individual essentially sleepwalks through life simply because his mind and body are unable to cope with the stress of disturbed sleep.

Medications for effective sleep work well in the short run. However, using them in the long term can create health complications too. Therefore, you would be better off looking for natural or herbal remedies to get a better night’s sleep.

Can essential oils help to get sound sleep?

Essential oils have been used as a part of ‘aromatherapy’ since ages. The wonderful smell of flowers helps in relaxing the mind, which could then be useful in getting better sleep. Essential oils are obtained by extracting precious aromatic oils from flowers. It could take an entire field to fill a small bottle of oils. This is why they are not only incredibly strong but very valuable as well. When you buy organically produced essential oils, you are not only helping calm yourself but also creating a friendlier and welcoming atmosphere in your home.

So how do essential oils work? Well, our brains are extremely susceptible and responsive to smells. Do you notice how sniffing flowers can instantly make you feel happier and calmer? This is exactly what happens when you smell essential oils. They activate certain regions of your brain that help in relaxation or inducing high mental activity. Depending on the kind of results you want to achieve, you can select one or more oils.

Here are the top 4 best essential oils for sleep.

We have done an extensive research on the essential oils available in the market, and here are our suggestions for the best essential oils for sleep:

1. Lavender oil

If you have to choose one oil for great sleep, it should be lavender. The beautiful purple flower has a mild and relaxing fragrance. Lavender fragrance is often used in home products to make them smell pleasing and attractive. It is a super-oil as far as sleep troubles are concerned. Multiple independent studies have confirmed that using this oil has helped people sleep better without any side effects. Therefore, this essential oil is completely safe to use in the long term without worrying about dependence, addiction, or damages to your health.

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Lavender is revered by aroma therapists as it not only helps in sleeping better but also helps the mind to relax. Any nervous tension or stress that you may be facing can be reduced effectively with the use of this oil. You will start notifying the change from the very first use. Your mind comes to a peaceful halt when you smell this oil. This helps in relieving pain and even treats respiration problems. Lavender is also used in disinfecting the skin. It is also one of the most easily available oils on the market.

2. Bergamot

Have you ever wondered what is so great about your Earl Grey tea? Sipping on this beautiful blend of tea every morning helps you in feeling better about yourself and get a head start to the day. We will tell you the secret behind this refreshing tea- bergamot. This wonderful smell comes with adaptogen. If you are feeling down, it will help in uplifting your spirits, and if you feel fatigued, it will help you relax.


The best thing about bergamot is that it is a very versatile smell. It has a refreshing citrus floral aroma that could instantly catch your attention and drive you away from the stresses of daily life. This essential oil is especially helpful for people who are feeling anxious, nervous or overwhelmed in life. The smell will help you in relaxing, staying grounded and focus on what is important. The aroma transforms its effects almost magically, giving your body exactly what it needs.

3. Chamomile

If you are diagnosed with insomnia, this oil could work well for you. Chamomile has very strong relaxing properties which help you in falling asleep quickly. Note that chamomile is available in many different varieties. While all of them are equally good for helping boost sleep, the Roman chamomile is especially great for insomnia. It is more potent than other varieties in easing nervous and muscle tension and preparing the mind for a stress-free sleep.


Roman chamomile has a very sweet scent. It has been proven to help with nightmares as well. People who experience hysteria will also find instant tranquility with this oil. The oil can be used by people of any age. Many people are not fond of musky, earthy or spicy smells. Even they will find a great alternative for unwinding with this gentle and sweet smell.

4. Frankincense

If stress, unbalanced emotions and overwhelm are disturbing your sleep, then this smell is right for you. It helps in balancing emotions and making you feel centered. You can even meditate with this aroma filling up the room. If you don’t have time for meditation, simply put your headphones on and listen to great music while this aroma is working its magic.


Some people are in the habit of over thinking or being unable to ‘shut down their brains’ before sleep. They may feel numb or lost before bed which could result in poor quality of sleep. Noises may often disturb these people significantly, and they feel irritable. If you face similar issues, it will be better to go for Frankincense. It will help you become more emotionally stable and improve the quality of your sleep.

Essential oils can be applied topically or used in diffusers. If you prefer to keep your home smelling like a field of fresh flowers, use carrier oil like coconut, and a diffuser. This slowly radiates the calming smell of the oils into the room. If you prefer the topical application of these oils, simply put a drop on your wrists and gently rub them for a few seconds. You can even drop a little oil on your pillowcase right before sleeping.

Have you decided which essential oils you are buying yet?

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