I often see guys who want shredded muscles lifting more and more weights only to divert further from the desired results. What most people don’t know is that weight lifting is a tool to getting shredded muscles but, without proper diet, you are wasting your time. When you lift weights over and over again without fueling your muscles, you more often than not fatigue them leading to loss of muscle mass. Sometimes it’s worse, you get injuries.

While some body builders adhere to a good diet, many concentrate more on proteins and overlook the importance of carbohydrates to the body. Proteins are great for repairing your worn-out muscles after lifting but carbs are the fastest and most efficient way to replenish your energy levels. When you work out, the muscles in your body normally use up all the glycogen and glucose for energy so you need something that will replenish the glycogen store. This is where carbs come in.

If I have your attention, you are probably wondering what carbs you should count on for fast and crazy muscle growth. Keep calm, the fitness guru is here. I will be giving you a list of excellent and healthy carbs that will not only grow your muscles but also contribute to your general body health. Let’s get to it.

Best Post-Workout Carbs – Recommended by Fitness Experts

Before we get to the list of carbs, I should say that carbohydrates are excellent post-workout food because they are good and releasing energy fast. After your workout, your body is in dire need of energy. Count on the carbs below to deliver.


Oatmeal is a very good complex carbohydrate and is ideal especially after you have worked out. What makes it stand out is the fact that it has a great amount of protein and it is a very good source of fiber. The fiber basically slows the digestion down preventing the oatmeal from turning to fat fast. In addition to this, oatmeal is great because of its ability to reduce any chances of heart diseases and it also lowers cholesterol making it ideal for body building.

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Add a bowl of milk to your oatmeal or some Greek yogurt for extra proteins vitals for muscle repair.


Many people who have built muscles over the years can attest to the fact that brown rice is extremely important in providing the body with natural energy. Always avoid instant rice and go for the organic and whole grain rice. Brown rice is better than the white rice mainly because it is in a natural state and has been proven to control insulin level and blood sugar. After your workout, eating brown rice will help control blood glucose which will ultimately help build muscle and prevent fat from building up in your body.


This is one of the most nutritious carbohydrates in the market despite its distaste.It has been recommended because of its high content in glycemic.

Although it is a bit on the expensive side, this seed is totally worth the purchase because it also contains minerals and vitamins that are also very essential for body building, especially after a work-out.


In the pursuit of health and huge muscles, whole wheat bread should be at the top of your list. Bread is good after a workout session because it has a high fiber content that slows down digestions and prevents the carbohydrates from becoming fat. The only downside to this carbohydrate is that it is not advised for people with gluten issues. That said, it is a very good carbohydrate that should be eaten regularly particularly after a workout.

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Down a slice of bread with some bean soup for added protein of better yet, make a sandwich loaded with all kinds of healthy treats. Your body will thank you later.


This rich and nut-like flavor carbohydrate is very good and is something you definitely and to add to your menu. It is very high in selenium and thus recommended for the people who work out a lot because it protects our body from any damage by free radicals.

Since it is very low in protein, you should combine this with a good protein source for nutrition purposes and to also have a balanced diet. Once again, a bowl of bean soup will come in handy with this rich carb.


Pasta is a great carbohydrate mainly because it also has some protein in it hence making it very good for muscle repair after a workout session. It is, for most people, a light meal which gives appetite and makes you want to eat after a short time. For body muscles growth, you want to constantly have an appetite and so the pasta does that for you. It gives you energy after your workout and gives you a craving for more food.

Make sure you get whole pasta as well. We are all about healthy carbs and not empty ones.

Tips To Make The Most Out Of The Carbohydrates

The most important thing is to integrate carbohydrates correctly into your diet. The carbohydrates will help kick-start the recovery process after an intense workout. Here are some carbohydrates tips that are a must for your muscle growth.

  • Eat carbohydrates many times a day in small portions. Making a habit of eating carbs constantly keeps the flow of insulin stable. However when you consume a lot at once then it will be stored as fat which is not what you are going for.
  • Eat carbs immediately after working out. To prevent muscle fatigue, you need to eat after working out. This is because, in the process of working out, your blood sugar levels reduce significantly.
  • Have the carbohydrates and proteins in one meal. They supplement each other if you want to build muscles and minimize the chances of carbs being stored as fat.
  • Have complex and high fiber carbohydrates. These are great for forming muscle glycogen and help blood sugar levels to remain constant throughout.


Nutrition is very important and should not under any circumstance be overlooked. If you are seriously looking into getting some serious muscle mass you need to revamp your diet. Write down a meal plan and be sure not to deviate because it will help keep you on the wagon. For you to get all this to work your way, you need to approach meals with the exact intensity you have towards the workout. To maximize the effect of carbohydrates, you need to have proper timing. You will also need to strike a balance between your workout and your diet in order to get the muscle growth you require. Adding variety to your diet will prevent you from getting bored with the new healthy diet. Finally, remember to rest adequately after working out to ensure the food you eat gets to work.

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