4 Best Recumbent Bikes – Do NOT buy before reading this!

If you’re looking invest some decent money in a top class recumbent bike, you might as well educate yourself on the kind of features and product attributes that the contemporary versions of recumbent bikes are coming equipped with.

If you want a recumbent that has everything but the kitchen sink, look no further than the Schwinn 270. If we were to judge this bike for its smooth operation and workout performance alone, it would still win the top honors in our comparison. Add in the plethora of settings, monitoring and feedback options and you can see why this really is the ultimate recumbent bike.

Second place goes to the Exerpeutic 900XL which is perhaps just as impressive for the incredible value it provides. For a paltry sum of $170 you get a recumbent that does not compromise on its core functions but still manages to add in niceties such as adjustable resistance and an LCD display.

Best Recumbent Bikes – Updated Sept 2016

#1 Recommendation: Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

Schwinn 270 Recumbent BikeDesign & Build Quality: Despite the price range, this is a top-notch product that can withstand intense workouts even from users with a max weight of 300 lbs. The design is sleek and black, with comfortable handle grips and backed-up seats. The build quality is really good with 3-piece pedal cracks and oversized pedals providing a good biking experience, and can support weights of upto 300 lbs.

Tech Specs & Features: The Schwinn comes with 25 levels of resistance and 29 workouts programmed into it to provide a superior experience. You not only get two backlit LCD windows, you also get custom heart rate programs, fitness test programs, 4 user profiles, and 12 challenge levels. Workout data can be stored including speed, time, distance, level of intensity, calories lost, etc. The perimeter weighted flywheel provides a realistic experience especially for the high speed and high inertia drive systems. There’s a media shelf that gives you control of entertainment, in-console speakers with plugin ports for MP3 players, smartphones and iPods, and even Bluetooh and USB data transfer features (through Schwinn Connect or the MyFitnessPal apps). The fan provides three-speed cooling, while water bottle holders come as standard features. Additionally, the Schwinn provides heart rate monitoring features through the handlebar grips (which display details) and the telemetry-enabled chest strap.

Warranty: You get a ten year warranty on the frame with the Schwinn, while there’s also a two year warranty for mechanical parts, one year on electronics, and a ninety day labor warranty all inclusive.

Our Rating: 4.4.

#2 Recommendation: The SOLE Fitness LCR Light Commercial Recumbent Bike

The SOLE Fitness LCR Light Commercial Recumbent BikeDesign & Build Quality: This fitness bike is built for gyms which means it can support multi user access and withstand some rough workouts. Easy to assemble, it has a self-generating power source. There’s also a 12 position seat, pedals that work ergonomically, and more. The pedal size is oversized to support more users. Did we mention the transport wheels that can help you keep it away conveniently when not in use? Users generally report a smooth and easy assembly process, but the time it takes is the only downside to this machine.

Tech Specs & Features: Supports weight of up to 350 pounds and can support multi-users, which goes well with the 30lb fly wheel that increases stability. It comes equipped with an Eddy Current Brake resistance that employs 40 magnetic levels of resistance. Additionally, the SOLE fitness comes with heart rate monitoring features through stationery grips as well as chest straps. The common inclusions such as a water bottle holder, fan for cooling, plug-in for additional MP3 or iPod support gives a superior experience. There are 10 levels of programming available to users from a console that is a 9” backlit LCD display, and pre-programmed workouts including fat burning mode, cardio mode and more. The console also provides information on time, speed, distance covered, calories burnt, resistance and more.

Warranty: The SOLE ships with a lifetime frame warranty, and additional five year warranty on electronics and other parts, and two years on labor. However, commercial warranties vary slightly with support for electronics and parts reduced to three years, and for labor, to 1 year.

Our Rating: 4.8

#3 Recommendation: Diamond Back 910 SR Recumbent Bike

Diamond Back 910 SR Recumbent BikeDesign & Build Quality: The Diamond Back 910 is one of the best loved bikes under $1000, but its design and structure is quite premium. There are adjustable handlebars as well as a seat with a back which can be customized for the best fit. The assembly of the bike is pretty easy so long as you have about 2 hours to spare. There are added wheels for better transportation facilities and a steel mainframe. The frame is strong enough to support a maximum weight of 325 lbs.

Tech Specs & Features: The Diamond Back comes with the Eddy Current Brake system on the more expensive SOLE fitness, with a magnetic resistance of 32 levels that provide quite a smooth transition of states. There’s also a wireless heart rate receiver which can be operated hands on, although the strap is additional. There are all the standard features including water bottle holders, magazine racks, and plugins for auxiliary music from any form of iPod, iPad or other MP3 music sources. One of the best aspects of the Diamond Back is that it gives 35 different workout programs for users which can be operated through a digital console. 28 of these are pre-programmed to give you fat burn, strength, interval, hill and other training. Data is monitored through the console and measures your resistance, speed, RPM, calories, distance, etc. Added bonus? You get 2 user profiles.

Warranty: The Diamond Back comes with a lifetime frame warranty that is actually limited to five years. There’s also a three year warranty for parts and electronics, as well as a one year labor warranty. Wearable items are protected with a90-day warranty.

Our Rating: 4.6

#4 Recommendation: Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike

Nautilus R616 Recumbent BikeDesign & Build Quality: The Natuilus R616 may not be a premium category bike in terms of the price, but it sure looks like it in terms of design and build quality. There’s a ventilated back support as well as padded and contoured seats on this one, as well as sliding seat rails and oversized pedals. This recumbent bike also comes equipped with transport wheels and stabilizer frame levelers, plus acoustic chambered speakers.

Tech Specs & Features: This recumbent bike comes equipped with an Eddie Current Brake as well, as with its pricier cousins, but the levels of resistance are 25. To be honest, that does not make much of a difference in terms of exercise quality and you can easily transition between different levels with unexpected smoothness. Like the Schwinn 270, this bike comes equipped with media trays to take care of your music needs: especially since it can plug in to your ipod, ipad, mp3 player or smartphone. Nautilus also gives a Nautilus Connect performance tracking system, and includes Bluetooth and USB compatibility for easy access. There are two backlit LCD displays that can provide you dual track displays, and about 29 programs with 1 quick start, 2 fitness test, 1 recovery test, 12 profiles, 9 heart rate, and 4 custom workout programs. Heart rate monitoring is enabled through telemetry as well. In fact, the Nautilus gives you the option of heart rate control besides monitoring standard workout data including distance, calories lost, RPM, etc.

Warranty: The Nautilus R616 is good to go for several years, with a ten year frame warranty included. Warranty on parts is for two years, on electronics for one year, and on labor, about ninety days.

Our Rating: 4.3

Criteria for selecting the best recumbent bike

Here’s a quick round up for you –

Calorie Counting Computers – Data Tracking and More

Tracking and enjoying your fitness regimen becomes a breeze with a recumbent bike that does all the data handling for you. Equipped with mini computers and smart sensors, modern recumbent bike models such as Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike allow you to check details such as workout time, distance covered, and calories burnt, on the computer screen attached to the bike. Plus, some of these recumbent bikes flaunt data trackers attuned for different users. Imagine, the bike’s computer motivating you to higher fitness and workout goals based on your performance; with top of the line recumbent bikes, that’s possible.

Preset Workout Plans and Real Time Resistance Adjustments

The keyword for any recumbent biking workout is – resistance. Tweak the resistance settings of the bike and you can make your workout lighter or can increase the intensity. How about the recumbent bike dynamically changing the resistance in line with your performance during the workout? With contemporary recumbent bikes, that’s possible. Many of the latest recumbent bikes allow pre-set settings for the kind of workout you’re looking for, and some of the sophisticated ones can increase or decrease the resistance by dynamically measuring your heart rate and making adjustments. The ‘right’ resistance makes your workout balanced in terms of how challenging it is, and how beneficial it is. With a recumbent bike that’s ‘smart’ with its resistance settings can monumentally improve your workout results.

App Readiness

If you’re a truly discerning and data centric fitness enthusiast, you might want to check out recumbent bikes that allow syncing of data captured in the machine attached computer with a smartphone app. These bikes are at the top of the ladder in terms of feature catalog and pricing, and appeal to workout addicts who’re particular about precisely recoding data.

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Bolt-ons to Amplify the Workout’s Enjoyment Quotient

With so many options in terms of recumbent bike features, choosing one could be a ‘problem of plenty’ for anyone. Here are some of the more exciting add-on features that you could find in your dream recumbent bike-

  • Enjoying your workout assumes the garb of reality with a recumbent bike equipped with speakers along with USB stations wherein you can plug in your music device, and savor up-tempo beats along with the fulfilling workout.
  • Recumbent bikes with heavy flywheels go a long way in replicating the feel of on-road momentum and movement, go for them.
  • Perimeter weighted flywheels are an improvement upon conventional flywheels, and offer a more realistic sensation of on-road biking.
  • Plus, modern recumbent bikes also come with the option of a powerful mini fan that can help you cool off in a jiffy.
  • Most recumbent bikes come with adjustable seats, so that you can be in the most comfortable position, rather than having to slouch to be in control.

Ensure that your recumbent bike offers the most attractive of benefits outlined above. Also, here are a couple of other factors you might want to keep in mind –

  • Look for warranty on your recumbent bike; not only does it showcase the maker’s confidence in the product, but also covers you in rare cases of manufacturing defects in the bikes.
  • Look for the weight rating of the recumbent bike; most of them are able to handle users with weight up to 250 lbs (that’s 113 kilos).

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What are the benefits of recumbent bike workout?

Recumbent bikes are kind of indoor workout cycles that let you sit back so that you can let your upper body rest by taking off its weight. This enables you to focus your exercise more on the leg portion, in a relaxed and risk-free manner. Recumbent bikes are great for persons struggling with back problems; be it lower or upper back. These bikes are designed in a way that they take off the load of your other body parts, which are often dynamic while exercising which can cause pain or adversely affect you.

Recumbent bikes have a more user-friendly design, which minimizes the weariness of the person, in comparison to other fitness mechanisms. Bending forward can cause you back pain sooner or later, hence, these bikes allow you to lie back comfortably, instead of bending forward, which you have to on other stationary bikes. Unlike treadmills, these bikes do not strain your knees when you paddle or work your hips in a deviant, oblique manner. It is a typical bike that lets you cycle with a new kind of relaxing back rest.

Recumbent bike workout tips for beginners

Take on a powerful and low-collision exercise

Nearly all type of workout engages in too much force to the lower part (leg region), which may strain your back, hips, knees and ankles. These consequences may not be felt by you immediately, but eventually, running or jogging can begin hurting you. If that happens, it is unlikely for you to carry on working out.

Using recumbent bikes let you lie down comfortably by taking off the weight from your back and hips. These bikes do not allow you to engage into immense exercise session. They simply enable you to have an extreme and difficult workout, as far as you can hold, which will aid you to tone your leg muscles by burning those extra calories.

Accomplish Brilliance of Cardio With Recumbent Bikes

Unlike other bikes, with the help of recumbent bikes, you can achieve a toned lower body; hips and legs. This has helped many people, (even your doctors) and has gotten them thrilled and energized. According to a research, exercising with a recumbent bike for at least twenty minutes every day can increase your cardio rate as it happens in a cardio session, which is an important element of physical workout, on the whole. It also minimizes the danger of heart ailments and similar issues related to health. With the help of Schwinn 230, a recumbent bike, you may slowly be able to accomplish the utmost health of cardio, at home.

Burn Extra Calories with Recumbent Bikes

Recumbent bikes enable you to burn hundreds of calories every hour, depending on your potential, weight and workout session. You can boost the intensity of resistance or use a pre-programmed exercise session, if you wish to engage in a more powerful workout. Moreover, because you are building your physique by raising your metabolism level, you will observe your calories still burning even after finishing working out.

The Thrill of Working Out

The advantage of working out with recumbent bikes is that it does not stop your calories from burning even after you’re done working out. Even if you are engaging in a low-intensity, prolonged workout, you can minimize the signs of stress and depression, and raise the level of endorphins in your body. Furthermore, it will make you feel delighted and cheerful as you will get to move about in an improved manner with all your boosted muscular potency because you will have shed all the extra body weight.

Key considerations to remember while enjoying workout with recumbent bikes

To keep yourself comfortable and safe during the workout, try to follow these simple tips-

Wear Snug Workout Clothing

Loose clothing can get caught in the bike part and cause injury; the solution – wear snugly fitting workout clothes when exercising on your recumbent bike. Pay attention to avoiding any loose clothing hanging close to the gears.

Keep the Bike Clean

You’d ideally want to keep enjoying workout on your recumbent bike for years to come, right? To ensure so, develop the habit of wiping it clean after every workout session, especially taking care to remove sweat and moisture from the seat and other parts.

Wear Quality And Closed Front Shoes

The fast moving gears of a recumbent bike can hurt your feet, so remember to wear proper workout shoes while exercising using your recumbent bike. Opt for shoes with closed tops to keep your toes protected. Your routine training shoes will work well; you don’t necessarily have to go for a new pair.

Closing Thoughts:Recumbent Bikes

Recumbent bikes are designed to offer you the intense workout, without the risks of injury to your back, knees, and other sensitive joints. It’s a different kind of workout, but as enjoyable and fulfilling as any. Getting a bike for your home, you do run the risk of its being turned into a coat rack, but the benefits of continued use are amazing. How does this sound? You return home from work, you switch on your favorite TV show, and just workout for half an hour? No driving through slush and snow, no embarrassing gym showers, no bad music that reminds you never to come back again. These machines are so easily storable (especially because some have wheels and some come with the ability to be fully fold-able) that you can just move it away if you’re expecting guests.

These exercise bikes are awesome in that they provide everything you can possibly need: music, water stand, cooling fans, weight control… so just go ahead and order one already! Modern recumbent bikes are equipped with advanced features to keep you coming back for your workout sessions regularly. Of course, you need to enjoy your time with the bike. Happy workouts!