[toc] If you are a serious athlete or runner, you know the importance of having the right gear while running. Not only is it safe but also keeps you comfortable. A running jacket is an essential part of any running gear. They come in handy during any season from cold winters to steaming hot summers. They especially work well to protect you from harsh winds as you run. If you have been depending on your old school tracksuit for running, I suggest you upgrade. Here’s how to pick the right running jacket for your needs and most importantly, a thorough review of the best running jacket in the game. Tired of getting a cold after every run? Read on, we’ve got you covered!

Best Running Jackets 2018 – Our Top Recommendations!

Adidas Men/s Essential Tricot Jacket – For the classic athlete

This is a jacket that is designed in the classic Adidas style with a number of added features to help you stay comfortable and protected during your run. It is made purely of poly tricot fabric so as to be flexible and breathable at the same time. The fabric also creates an athletic appearance when you wear the jacket. Available in 14 colors, the Adidas Men’s Essential Tricot running jacket has the classic three lines of the Adidas insignia throughout. When you wear it during your runs, you do not have to worry about getting weighed down by excess moisture from your sweat. The poly tricot fabric wicks it away from your skin leaving you lighter and more comfortable. Flexibility around your torso area and armpits is maximized in this jacket. As such, you can make whichever movements you want as you run with no chances of a rip or restrained motion. The Adidas Men’s Essential Tricot running jacket is available at an affordable price.

Adidas Men’s Essential Woven Jacket – For cold weather runners

Do you enjoy running through the cold weather? If the answer is yes, then this is the perfect jacket for you. The Adidas Men’s Essential Woven Jacket will keep you warm as you run while also allowing your body to aerate comfortably. It is made of climawarm fabric which is designed to keep your body warm while also allowing for the effective evaporation of sweat. In doing so, the climawarm also regulates your body temperature to keep it at optimum levels. Manufactured in 10 different colors, the Adidas Men’s Essential Woven Jacket has some extra kangaroo pockets to help you carry along some of your running accessories. Its hem and cuffs are fully ribbed so as to provide you with a comfortable, snug fit. To keep you comfortable while running, this jacket’s hood is also fitted with a ventilating, mesh lining. Moreover, the torso, arms, and armpits have a fleece lining within them. It allows you to move your arms freely while running in the Adidas Men’s Essential Woven Jacket. This jacket is available at a very affordable price.

Nike Dry Element Running Dry Fit – for long distance running

Long distance running needs a reliable, light yet protective jacket. The Nike Dry Element Running Dry Fit is perfect for this purpose. It is a quarter zip, a lightweight jacket which keeps you comfortable and cool even as you go for the longest distances. The jacket is made of Nike’s Dri-Fit technology. Not only does it wick moisture from your skin allowing you to stay dry, this fabric also provides a suitable surface for the evaporation of your sweat. This automatically cools you down as you run. It has a quarter zip feature which you can use to provide a little extra airflow around your chest and neck for cooling purposes. The Nike Dry Element Running Dry Fit jacket is available in 21 colors. As such, you are bound to find one that fits your style and preference. Its thumb-holes and seams are designed to be completely flat so that they do not irritate you during runs. They also contribute to a snug fit of the jacket. The synthetic Dri-Fit fabric is also very flexible. As a result, you can move your arms and torso as freely as you desire while wearing the jacket. You can get the Nike Dry Element Running Dry Fit jacket at affordable prices in authorized stores.

Champion Men’s Vapor 6/2 Half Zip Jacket – run dry and comfortable

Made of pure polyester, this running jacket will keep you dry and comfortable as you run. The Champion Men’s Vapor 6/2 Half Zip Jacket is made in 6 different colors. Each one is designed to be highly reflective at 360 degrees. As a result, the jacket improves your visibility and keeps you safe and secure as you run on the roads. Staying dry is essential while running. Hence, this jacket incorporates two technologies to make this possible. They include the Champion Men’s Vapor and Moisture Management Technologies. They work together to quickly wick sweat away from your body and get rid of moisture. As a result, the garment is highly breathable. The Champion Men’s Vapor 6/2 Half Zip Jacket is made of a honeycomb textured fabric. It is soft and flexible at the same time to provide you with comfortable support as you run. Note that the jacket is fairly light hence should be worn to run in the warmer months. The Champion Men’s Vapor 6/2 Half Zip Jacket is available at an affordable price.

Salomon Men’s Bonnati Jacket – for a touch of class

Designed with a protective hood, this jacket is ideal for running. It is made with technologies that keep you dry and promote natural movement as you run. The Salomon Men’s Bonnati Jacket has two technologies engineered into its fabric. They include the Salomon motion fit and Advanced Skin Dry. They work together to wick away sweat from your skin keeping you dry and comfortable throughout your run. The jacket has a stow pocket which is designed to store it away when you are done running. Available in 13 colors, the jacket is designed to be minimalist and also fully waterproof. The shoulders and torso of this jacket are built with Salomon Motion Fit technology so as to be flexible. Thanks to this, you have complete freedom of bodily motion as you run. This feature makes the jacket also ideal for other athletic pursuits. The Salomon Men’s Bonnati Jacket is fairly expensive but widely available.

Under Armour Men’s Storm Launch Run Jacket – for rain running

Do you enjoy running the rain? If you do, the Under Armour Men’s Storm Launch Run Jacket is your perfect running companion. It is made of pure polyester and is exceptionally light. As such, it drains away the raindrops leaving you unburdened as you run. The jacket has a collection of zippers which are perfect for storing your running accessories such as energy gels and smart devices. The Under Armour Men’s Storm Launch Run Jacket is capable of repelling water and remaining breathable at the same time. It has a mesh back vent made using specialized UA Storm Technology. It circulates air around your body, keeps the moisture out and dries your body fully. The Under Armour Men’s Storm Launch Run Jacket is available in 5 different colors. It is designed with a long torso and arms too. These provide ample coverage during a rainy run. However, it is important to note that they bunch up thanks to your movement and can be uncomfortable as a result.

Aeroskin Dry Full Zip Running Jacket – affordable and versatile

Designed for both working out and running, this jacket has a low price tag which is widely achievable. It is made of a spandex-polyester mixture which adapts to every move that you make. Seeing that it is a middle weight jacket, it can comfortably adjust to every movement that you make during your run. Presented in 5 different colors, the Aeroskin Dry Full Zip Running Jacket has extra features such as thumb-holes, pockets, and a mock-neck. How does this jacket keep you dry and cool as you run? It does so using a Quick Dry technology which wicks sweat and moisture away from your skin. Thanks to the polyester-spandex fabric, the Aeroskin Dry Full Zip Running Jacket is flexible enough to allow for any movement you perform while running. It is also fitting. Highly affordable, the Aeroskin Dry Full Zip Running Jacket is a great choice for athletes and hobbyist runners.

Nike Men’s Windrunner Hooded Track Jacket – experience quality as you run

For decades, Nike has been a high quality, trusted athletic apparel company and their experience is displayed in the Nike Men’s Windrunner Hooded Track Jacket. It is made of rip stop nylon fabric hence it is durable and light at the same time. The jacket also has a hooded bill to protect your face from the elements and side pockets which are zippered to provide extra storage. Its lightweight fabric allows air to move comfortably into and out of the jacket. Moreover, its back yoke is vented and makes the jacket better ventilated. The Nike Men’s Windrunner Hooded Track jacket is made such it promotes moisture evaporation. This helps you to stay dry as you run. The jacket is available in a collection of vibrant colors so there is a style for everyone. It is important to note that the Nike Men’s Windrunner Hooded Track jacket has a tight fit. Therefore, make sure to order a size that is one step ahead of your regular one.

Salomon Men’s Panorama Midlayer Jacket – affordable and stretchy jacket

This jacket is designed such that you can use it for all forms of outdoor activity, especially running. Made of 100% polyester, the Salomon Men’s Panorama Midlayer Jacket is a quarter zip jacket which you can get in only 2 unique colors. It is made of fleece which provides you with warmth while staying fully breathable. This fabric is stretchable hence allows you full movement during your run. The Salomon Men’s Panorama Midlayer Jacket is quite affordable too.

Tesla Women’s Lightweight Active Performance Full Zip Hoodie Jacket – for the ladies

Do you want a jacket that is both lightweight and feminine? The Tesla Women’s Lightweight Active Performance is your answer. It is a full zip hoodie jacket which is specially designed for ladies. It is made of 90% polyester and 10% polyurethane. The fabrics are blended and then cut to flatter the female figure. To maximize function, the jacket has thumb-holes, zippered pockets, and contrast cuffs too. Interestingly, the Tesla Women’s Lightweight Active Performance also has an earphone outlet in its hood to facilitate unbridled entertainment. Some extra ventilated fabrics and lightweight fabric make this jacket breathable too. The light fabric on this jacket makes it ideal for both running and yoga as well. The Tesla Women’s Lightweight Active Performance jacket is affordable as well.

How To Choose The Perfect Jacket For Your Needs

We have compiled the list if important factors which are essential while choosing your next running jacket.


Jacket or smock?

I’m sure you have come across both a jacket and a smock. You just didn’t know which is which. A running jacket has a zip from top to bottom while a smock has a short zip usually from the chest area to the top. A jacket is usually heavier due to its long zip and can sip in water from the larger zip area. On the other hand, you can easily cool down if the temperatures rise suddenly unlike when wearing a smock. A smock however has the benefit of being easy to put on and remove. Both are excellent and have their cons and pros so when it comes down to which one to get, it’s usually a matter of preference.

Fixed, Detachable, or roll away hood?

You will also have to choose between a roll away hood and one that had no storage. While a fixed hood is easily accessible, it can be quite troublesome when running in windy conditions. I mean, who want to get slapped in the face while running? Detachable hoods are better than fixed ones but risk being misplaced or forgotten at home. I’d personally go for a roll away hood due to its convenience. But again, it’s all about preference.

Waterproof jackets

A waterproof jacket is good enough to stand heavy rain as opposed to light drizzle only. They are usually tapped at the seam hence enhancing their ability to keep water out. Water proof jackets are also tapered hence breathable keeping you cool and preventing you from getting drenched in sweat. A good waterproof jacket should also be windproof preventing you from chafing or getting cold from harsh winds. If you live in such harsh conditions or go running early in the morning when it’s chilly and windy, this is a good long lasting investment.

Showerproof jackets

These are great for handling drizzle but not so good at holding up in heavy rain. They are usually very lightweight, breathable and windproof. If you want a jacket for mild weather this is the right pick for you. They also come at a cheaper price compared to waterproof jackets and allow more movement.

Water-Resistant Jackets

These are fully wind proof and can withstand both drizzle and hard harsh rain. They are not as good at keeping water off as compared to water roof jackets but they do the job better than windproof and shower proof jackets. Due to their water resisting capabilities, they can get really hot with increased temperatures. However, their breathability quickly compensates for this.

Insulated jackets

Different jackets provide different levels of insulation but insulated jackets are specifically meant for cold weather. You will quickly recognize them by their puffed look which is more than normal jackets. They are also made of synthetic fiber. Some may also be windproof but all are breathable to prevent you from soaking in sweat. If you live in places with below zero degrees temperature getting one will absolutely keep you warm as you run. A downside of these jackets is that as you run, your body will be generating more heat. This makes them strictly for cold weather.

Features Of A Good Running Jacket


These increase ventilation and breathability beyond the use of tapered ends. This is because as you run your body usually gets hotter. Sometimes the breathability of the jacket does not cut it. Going for extra vents usually solves the problem, look for mesh ventilations or zips under the arms.

The last thing you want is to be knocked down by a car when running especially at night on in rainy weather. Jackets with reflective materials or bright colors usually do the trick. Go for bold neon r orange colors. Reflectors will be a bonus.


What’s the point of protecting your body only to get your head drenched in rain? A good running jacket ought to come with a hood to cover your head and prevent your face from the chafing effects of harsh wind.

Final Lap

I think the jackets above pretty much speak for themselves. They are well designed to stand harsh weather and come customized to the last detail. If there was one last thing to say, I’d probably urge you to invest in a quality running jacket especially if you are a constant runner. This is because they condition your body for the perfect running experience.

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