I have been asked so many times whether wearing shoes on a treadmill is really important. My answer is always a firm Yes! Not wearing shoes, leave alone the right fit, can wreak havoc on your body as well as increase your chances of injury due to falling off. So, what exactly is the right pair of best shoes for treadmill exercises? We will be tackling that in a bit. We will also go to the details of helping you get the right treadmill shoes by giving you tips on choosing one. That’s not all, a thorough review of the best running shoes for treadmill in the market today will give you a variety to work with. So what are we waiting for? Lace up, and let’s get into it.

Best Running Shoes For Treadmill

Nike Free RN FlyKnit.

Nike Free RN FlyKnit
Nike Free RN FlyKnit. Click on the photo to check the Price on Amazon.

Nike Free RN FlyKnit is one of the topmost used treadmill shoes in the gym. The shoe is an upgrade from the free 4.0 FlyKnit with more enhanced features to make sure that the user enjoys every moment using it.

RN FlyKnit is very flexible making it comfortable to use and preventing any chances of an injury.

It has a planted base that makes it the ideal choice for the gym. The best part is that this shoe can easily be used by both men and women making it quite convenient.

A little drawback, however, is that it can take a little more time before breaking into it. This can cause some discomfort while wearing it on the first days hence needs some getting used to.

We would highly recommend Nike Free RN FlyKnit if you don’t have restrictions on your budget for buying your next treadmill running shoes. This shoe is pure value for money.

New Balance Vazee Pace 2

New Balance Vazee Pace 2
New Balance Vazee Pace 2. Click on the photo to check the Price on Amazon.

New Balance Vazee pace 2 is firm, flexible and steady hence making it to the top ten list this year. It bends slightly at the balls while providing great support for your feet. This is actually an excellent balance between stability and flexibility.

Other than for treadmill use, this shoe can also support normal outdoor running due to its durability.

It is made of breathable material to prevent odor and sweat and comes with a comfortable inner sole and padding.

You can find it in various colors making it ideal for both men and women.

Apart from these things, The newest version of the Vazee Pace has been awarded “Editor’s Choice” from Competitor Mag in the August 2016 issue. The dark pink color makes it stand out from every other treadmill running shoe available in the market.

New Balance Zante V3

New Balance Zante V3
New Balance Zante V3. Click on the photo to check the Price on Amazon.

This shoe is lightweight, fast and fit for any user. This clearly explains why it is highly recommended by medical experts for running among other gym activities. It is clearly an upgrade of the Vanze V2 due to its enhanced comfort and also comes with better features.

The sole offers a great sense of flexibility and support for both in the Gym and on the road. The shoe has been adopted by many trainees as it gives the trainee ease of use and support. A great bonus of going for the Zante V3 brand is that it not only has adult shoes but goes out of its way to make some for children.

These are crafted with the same passion featuring excellent protection for their tiny feet. Both adult and children shoes have great breathability hence eliminating odor. However, this comes at the expense of being unfit for muddy conditions since dirt and grime might slip in.

Undermour SpeedForm slingshot

Undermour SpeedForm slingshot
Undermour SpeedForm slingshot. Click on the photo to check the Price on Amazon.

One of the selling points for this shoe is its impressively light weight. It has a combined knit and a state midsole thus making it more comfortable and easy to run in. this shoe is also quite flexible hence conveniently fitting different feet both fat and thin alike.it can serve both gym purposes as well as heavy duty road use.

When going for the Undermour Speedform shoe, be prepared to pay a little extra due to the hefty price it comes with. However, it compensates for this very quickly by having a unique material which is not only appealing but also durable.

You will also be impressed by the great choices in terms of color. As a downside, this shoe can easily tear at the areas bound by knitting thread when subjected to too much pressure.

Adidas Adizero Boston Boost 6

Adidas Adizero Boston Boost 6
Adidas Adizero Boston Boost 6. Click on the photo to check the Price on Amazon.

Adidas Boston is a light weight treadmill shoe and hence increased ease of using it be it on the road or at the gym. It is fitted with a cushioning system that the runner can easily change from time to time or after it has worn out. However, it takes quite some time for the comfortable padding to wear out so expect a little more use before replacing. Adidas boost is knitted using a high-quality material hence increased durability.

It fits well depending on your shoe size and it is quite flexible allowing an easy time while in use. Additionally, the Adidas Boost is versatile and many trainees have recommended this shoe for racing and walking after the gym.

However, it is available in bright colors hence bought mostly by the female users. Other than this little drawback, the Adidas Adizero is a great running shoe which can withstand both gym and outdoor activity without tearing.

Asics DynaFlyte

Asics DynaFlyte
Asics DynaFlyte. Click on the photo to check the Price on Amazon.

The Asics DynaFlyte brand originated from Japan where it was mainly used in sports centers and at the gym. It comes at a pocket-friendly rice especially if you put into account the excellent features it comes with. The upper side of this running shoe is fitted with a very high-quality fabric material which is aimed at offering flexibility and comfort over long distances and vigorous workouts.

The Asics DynaFlyte is fitted with a special kind of inner sock that provides an antimicrobial and anti-moisture environment for the users. This is not only unique but also prevents odor and soaking of your feet in sweat. It can be used for both male and female runners due to its neutral colors and can also withstand road running as well.

With different colors, you are offered variety and convenience. It is a light weight shoe with an average of 264gramms, therefore, user supportive on every foot. It should be noted that the shoe is durable because it is fitted with rubber which is also elastic enhancing comfort.

Skecher Gomeb Razor

Skecher Gomeb Razor
Skecher Gomeb Razor. Click on the photo to check the Price on Amazon.

The skecher Gomeb Razor shoe is stretchy hence can comfortably fit large feet without being too tight. It is also made of a breathable material on the upper side allowing for ventilation which prevents sweat and odor from building up.

The shoe is highly recommended to new users by trainees for running as well as gym purposes due to its durability and ease in getting used to when new. It is fitted with a roomy toe box that helps the user’s toes to fit comfortably and spread evenly even in vigorous activity.

It also comes with a cushion system that offers a springy and comfortable feel for the user. It also comes in an array of colors hence convenient to many users. However, this shoe can only be used by experienced users due to heel spillage.

Mizuno Wave Rider 20

Mizuno Wave Rider 20
Mizuno Wave Rider 20. Click on the photo to check the Price on Amazon.

It comes with a soft inner sole providing next level comfort and considerably absorbing shock directed at your feet while running. If you do want a shoe better suited for a flat foot, the Mizuno Paradox would be a better option.

Mizuno rider is fitted with U4icX cushion technology such that the middle sole. A running mate of mine wears HOKA and says the cushioning is great for long run so get professional advise based on your running style and distances.

The outer sole are intact, ensuring complete fitting and accommodation of your feet.

It is highly recommended for users who weigh heavily.

However, some users have previously noted some disappointment in this shoe as the fabric used to fit the upper side wears and tears faster.

Saucony Ride 9

Saucony Ride 9
Saucony Ride 9. Click on the photo to check the Price on Amazon.

The Saucony Ride 9 shoe is impressive due to its improved comfort. This is enabled by the fitted with Tri-flex system which enhances comfort when the user is exercising hence allowing long training sessions as well as consistency in training.

It also comes at a quite affordable price especially when you put its features into consideration. The Saucony Ride 9 is very light as compared to the other previous models. This prevents it from weighing you down as you work out. The top sole is fitted in a manner that further enhances comfort and ensures fresh air supply and good air circulation. Saucony Rider is traction-enabled, meaning that you will not easily fall down while walking or running as it provides a good grip to the floor.

This shoe is not only durable but also comes in a variety of colors meaning you will get your money’s worth. With Saucony Rider, breathability is enhanced due to the availability of the openings in the middle sole. The Rider 9 is versatile and will ensure the user great support, cushioning and a smooth transition.

Brooks Launch 4

Brooks Launch 4
Brooks Launch 4. Click on the photo to check the Price on Amazon.

Being a best seller in many stores such as Amazon, Brooks Launch 4 is clearly an upgrade from its predecessor.

It is not only good for the gym but can also withstand outdoor pressures. If you are looking for something neutral, Cushioning: Lightweight, flexible response – then no doubt Brooks Launch 4 is the perfect option for you.

It comes at an affordable price especially when you put into account all the great features it has. Great for everyday training, this shoe is smooth and agile and also comes with a variety of colors.

More openings at the sides provide air circulation hence preventing feet odor among other things. With more than 1000+ people reviewed this shoes as FIVE STAR, this shoes makes itself standout from rest of the treadmill running shoes available out there in the market.

Why Do I Need Shoes For a Treadmill?

A treadmill is a representation of a track or an actual road. The major difference is that the treadmill usually moves hence there is less impact between the belt and your feet. Nonetheless, this impact can over time cause serious issues ranging from discomfort to severe joint pain. For this reason, cushioning of your feet is required. To add to this, running and sometimes even walking on the treadmill can cause blisters on your skin due to the friction from the belt.

Investing in a good pair of running shoes usually mitigates all these effects resulting in a smooth exercise session. This is enhanced by cushioning found in most running shoes either by having thick soles or padded interiors. Sometimes even both. The good news is, if you are buying shoes solely for treadmill use, they don’t have to be as heavy cushioned as actual running shoes.

How To Select The Best Treadmill Running Shoes For Your Feet.

There are so many running shoes in the market today making it beyond difficult to find the right pair. While trusting some well-noted brands as the ones mentioned here is important, knowing exactly what to look for is equally important. Below is how to select the best shoes for your running escapades.

What Type Of Feet Do You Have?

Different feet require different care as well as different shoes. That said, there are three types of feet, normal, flat and highly arched feet.

For a normal foot, the number of shoes at your disposal are quite numerous. This is because your feet do not need any special care. Going for well-cushioned running shoes which are well fitting is enough.

Fat feet are one of the feet types that require serious attention when it comes to choosing the right footwear. They usually have no arch hence result in their ankles rolling inward when they walk or run. This can lead to discomfort and sometimes even severe pain. Having padded, well fitting, curved shoes usually remedies this situation. The inner sole usually comes curves so as to support the feet and prevent them from rolling out. Stable shoes are the key here.

For an individual with highly arches heels, the foot usually rolls outward when walking or running. This calls for the need of shock absorbing shoes that are flexible.

Lightweight is Key.

As much as it is important to have well-padded shoes, it should not be at the expense of their weight. Light shoes usually give you an easy time walking and running on the treadmill since they excess weight does not slow you down. The material of the padding is what will determine the balance between the weight of the shoe and the padding quality. Try putting on the shoes to see if they feel right before committing.

Cushioning and Comfort.

Since for most people, the pressure of running is felt in the heels rather than the toes, extra heel padding is required. This helps absorb the shock that is as a result of the impact created while running.

Comfort, on the other hand, is mostly affected by the shoe fit. If you can’t feel your feet after wearing a shoe it’s best to avoid using it for workouts. Try wiggling your toes while having it on. If you do it with so much ease, the shoes are too large, if you can’t do it at all, it’s time for a bigger pair.

Flexibility and Grip.

According to professionals, good shoes should be flexible at the balls of the feet as opposed to the arch. This is to allow movement during walking and running since your toes and the balls of your feet are first to hit the ground. While it is hard to find a balance between stable and flexible shoes, rubber soles usually attain both qualities.

Good shoes should also have excellent grip for the obvious reason of mitigating falling hazards. Ensuring that your shoes have enough treads will help enhance your grip as you walk.


As much as you want quality shoes, going over your budget is not always the solution. There are so many great running shoes with amazing features. The best part is that they come at all sort of prices ranging from very expensive to midrange shoes. Our review of best treadmill shoes covers this.

Wrapping Up

Finding the right shoe for running can save you a lot of discomforts and sometimes even medical bills. Consider the type of feet that you have before buying and if you have anything other than normal feet, it is important to consult a podiatrist first.

To ensure that you fit properly in your shoes, buying in the evening or even afternoon is advised. This is because feet usually swell up in the evening due to heat or even too much walking. This helps allow for such expansions in the future. Remember to account for your socks as you shop. Wearing socks while fitting shoes will also ensure you take the right size.

Finally, remember to look past the price tag by focusing on the features of your shoes. Go for well padded, flexible and most importantly lightweight shoes. Let’s keep the workout scene safe by wearing the right shoes. Shall we?

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