It can be hard to stay motivated when a sense of community is lacking. This is especially true when it comes to blogging about transformation for inspiration in the health and fitness realm. The solution to this problem sounds easy, but in reality, takes some effort to effectively pull off. Your family and friends will only be able to lend so much support, and that’s okay. In order to jumpstart your fitness journey, aligning yourself with a like-minded community is essential.

Gyms may or may not be your thing. If not, at least give one another go since they are great places to meet others who are making health and fitness a priority. Various MeetUp groups can be found for hikers, joggers, and walkers as well. After all, motivation isn’t simply something that happens to people. It takes work to stay motivated because accomplishing one task increases the chance of taking on the next.

Define Your Fitness Niche

While everyone under the sun has some measure of interest in weight loss, healthy eating, and physical fitness, it’s essential to hone your niche. Even though a weight loss journey will entail sharing progress in related areas, take the time to do some soul-searching in order to connect with the right audience. Are you a parent getting back into shape after having a couple of kids? Or maybe your someone who is in decent shape who feels it’s time to take things to the next level? Perhaps your health is impacted by a physical injury or chronic illness?

Address Technology Head-On

Once you’ve defined your fitness niche, you’ll want to decide on a domain name and get it registered. From there, you’ll need to customize a blog theme. Depending on your preferences, patience, and skill set, this may be an area to hire a professional to assist. Also, pick around five categories that your posts will fall into. From there, decide on a posting schedule. Once a week is generally sufficient. Keep the focus on your fitness journey, and don’t become a slave to trying to post too often. Favor quality over quantity in a situation such as this. Longer posts are favored more by search engines, and they tend to be more informative as well.

Include Lots of Photos

The online environment is a visual one, and that is especially so when it comes to sharing personal transformation. Most smartphone cameras take high-quality pictures these days, but be sure to scale down the images so they will take up less storage space, which also results in a faster page loading time. A note of caution is necessary when it comes to using images found with a Bing or Google search. Please ensure any images uploaded to your blog that have not been taken by you are in the public domain.

Sharing and Commenting on Posts

When it comes to blogging about transformation for inspiration, sharing and commenting on posts is essential. As mentioned earlier, your family and friends will only offer so much support, and many likely won’t comment, though perhaps they will share your posts from time to time. When it comes to building a successful blogging community, it’s hard to make much of splash without getting involved. Don’t expect your fitness blog to become magically popular. Many bloggers will reciprocate comments, and continually be on the lookout for like-minded readers on social media. Joining pertinent groups you can share posts and ideas with needs to be a top priority.

Brainstorm Post Ideas

Blogging for inspiration carries tons of hidden benefits. Writing reviews of fitness books or gadgets can be a great excuse to conduct personal research with the added benefit of sharing your knowledge with other interested parties. Trying new recipes can also be a lot more fun when shared with an audience of interested readers as well. The same can be said for reviewing fitness clothing or exercise videos. Writing guest posts for other blogs with established followings is a great way to grow your own readership as well.

The more effort put into chronicling your fitness journey, the more likely are will have lasting results. Posting tends to result in a positive feedback loop. As you continue to maintain your blog, take the time to follow popular fitness sites and Instagram accounts. Little by little, your healthier habits will set in. This is when you know you’ve adopted a new lifestyle.

What words of advice or personal stories can you add to things to keep in mind when it comes to blogging about transformation for inspiration in health and fitness?

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Matt Williamson
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