There is nothing more intensive when it comes to doing cardio than using an indoor rower. Working out with a rower requires a good amount of endurance and equally same amount of effort that is effective on the lower body as well as the upper body, along with increasing your cardiovascular strength and muscle endurance.

Rowing is also good for losing excess fats from the body. In a given instant, say you are close to 180 pounds, you can burn up to 380 calories if you do a daily workout on an indoor rower for 30 minutes every day without a fail.

rowing machine for cardio

1. Sprint And Your Favourite Playlist

Sprinting is a great way to keep yourself fit and cutting down excess fats from your body. When you sprint continuously for a certain period between 15 to 30 seconds and then bringing the set down and rest for some time, you will realise that your heartbeat will still be fast for the next few minutes. If you practice doing this every day in between your exercise sessions you will realise within a few weeks the number of fats it has helped you cut out from your body and make you look toned.

You can enjoy your favourite playlist when you are doing your sprint sets, that can help you pump up your energy.

Here’s What You Can Do: Get a playlist for about 30 minutes and the songs should be upbeat ones that is full of energy. In the first song, do a bit of warm up and when the second song begins start rowing, eventually increasing the rowing speed harder when the song reaches its chorus. Ensure that each sprint is about 30 spm and you need to maintain the same level of intensity while rowing. Once the chorus is over you can lower down the intensity level. Once the playlist is completed, you can take rest for a few minutes.

2. 1000 Meters Cover

As we have mentioned above rowing continuously for a certain period of time requires good amount of endurance and stamina. However this is not enough, you also need to be in sync with your rowing strokes and maintain form or else you will soon lose out on your energy within a few strokes. When you are starting new, maintaining a certain level of strokes within a said time frame can be a challenging task but with daily workout, you will realise it is eventually becoming an easy task.

That is why this workout is called 1000 meters meltdown as you have to keep modifying the spm at every set. This will help you increase the level of endurance and also your stamina and you will further be able to develop greater focus.

Here’s What You Can Do: Start with a warm up for about 5 to 10 minutes and then begin with a medium set of workout session, which could be say 3 sets of 1000 meters rowing. Try to keep the spm around 28 for the first set and bring it down to 22 spm and then increase it again to 25 spm. Take a 4-5 minutes easy rowing session when you complete one set.

3. The Challenges Of An Olympian

Once you have been doing daily rowing for about 2-3 months straight, you will realise your endurance level has increased tremendously. A 24-28 spm rowing does not make you as tired as it did when you started off. Rowing workout is ideally created for Olympic athletes to keep them in top shape. This will also help you realise if you are in good shape yourself or not and how much you need to work upon.

Here’s What You Can Do: Do a 10 minutes warm up session of easy rowing before doing two sets of 2 minutes sprints for a proper workout. Post this take a break for 3-4 minutes and then resume the 2 minutes/ 2 sets workout again.

4. 2 Kilometers

It is not an easy task to complete a 2 kilometers race without stopping. Of course you need willpower too! You need to have good level of stamina and muscle power to complete the task at a stretch. Rowing or even running are exercises that needs stronger willpower than endurance. The idea is to not give up. You could take a break in between if you are a beginner but that interval period has to lessen in terms of the time taken as you continue doing it daily. You need to prepare the body for longer distances, without getting tired too soon. So eventually the distance has to increase and the interval time has to increase.

Here’s What You Can Do: Keep the flywheel within 3 to 5. Without stopping, row for 500 meters and then take rest for about 2 minutes. Next time you row for 500 meters straight, rest for 1 minute 40 seconds. Hereafter complete four sets of 500 meters and with every set decrease the resting time by 20 seconds.

A lot of people think that rowing is only for upper body strength building, but that is a myth. It is not all about legs and thighs. However, yes, the legs and hips are constantly at work when you do rowing strokes. Stroke movements are somewhat similar to weight lifting. You begin with your legs and the back muscles are constantly at work and you can feel it through your arms. If you have any query regarding this topic, just drop in a line in the comment section below.

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