Doxylamine Succinate is a part of the group of medicines by the name of “sedating antihistamines” that is used to reduce any form of allergic symptoms by reducing the effects of a substance called histamine. Histamine is a substance that is produced within our body as a response to allergies caused by foreign substance. They also work directly on the brain that makes you feel all the more relaxed. Doxylamine Succinate, which is a part of the sedating antihistamines drug is used in the following conditions:

  1. It helps to relieve you of red, itchy and watery eyes that could be a reaction to some form of allergy.
  2. It reduces itchiness of nose and throat caused by cold and cough or (again) some form of allergy.
  3. You can use sedating antihistamines if you are having a running nose which is common when you have cold, or hay fever.
  4. It helps to stop you from feeling sick in situations such as when you are having travel sickness.
  5. It helps to control anxiety and treat problems such as insomnia.
  6. You can also relieve yourself from symptoms of common cold.

Precautions To Use Doxylamine Succinate For Children

Doxylamine SuccinateCold and cough is a common illness for children less than 6 years of age so it is not highly recommended that you use Doxylamine Succinate or any form of sedating antihistamines to treat the cold symptoms every time, unless your doctor prescribes you of it. It further advisable to not give more than 25 milligram of dose to children who are less than 12 years of age. The reason for it is that these group of medicines have serious side effects. It is again not advisable to use them to put a child to sleep. For this case as well, take advice from your doctor or pharmacist.

Having said that, there is no particular age group who is best suited to use medicines containing doxylamine because the usage depends directly on the reason of use. Each medicine will have more than one active ingredient such as paracetamol, ibuprofen, a nasal decongestant or a cough suppressant so it is always better to read up the usage on the packet before taking it in. If you are taking more than the required dose it means you are taking more of the active ingredients, which could be risky for you.

How To Use Doxylamine Succinate

The first thing to keep in mind is to always follow the direction and prescription given by your doctor or pharmacist in using them. You need to read up the packaging yourself as well before you take doxylamine. If there is something you do not understand, you can ask yourself doctor or pharmacist directly. Ideally, a dose of doxylamine succinate is taken after every 4 to 6 hours, with a maximum of 4 doses in a 24 hours’ time. Doxylamine should NEVER be taken along with your food. You should wait for 10-15 minutes after having your food to take your dose of it. It is not advisable to give it to children below the age of 12 years, until it is specifically mentioned by the doctor. If you feel the symptoms continue to persist even after 3-4 days of taking the dose of doxylamine succinate everyday, you should consult your doctor immediately before you continue taking further doses.

In case you feel you are experiencing any form of swelling on your face, neck, tongue or throat, or difficulty in breathing or even irregular or fast pounding heartbeats, then immediately stop taking doses of it and consult your doctor. Doxylamine is available in a number of medicines which are ideally used to treat cough, cold or influenza. It could either be in the form of tablet, capsule or caplets. The best way is to always read the packaging of the medicine even after you have consulted your doctor to know what ingredients it contains and which ingredients are more active than the others.

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