“I fear that I am losing my masculinity”

“I am no longer good in bed”

Have you ever thought why these thoughts are coming across?

Try testing your testosterone levels in the body and you will find an answer to it.


What is Deca Durabolin?

Deca Durabolin belongs to the Nandrolone family and is considered to be one of the best anabolic steroids that you can ever come across. Its existence can be traced back to the 1980 and the 1990 and it was used by most of the active steroid users during that time. You can ask out all the gym freaks and you will get the name of Deca Durabolin and they will definitely say some good things about it. But in today’s date it is used in the most improperly and mostly the users are looking for a shortcut to get the desirable body.

Is it a Scam or Legit?

Now let’s take a look at whether Deca-Durabolin is actually a scam or a legitimate product so that we can help you to figure out whether you should be taking it or not. After all, it is always better to be safe than sorry and we will begin with a brief history of this steroid.


History of Deca Durabolin

Medical Use of Deca Durabolin

If we talk about the medical use of Deca Durabolin then it can be traced back to the year of 1950 when it was primarily used on the patients who were suffering from muscle wasting ailments. The medical science was not very advanced back then and all of those patients who were suffering from cancer, AIDS, burns or even immune suppression had symptoms of muscle wastage in them and that is the time when it was used to suppress the symptoms. Most of the studies have shown that this steroid is effective for curing anaemia, bone issues as well as oestrogen related cancers. Not only that people who are suffering from loss of appetite have also been benefited by the same.

Bodybuilding Use of Deca Durabolin

Durabolin worked magical for the bodybuilders.

When bodybuilders started noticing that using this steroid could actually help in muscle mass gaining then they started to use it as a body supplement in the years 1970 to 1980. They found out that this steroid had androgenic as well as anabolic capabilities and it has lesser Side Effects than testosterone.

No doubt; it became immensely popular during the 1990s.

A brief overview of Deca Durabolin

The anabolic to androgenic ratio of Deca-Durabolin is 125:37.

Deca Durabolin

This means it is a very mild steroid and its androgenic effects are not as severe as that of testosterone. The best part about it is that it is not very expensive and neither it is very hard to find as it can usually be bought over the counter in 200 mg/ml vials or ampoules.

Half- Life

The half-life of Deca Durabolin can be segregated into two parts- one is the nandrolone phenylpropionate which is also known as the NPP, and the other one is the nandrolone decanoate. For the former nandrolone the half-life is 4 days and for the latter one, the half-life is about 14 days.

Detection time

If you are a tested athlete or a bodybuilder then you have to understand that this is a steroid which has an 18 month detection time so you can get caught. It is only to be used by individuals who are not professional athletes and are using it only for personal satisfaction.

The working mechanism of Deca Durabolin

Deca Durabolin is one such type of steroid which lacks in the 19th position atom. It is not only less androgenic than the testosterone but is also less estrogenic as well. While it is being injected in the human body it starts Protein synthesis which triggers the muscle building hormones and stops the catabolic activities in the body which eats away the muscle.

It also starts increasing the nitrogen retention in the muscles so that it can feel bulkier and you can recover fast as well.

Collagen Synthesis

This is a steroid that induces collagen synthesis in the body which is unique for this steroid only because all the other steroids are known to do the exact opposite. This means that you will get to have an improved joint and soft tissues why you are using it.

However, be careful. While you are using it you should not stop abruptly as it might affect your sexual energy.

But how to stop then? Well, it is always advisable that you take a full post cycle therapy after stopping this steroid because it is one such anabolic steroid which is suppressive in nature.

How should one be using Deca Durabolin?

You should always remember that Deca-Durabolin is not to be taken by oneself and without any assistance. Since it is very strong steroid the best results can be obtained if you take around 300 to 500 mg per week. But make sure that you are not consuming only Deca-Durabolin and you need to stack about 25 mg of Proviron every single day along with it. This is required because your body needs to get acclimatized to the steroid and the Proviron actually helps in suppressing the drastic changes in the body.

Meaning of the experienced users adds androgenic steroids along with it in order to give the cycle a jump start. The editions can be testosterone, anadrol, Dianabol or trenbolone, and the choice depends absolutely on the favourability of the body of the individual. It has been noted in a study that most people prefer having 200 mg of trenbolone with a dose of 400MG Deca Durabolin per week.

If you are having a joint issue and you want to use Deca Durabolin in order to get the cure then you should take it along with Ostarine and human growth hormone for best results.

Even though Deca Durabolin is 5 times milder than the other steroids when it comes to increasing oestrogen yet there are a number of people who have suffered from Gyno because of increased oestrogen levels in the body. This is one reason why most of the users stack oestrogen blockers like Arimidex along with the steroid in order to block oestrogen build up in the body.

Warning: Please note that the length of the cycle while consuming the steroid should not be more than 16 weeks if the priority of the user is to recover the natural hormones as well as the optimum testosterone secretion. It should not be used more than that because it might have an adverse effect on the body otherwise.

Female Uses of Deca Durabolin

Did you know that Deca-Durabolin has been used by females but at a very low dosage of about 50 mg per week?

It was mainly done by female athletes as well as the people suffering from joint pain. An interesting fact about Deca-Durabolin is that it was initially created for female bodybuilders in order to be at par with men. But we men should not be taking more amount of Deca Durabolin because of its androgen use effects.

What if this product is overdosed in women?

An overdose of Deca-Durabolin in females leads to hoarseness in voice, masculine figure, and unwanted hair growth.

Calculating the dosage

Actually there is no specific quantity in which Deca Durabolin has to be taken as it differs from individual to individual. For example, it is recommended that you take 2mg/lb of your lean body mass per week. Now what is the lean body mass? The lean body mass is the weight that you have minus the fat so for example if your weight is 180 lbs and you have 20% body fat then your lean body mass is around 144 lbs.

Therefore your recommended dose will be 144 lb * 2= 288 mg per week. If you do not know your lean body mass, then it is recommended that you buy a fat calliper so that you can take the dosage that is perfect for your body type.

How long will you have to take Deca Durabolin before you can see the results?

Among all other disadvantages, one primary downside to the steroid is that the visible results will not come quick. The absorption rate of this steroid is quite low and that is the reason why it takes quite some time to see the results. Not every individual body type is the same and there has been a varied range of result visibility. Why some people could see the difference within a span of 4 weeks, a major part of the users could not see any changes before they took the steroid regularly for 8 weeks.

If you are already done with the beginner’s cycle and you are moving onto the intermediate stage where you are ready to take 400 to 600 mg per week then you should make sure that the cycle does not last more than 12 to 16 weeks. But if you are calculating your LBM and taking the dosage in accordance with it then you can use it for 20 to 26 weeks without any adverse effects.

Post cycle therapy – why is it important for Deca Durabolin?

An important fact about Deca Durabolin is that it does not only make physical changes to your body but also psychological changes as well. When you are taking Deca dose then your body starts thinking but it does not need to produce testosterone normally anymore that is the reason why when you stop taking it the body has already shut down the testosterone secretion from the glands and it can happen up to 70%.

Essence of PCT

In many cases it has been seen that is a cycle therapy has not been done then it might take two to six months before your testosterone levels become normal again. Isn’t it scary that you will be producing only 30% of the testosterone after stopping the dosage and that is even a lesser than the amount that you use to secrete before starting Deca Durabolin?

This is the sole reason why you need to take a post cycle therapy and it is absolutely mandatory.

In this therapy after the last shot of Deca has been taken you have to wait for 2 weeks and then you are given 50 mg of Clomid every day for 1 to 3 weeks so that your body feels the need of making testosterone naturally all over again. This is enough to trigger your body to make testosterone normally like you used to do.

What are the side effects of Deca Durabolin?

  • It has been tried and tested that about hundred mg of Deca Durabolin per week has the tenacity of bringing down the testosterone production by 57% and if you take about 300 mg it can shut down 75% of your natural testosterone production. Trust us on this and to the post cycle therapy in time otherwise, you are sure to feel like a 12-year-old girl for at least half a year.
  • A regular dose of this Deca-Durabolin can lead to a condition known as gyno in which an individual can have man boobs and it might look gross because of the increased fat storage in the body.
  • While having Deca- Durabolin it has been seen that most people feel absolutely bloated and that is generally due to the water retention. Some people have also experienced a chilling feel while taking this dose which has been termed as another side effect of this steroid.
  • Another common side effect has a funny name known as Deca dick, and in this condition, your penis basically stops working and you lose all your sexual Libido. It seems like you have already said goodbye to your sexual prowess.

Some medical experts have said that if any of these side effects are occurring in the body it is best to stop continuing this steroid as because there is no point in making your body suffer just to look good. Also, it is illegal in the US and the consumption of this can lead you to trouble.

What are the popular reviews on this product?

Oliver Jensen (Verified Purchase)

Hi this is Oliver and today I am here to give you a first-hand report on what happened to me when I started using Deca Durabolin. I was a state level athlete and my only determination was to be the best in what I did and I could go to any extent for that even if that meant I was doing something illegal. I used to be weak back then and my body didn’t look like an athlete, therefore, I wanted to get a shortcut to success. Needless to say, I started taking Deca Durabolin and within a short period of time, I could notice the difference. But after a few weeks of use, my body started feeling weird and I used to feel bloated all the time. Also my conjugal life with my partner was not up to the mark.


I continued using it thinking that if I had to get something quick I would definitely have to give something as well. But after some days my health expert advised me not to take it anymore, and I stopped taking it abruptly. That is the time when the actual Nightmare began. It feels like the hormones inside me while playing topsy-turvy and I used to remain irritated all the time. I thought it was best to be discussed by the doctor and that is the time when he told me that I should have taken a post cycle therapy. After a lot of trouble, I came back to my normal self and I am happy the way I am. If you ask me it is not a scam as a definitely works but I would not say it is legitimate to get yourself into those side effects just to get the correct look.

Phillip Williams (Verified Purchase)

Hello, guys, this is Phillip, and today I am going to review the products named Deca-Durabolin. I myself have used it for a long period of time. I have heard a lot of people saying that it is a scam but I myself do not feel so. I had a number of diseases going on inside me and they were literally eating me away. I used to suffer from a lot of joint and tissue pains and it was unbearable for me to go through that every day. That is the time when I started asking around for solutions and one of my friends told me to take this Deca Durabolin. At first, I was very apprehensive about it but then I started taking it up on a regular basis.


I used to take a very small dose of it and as it turns out I could feel the difference within days. My joint issues were absolutely gone and I felt rejuvenated as ever. If you ask me I am quite thankful that I could find this product as it has been extremely beneficial to me. I would not say that it does not have any side effects but if you take it in a controlled manner and go through therapy after you have stopped taking it, it will be absolutely fine.

Joseph Rose (Verified Purchase)

This is Joseph and I have been a former user of Deca Durabolin for about six months. I have to say that my review is going to be an ambiguous one. I had a very lanky figure and I was not at all satisfied with it. I started doing intense exercise but I was not at all satisfied with that even. Also, my working hours was not letting me do regular exercise, and that is the reason why I just to have something that we give me quick results.


After 2 weeks I could see the difference that this drug caused inside me and I was really happy with the results. All I have to say is that it’s not a scam, but there are some Side Effects that are not so enjoyable after all. I took it in a controlled form so I could not feel the adversity hitting me hard but I saw some others very closely and I saw that they had a number of problems due to prolonged use. I would recommend you to take the help of an expert so that you do not overdo it.

What are the precautions to be taken while using Deca Durabolin?

The first thing that you need to remember is that any person who is suffering from the following things should not be taking Deca Durabolin

● Any form of cancer
● Cardiovascular disease
● Any kind of kidney or liver disease
● High blood pressure
● Regular migraines

If you have any pre-existing disease then you have to make sure that you consult the doctor before taking this steroid so that it does not interact with the medications that you are already taking.
If you are not using Deca Durabolin responsibly and in a controlled manner then it can mess up with your body big time.

For women, Deca Durabolin can mess up even more by causing irregular periods and it can also put up coarse facial hair.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, it can be said that even though Deca-Durabolin is not a scam it is not a valid legitimate thing to be taken as well. The FDA which is the global forum for drug testing has marked it to be unsafe and that is the reason why it is illegal in the United States of America. It cannot be bought over the counter and it is banned in professional sports. Most of the users have been able to find that they have been about to put on 15 lbs in about 20 to 26 weeks, which is incredible. If you want to have an amazing look and you are ready to endure all the side effects that come with it then you can definitely consume the Deca Durabolin.

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