Sometimes you need a little push in life. No matter what your goals be, and how important they be to you, it is difficult to stay consistent with the efforts you make. The same calls for the efforts you make in your gym session. Whether you are trying to lose weight, train to be an athlete, work on building muscles, or just control your stress level – the struggle should be consistent and a must for you on a day-to-day basis.

It should be a significant part of your lifestyle. The key is to continue doing the exercises you do in your gym and not feel lazy about it. Staying healthy and being fit should inspire you and make you push to the extent that you need to. It is in the lines of these efforts that we have come up with these 11 powerful fitness quotes that will inspire you every time you workout.

These gem of quotes will be the antidote that will give you the right push to maintain your fitness attitude. You can save them and give them a look every time you need a boost in your fitness sessions for moving your mind, body and soul. Make these fitness quotes your ultimate fitness goals and see the kind of changes they make in your day-to-day life.


11 Powerful Fitness Quotes To Inspire You Every Time You Work Out

These 15 fitness quotes are our favourite and we hope they will help you as well to keep inspiring you and pushing you harder to reach your fitness goals. Push harder, longer and stronger with these intense fitness-inspiring words that will take your fitness goals to the next level.

1. “What Seems Impossible Today Will One Day Become Your Warm Up”


When you are a beginner and your trainer makes you go through a string of exercise routine it might often cross your mind if you could just skip a set or two. Your body will want to give up, your legs might pain and your hands might not be able to pick up those heavy sets weight lifters but that is only because you have just started. DO NOT give up! Your impossible of today will become nothing more than your warm up for tomorrow. So keep pushing, no matter how much effort you feel like you are giving. When you begin, your body might be in deep pain for a few days but with rigorous consistency those pain will only be passers-by. For the first few days you might feel like you do not belong in the gym and it might fatigue you faster than you expect but the idea is to be consistent and know that is it only you who can meet your fitness goals and nobody else can do it for you.

2. “We Don’t Stop Exercising Because We Grow Old, We Grow Old Because We Stop Exercising”


As you start growing old, an active lifestyle becomes more important to you than ever before. When you exercise regularly, it helps you to boost your energy levels, maintain your independence, and also tackle the symptoms of illness or any kind of pain. In fact if you exercise regularly, it can also reverse some of the symptoms of ageing. This one reason why older women who are suffering from some kind of chronic or illness is often asked by the doctor or physician to do some kind of exercise.

If you get out of shape, your body could become prone to more illness than you can expect especially heart diseases and liver problems. After you work out, your body will go through a growth mode. To begin with the energy you used during exercise will be replaced, then your muscles will rebuild themselves and adapt in a better to help you grow your endurance level.

3. “Train Insane Or Remain The Same”


This might somewhat be your morning regime – you wake up, take a quick shower, eat a light protein-filled breakfast and then head to your gym. You then do a little warm up by running on the treadmill and then focus on legs or chest press. By the time you are done doing your sets of curls your lungs are already exhausted and then after an hour or two you head back home. This routine of yours is repeated everyday by you. However, if you are not changing your exercise routines once a while and going through the same motion and doing the same workout over and over again every week you are less likely to make progress. If you want to see progress and the good and quick kind of progress, you have to keep changing your training stimulus.

One good way of seeing quick results is to work for less time but on an intense pace. When you add new ways of training to your fitness session, your body reacts in a better way with more muscle growth, increased level of strength and improved aerobic capacity. If you are a beginner keep your consistent fitness routine for the relatively the first 8 weeks but post that you will need extra boost.

4. “Excuses Build Zero Muscles”


If you tend to skip a few workouts chances are that you will like anything to replace it and not want to go back again. So what was the point of working out so hard prior to it and then just lazing around and gaining weight again? So come on, snap out of your laziness and get your lazy ass back in the gym. Only this time should you get harder with your gym routine start on a better note. You might make up plans on Sunday for your fitness session for Monday but as soon as Monday comes you suddenly feel waking up early in the morning a bit too much for you and the comfort of your bed becomes a better option – DO NOT give in to your laziness. As the great saying goes, “excuses build zero muscles” the same will apply for you.

If going to the gym is a hard task for you, you have got to change your lifestyle which again is no easy task, and most importantly you have to change your attitude. If you think about exercise it could motivate you less but if you consider it as a break from your tiring day, it will be more like a reward for your body. Doing exercise should be like a deal you will make to yourself. Begin with half an hour, then 40 minutes and then an hour and then increase the duration as your level of endurance increases. You could even give yourself rewards when you meet with your goals through the week. In short, just do anything possible to keep you going and working hard on building your body.

5. “Sweat Is Just Fat Crying”


You tend to sweat more when you are a fitness beginner. The amount of perspiration that happens in the beginning is because your body is getting accustomed to the changes in your lifestyle routine and it is a good kind of change. The fatigue is a sign that you are losing out on the extra pounds all over your body. And it should motivate you to workout even more. There should be clarity in your goal. Make yourself some deadlines by the end of the week or month and give yourself a good treat every time you are able to meet with those goals.

You could do cardio, HIIT workout or intensive weight lifting, you have to keep motivating yourself to reach your end goals. You might be struggling to get in a breath but that is completely okay. You do not need to see what the others are doing at the gym, just focus on improving your own endurance and you will realise in no time that the fatigue will lessen and you will want to push yourself more and more. Don’t just come to the gym to stand there and look at what others are doing or click a couple of selfies – you are never going to improve that way. To add to that, have a good diet routine and follow it consistently. A good combination of daily workout and healthy diet will only motivate you more to level up on your fitness routine.

6. “The Gym Is Not The Social Club For The Fit. It’s A Training Ground For Everyone”


The gym is one place where you can find a lot of like minded folks whose goals are to maintain their level of fitness so it is easy to talk to them and get friendly. However that does not mean you consider it as a place and time to socialise every time you walk into it. You could meet and talk to people before your workout sessions or after it but it getting in your way of workout is not the right way to go about. You could discuss with them about their fitness routines and share knowledge on health and fitness but you also need to know that you need to focus back on your workout. Letting your socialising to get you off-track is one of the worst mistakes in a gym. Do not stop to talk to someone if you are in the middle of your workout. You will realise that you have been chatting with the someone until your sweat dries up, and your muscles won’t warm up anymore. Even cellphones are a big hazard. Keep them in your bag before you start exercising, until you know you have an urgent call to make or attend. They can’t often be a big distraction and you will not even realise the amount of time you will spend in chatting away on your phone.

A great way to avoid the two is to focus on your fitness routine and keep away from talking by putting your headphones one. Create a playlist of the songs you like and that will motivate you to pump up your energy. This way other people will also not want to bother you when you are intensely working out.

7. “Fit Is Not A Destination, It Is A Way Of Life”


You might set some fitness goals for yourself and work really hard to achieve them within a certain deadline. But what do you do when you achieve those goals? Set new ones or get lazy? The choice is entirely yours but it is a healthy option to set newer goals that will be some level up your difficulty level of the previous goal. This way there will be consistency in your fitness goal plans and you will never get bored of it. You need to understand that staying fit is not a destination, it should be your way of life. You need to make it a part of your lifestyle, a healthy way of living that should not be constrained by distraction. There is no point if you set some temporary goals and get lazy once you have achieved them. You will get back to square one if laziness and fatigue takes over. You could decrease the duration of time you spend in exercising once a while but that should not come to a standstill after a point of time.

Developing a certain good habit can be extremely difficult for you but you need to stick to your workout regime, no matter what. Your logical side will ask you to stick by it but your emotional side of your mind might convince you to skip once a while when your body hurts. You should not give in to the latter.

8. “One Of The Greatest Moments In Life Is Realizing That Two Weeks Ago Couldn’t Do What You Just Did”


If you have working consistently on upping your fitness game, chances are that you will realise in a few weeks that you bodily mechanism of coping with muscle pain and fatigue is increasing considerably. You endurance will also increase which means that workouts that did not look doable at one point are done by you easily. This will increase your efficiency and you will make you want to push further. You need to feel like you are in a relationship with your workout sessions wherein the more you give of yourself, the better will be the results. You cannot skip and need to spend time in the gym doing efficient workouts.

Your body is not your enemy which means that the more you can endure pain, the better will be your fitness goals. You cannot rebel if you feel tired or it takes a while for you to lose weight. The process from getting fat to fab is not easy and you might get tempted very often to restrict yourself but don’t comply to it. The more you workout, the better will be your consistency to learn newer exercises that your body might find difficult at one point.

9. “Train Like An Athlete, Eat Like A Nutritionist, Sleep Like A Baby, Win Like A Champion”


Every time you enter the gym you need to feel like a winner. A fit body is an amalgamation of more than one thing. This includes a good workout routine, a healthy diet, less stress and good sleep. You need to keep planning and creating better goals in achieving a healthy lifestyle. Very often we get so excited with the start of a new diet and workout program that rather than focussing on it we get more excited about letting the world know about it, thinking that maybe they too will be excited about it. You do not need to seek for a rapid weight loss by going through restrictive diet sessions or exercising over time. Keep things under control so that the burn out and regaining of weight is balanced well. If you starve yourself to death, chances are that you will lose track of it after a point and hog at the same level that you starved.

So learn to maintain a balance if you want to live a healthy life which should be combination of many factors. You cannot expect to workout rigorously and then eat all kinds of junk thinking that the body will manage with the good workout session. That is not how it works. You also need good sleep so that you do not fatigue early or feel weak during your workouts. Your body needs nursing just as you need nursing when you hurt yourself or meet with an accident.

10. “When Nothing Goes Right, Go Lift”


You might not be in a good mood or had a bad day at office or going through some kind of stress and feel like skipping your fitness session for a day. Well, this actually is the day when you are not to skip gymming. Rather invest all your anger or frustration in your workout session and chances are that you will have a better workout session than any day previously. No matter which side of extreme emotions are you having, just put it all in your workout session and you will realise how it will liven your mood after you are done with your workout. When you put all that negative energy in doing something good for yourself, it will no longer be negative for you.

It is easy to avoid the world and lock yourself up when you are not in a good mood but going out there and treating yourself with a good fitness session might seem hard but the better option for you on any given day. You might just end up doing a training session with a newer level that you otherwise could never achieve previously. The idea is to never be in your comfort zone when you are working out, you need to push the boundaries and reach new levels so that you endurance level goes on increasing. You need to add the right amount of “umph” to your fitness routine.

11. “Nothing Truly Great Ever Came From A Comfort Zone”


If you feel your workout routine is not upto your expectations and you can do better, now is the time to up your fitness goals. If the results have not been worthy of the efforts you are making, and you are feeling tired, now is the time to sweat out more. You might have doubts and fears but that is all natural through the process but do not even think about quitting. The goal is either to be consistent or increase on the efforts you are making. It is mostly about how you feel and deal with your fitness goals that will make a world of difference for you.

The key is to just keep going and never stopping! If a temporary blip is making you give up, consider and get the right kind of reinforcement to work out and inspire others as well. To live a healthy lifestyle, you have got to keep pushing – there is no other way.

Right Kind Of Fitness Motivation with these Fitness Quotes

Have these quotes already brought you to thinking that it is time to hit the gym if you haven’t till now? You could even print them and hang them in your home in such an area from where you can see it more often. It could be by your entrance door, your bedroom, your living room gallery wall or even by your bathroom mirror. These days everyone has become hyper-specific about the kind of advice they give about fitness but it is only you who can make believe if you can achieve them or not. Not everyone can have the same fitness goals. It all depends on the kind of lifestyle you are having. Talk to your trainer and nutritionist about the kind of exercises you need to do and the kind of diet you need to have. You need to be grounded and rigid with your goals and keep forcing yourself to incorporate the fitness session in your day-to-day life. If you work out in the morning then ensure that nothing comes in the way of your training session. If you have the choice of partying the previous night and hitting the gym early next morning then choose the latter because it is undoubtedly a better lifestyle option.

We hope you go crushing on your fitness goals with these powerful fitness quotes and workout even better in maintaining a fit lifestyle.

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