[toc]With all the busy life around us, getting a good night’s sleep has become more of a privilege. Even when you have one of the best mattresses and comforters in the world, there are a few things that interrupt your daily sleep. And, Bedbugs are the worst of all. These little creatures not only interrupt your common sleep but can leave certain marks and scratches on your body that are dangerous. Continuous effect of bedbug bites can lead you into many issues, including health hazards. And the idea is to get rid of them as soon as you can! It, however, seems not so easy.

Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

For one, bedbugs are found in different parts of your home, although you may have an ultra-clean home. If you are thinking for the sources, there are plenty. They can come from your surroundings or from the piece of luggage that you had brought from abroad. And, don’t even think about going ahead and finding the bed bugs on them. They are pretty good at hiding and cannot be detected with naked eyes. The only proof you have for existence of bedbugs is the bunch of scratches and marks that you will find on your body. So, now that you have decided to get rid of bedbugs, there is another issue: how do you do it?

You can find many chemicals that promise the removal of bedbugs from your home, but most of them seem hazardous for your own health. That is why you should find some natural ways to get rid of bed bugs. Here, in this article, we’ve listed out the best ways on how to get rid of bed bugs naturally. Hope it turns useful.

How to Remove Bed Bugs?

Bed-Bug-PNGBed Bug removal is seemingly a tough task, but with the help of right techniques, it can be made simple for everyone. As we said earlier, we don’t recommend the use of artificial bedbug-removal agents for this need, due to several reasons. Most important of it all, such bed bug removal agents will literally pollute your home and cause more issues than you expect.

You’d even think that it was better to have bedbug bites than to get your home filled with these much chemicals. So, all the methods we are going to suggest here are naturally-executed and good for your own health. Before we jump into the steps, there are a few things you should know about bedbugs and how they spread across your house.

Bedbugs can be found in the different parts of your home, and not just mattress. For instance, you may find them in a Sofa you have or any other things that are made of fabric. So, if you get the bedbug bites, you must take some effort to confirm their presence and remove them as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the worse issues become. And, our methods can be used in any place of your home.

Now that you have an idea about why we stay natural, shall we check out the techniques?

Natural Ways to Remove Bedbugs

Before you begin using any of the following removal methods, you should do one thing. You should have an idea about where all the bedbugs are located. As mentioned earlier, you cannot simply focus on the mattress and bed. If you do so, the whole effort will go in vain. Imagine this situation: you get rid of bedbugs from the mattress but some are left on the curtains. These beings are so active in laying eggs and breeding that your bed will be infested in no time. So, no matter which of the natural bedbug removal ways you’re choosing, it is necessary implement it wholly. Shall we check out the methods, then?

Step #1 Vacuuming for the Rescue

If you have a vacuum cleaner at home, you also have one of the best ways to get rid of bedbugs naturally! It is pretty easy to use as well. Once you have an idea where all the bedbugs are located, you can thoroughly vacuum the areas. Things are simpler if you have a portable vacuum cleaner too. You can easily carry them around and remove bedbugs from not-so-common areas like curtains and small boxes. It must be noted that the vacuum cleaner should be powerful enough to suck up all the bedbugs from the surface.

The best part of vacuuming is that you can get rid of not only bedbugs but also their remnants like eggs. It’s working like a complete removal system where you strike off the last bit of bedbugs. This is recommended as the most natural and effective way to remove bedbugs from the whole home of yours. By the way, if you don’t dispose the collected bedbugs effectively, your efforts can be in vain. You should find an effective way to kill them.

Step #2 Steam Them

Just like the case of vacuuming, hot steam is another eco-friendly way that gets the place rid of bedbugs. Its usage is also simple, because you can easily find a steamer from the market. That having said, if you think a place is heavily infested, you would need an ultra-powerful machine that will blow anything and everything from the environment. According to our experience, hot steam is the best way to get rid of bedbugs from an inside of mattress. The point is this: the steam will be powerful enough to go in-between the fabric and get rid of any organisms that live there.

There are a few things that can make the steaming process more effective. First of all, make sure that you’ve vacuumed the place before you start steaming. This way, you will be able to focus on bedbugs and not the other obstacles. Also, you should be careful enough not to spill a lot of water on the mattress. If the place becomes too wet, it can cause some other issues. In most cases, if there is heavy infestation, a session may not be enough. You will have to repeat the vacuuming and steaming processes until you think that not even a single bedbug is left.

Step #3 DIY Essential Oil Pesticide Spray

Well, what do you think about creating a natural, eco-friendly and not-at-all-hazardous pesticide spray — by using essential oils? Well, it has been proven as an effective way to get rid of bedbugs, given that you have cleaned it thoroughly before. To make a spray like this, you need two types of essential oils — the probably best ones being Lavender and Peppermint. Of course, once ready, you can use a standard spray to use the material on all parts of your house.

Creating the natural pesticide spray is as easy as a piece of cake. First of all, get a spray bottle and get some water inside. Now, into that water, you can add equal amount of Lavender essential oil and Peppermint oil. It is recommended that you add 10 to 15 drops of each oil for the optimal results. Once the mixture is ready, you can shake it thoroughly that both the essential oils are blended to create a pesticide nature. So, now, it is your turn to spray the material all over the home and remove bedbugs.

Sounds pretty interesting and simple, doesn’t it? Because you are using essential oils, you don’t have to be worried about any odor either.

A Note On Using These Bed Bug Removal Methods

So, these are the major steps you should follow for removing bedbugs from different parts of home. But, at the same times, these steps can be individual methods too. For instance, if you have vacuumed the area thoroughly, it is not necessary to do the steaming process. However, if you ask me, I’d say otherwise. If you think the place has a lot of bedbugs in total, you can even consider including some other options from the world. For instance, I’d recommend giving a thorough wash of the mattresses and other materials once you are done with steaming or vacuuming.

So, as of now, you have learnt how to get rid of bed bugs naturally, right? Now, here is the important part of all these: no matter how many steps you follow, there is always a chance that these little things can come back and start bothering you again at a time. So, there should be a proper care in making your home and its equipment bedbug-resistant.

And, here, we have some effective steps for bedbug prevention.

Tips On Bedbug Prevention

There are a bunch of precautions that you can follow for getting rid of a possible bedbug infestation. Some of the commonest options are as follows.

  • You might be having a standard clean home. But, once a bedbug infestation appears, there is a high chance that another one is on the way. So, right after cleaning, you should arrange your mattress and bed in such a way that it is somewhat secure from these nasty little things.
  • The next time you are bringing something from abroad, may be after a long trip, check them for the presence of bedbugs. Some hotels have some professional methods for cleaning while others are not at all effective. Before you lie down, check what is the scenario.
  • Last but not the least, do not leave even the single bedbug. As we mentioned earlier, these things do spread so quickly, causing a lot of issues. In case you did not know, bedbug bites are pretty dangerous for your health. So, a complete extinction plan is the best.

With these steps properly followed, you can get rid of another possible infestation. There is another thing to be noted. Some areas are geographically prone to bed bugs. No matter how much you throw them out, a new infestation can be spotted in hours. In that case, we recommend approaching a bedbug removal expert from a professional institution. That way, you can see if you can get rid of bed bugs permanently. Even then, it is recommended to do routine cleaning.

Let’s Wrap Up

There is no doubt on the fact that bedbug infestations can tamper your furniture, make you lose sleep and even cause some serious health issues. So, the better option is to make sure that another infestation doesn’t make it to your mattress or other furniture. We’d recommend going for the three-step plans, instead of the less-effective bedbug removal agents out there. Anyway, let us know what is your experience with bedbug removal.

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