In order to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, it is essential to work out. The benefit of exercising is plentiful, including a boost of metabolism, active muscle building and a healthy life besides. Additionally, there are so many methods, including running, cycling, and cardio which make it easy to never get bored when exercising. Obviously, there are several other factors to consider such as workload and schedules that might make it impossible to visit the gym: let alone reasons such as expensive membership programs and communal showers that might not be everybody’s cup of tea. In such cases, the best option is building your own gym, where you can follow anywhere between twenty and hundred workouts with a one-time investment on exercise machines! Now, there are several considerations including storage options and usability, which is why we’re here to guide you to the best home gym that you can dream of!

Things To Consider When Building Your Home Gym


Features of the Home Gym

In a home gym, every machine has its own function and utility that makes it an integral part of a person’s own workout requirements. In general, popular gyms include features such as a sliding seat rail that can help with cardio training, pull-up bars with multi-hand grips that can help in flexibility training, and specific gym equipment for training specific areas of your body such as best spin bikes or best rowing machines for you. Considerations also include the kind of easy setup and storage options provided by such machines or tools.

Training Goals and Requirements

When it comes to workouts, it is absolutely crucial to remember specific health-related and weight-related targets especially when your aim is curating a home gym for yourself. For instance, a home gym machine with free weights is the best bet for someone trying to improve their muscle tone and structure. Again, to help improve cardiovascular body activity, something like a rowing boat or sliding seat bench is far more useful. Your health care goals must align with the kind of machines you purchase.

Area availability

By definition, a home gym must need some space for exercises: but the good thing is that the versatility of today’s machines means you can either store them away in a closet, or set them up in a dedicated area or room. Before ordering, make sure to plan out the space requirements in your mind. After all, home gyms often tend to be converted into coat racks simply because they aren’t pre-planned: make sure that you envision the area and are sure of its availability in the future to ensure that you can keep working out.

Costs to Consider

While many people think home gyms are generally very expensive, you can get a minimal setup in just over $100 and restrict yourself to below $1,000 quite easily. Absolutely top-of-the-line utilities and equipment, leather or wood accents, stainless steel bodies, built-in stereo and such features can drive up prices. In the subsequent sections, we’ll give you the lowdown on which home gyms qualify for your attention, in context of certain attribute, such as expansiveness of features, price points, availability, etc.

Home Gyms With A Massive Range of Features

The Bowflex PR 1000 Gym for Homes

This home gym caters for cardio and weight-related workouts, offering resistances of between 5 to 200 pounds. Additionally, there are 30 distinct strength exercises that can be found in the exercise booklet included with this product. Generally, users found the maximum weight to be just fine for their needs.

The Best Fitness BFMG20 Sportsman’s Gym

The Sportsman’s Gym offers a natural arc that is quite similar to free-weighted benches. The 150 pound stacked weight included with it is just perfect for most users, but if required, it can pack in a punch with additional free weights available for purchase. The Best Fitness also stars a press arm and fly dual-system design with a high pulley. There is a wide-grip bar for biomechanically corrected lateral pull-down exercises too. The arm bars tend to feel a little lopsided whereas the plastic caps for the bar have the tendency of falling off from each side, but that’s only a minor issue. Generally, users with a slim and trim profile tend to be more at ease with the product, as it might be a little limited for bulkier users.

The Powerline BSG10X Home Gym

This home gym comes with two distinct advantages: a short assembly system and a 160-pound weight stack attachedto its eleven gauged mainframe. The construction is such that the product is very durable and functional, allowing users to add nearly 50-pounds of extra weight stacks if required. The chrome-plated and telescoping seat makes for easy and effective adjustments, and this gives exercisers the ability to switch between exercises quickly. The thing to note is that leg extensions and curls are additional accessories available for purchase, but they’re a worthwhile inclusion to get.

The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith System with Linear Bearings

The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith’s linear bearing systems make it a perfect fit for completely naturalistic body movements. Additionally, the leather accents give it a premium feel while the heavy-duty steel frame, with its tubular structure and seven different slant designs make for a naturalistic experience. Users have the option of choosing between Olympic weight plates as well as more traditional ones, and this makes for a better rounded workout as most users agree. The smooth feeling and quality is something that gains maximum appraisal, however, as does the durable and gleaming powder-coated finish of this machine.

The Weider Power Tower Push-up and Pull-up Machine

In the world of push-up and pull-up machines, the Weider Power Tower features the best of both worlds by incorporating both systems. The padded hand grips are effortlessly comfortable to hold, while the variable height and dynamic sizes available ensures that there’s plenty of support and stability for a great workout experience. Generally, upper body workouts are a pleasure, but some petite customers might find that the arm rests are too uncomfortably spread out to be comfortable. In general, though, the Power Tower is a great product to use especially for its pull-up back bar that gives plenty of opportunities for multiple kinds of exercises.

Home Gyms Attuned to Specific Training Goals

Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym – A Comprehensive Workout Station

The Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym aims at the upper body and arms, with a Power Rod module and a resistance of around 210 lbs. This piece of equipment intends to shape the shoulders, back, abs and the lower body, arms and chest. A few buyers recommended reducing the arm workout or else combining a distinctive routine for attaining better outcomes. Bowflex PR1000 is great to tone the upper body, however, it isn’t perfect for people seeking to gain some mass.

Best Fitness BFMG20 Sportsman Gym – A Complete Fitness Centre

The Best Fitness BFMG20 Sportsman Gym offers a complete body workout along with tested cables to 2200 lbs, with muscle building. The equipment is mainly functional for pectoral fly workouts and arm press. Upright rows, bent-over and seated, side and front deltoid raises, shrugs, curls, abduction and adduction and oblique bends are all supported by the low pulley section. It is user-friendly when it comes to changing the plates as the weights are positioned on the side. However, some customers observed that it lifts the equipment up on either one of the sides when they try drawing the weight off the base or the top.

Powerline BSG10X Home Gym – A Powerful Mechanism

The Powerline BSG10X Home Gym has a 16-0 lbs weight stack and a tension potency of 2200 lbs. Several buyers, after an inspection, stated that Powerline BSG10X Home Gym is not meant for those who are looking for real action. However, it is suitable for those desiring to get in good form or maintain their present health condition. It is ideal for people who lift twice to thrice a week. This equipment is helpful for leg curls, leg extensions, standing curls, bent and seated rows, and upright rows military and bend presses, and other fundamental moves.

Marcy Diamond Elite Smith System – A Balanced Workout Station

The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith System comes with Linear Bearings is suited well to the people fascinated by lower and upper body health. This machine is different than other machines that only provide upper body workout and strength as it has a row/curl bar for various drills and a dual action leg developer along with multiple oversized roller pads. A good number of users agree that the movement of the machine is smooth because of the linear bearings. Numerous users even stated that they used Olympic plates for more powerful exercise, many times a week.

Weirder Power Tower – Superiority in Simplicity

The Minimalism and simple functionality makes Weirder Power Tower seem different than several home gyms. The equipment provides both pull up and push up, and dip stations along with a selection for upright knee lifts. Larger users admired the steadiness and strength of the machine more than their counterparts, although it is devised for all kinds of people. A few people faced issues regarding the installation stating that the station shook or became somewhat unbalanced while using.

Home Gyms For All Kinds of Spaces

The Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym

This one’s perfect for people wanting to save up on the extra room, as you can fold Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym to store it easily. Because of its easy storing ability, it is admired by those who have small areas to spare for their workout sessions. It normally is ideal for those who are taller and larger in size. One consumer at least, observed that this gym sets up well in small rooms such as an extra bedroom. Numerous users appreciated the extra weight adding side extensions.

Best Fitness BFMG20 Sportsman Gym

The Best Fitness BFMG20 Sportsman Gym is ideal for homes or areas with lower ceilings and a minimum 79 inch clearance in the basement fitness space. A good number of people opted for this one solely for its ability of fitting in small areas. Even though a few larger users, on inspection, stated that the equipment was a tad bit smaller for them, they praised the hand bar levels, which are adjustable.

Powerline BSG10X Home Gym

The Powerline BSG10X Home Gym is suitable for those who favor compressed equipment which has higher flexibility and resourcefulness. On examining, various users stated that this equipment fits in a selected exercising area like a basement or a garage quite well. Users who tried shifting or repositioning the equipment also said that they are pleased with the ability to dismantle the weights, bars, seating and bracing feet. A few taller users said they experienced this gym to be the perfect unit for smaller people.

Marcy Diamond Elite Smith System

The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith System is big and powerful equipment that can hold more workout courses and weights than small home gyms. The equipment is roughly 8 feet in height and calls for sufficient storage areas. A few users remarked that the gym is compressed comparatively, despite the size and the features that it presents. Various users commented that the parts at the frontage of the bench made of rubber came out when the equipment was shifted and it required an adhesive or duct tape. The bigger Marcy Diamond Elite System has room for more exercise courses and weights in comparison to the smaller gyms.

Weirder Power Tower

The Weirder Power Tower is a vertical equipment fashioned mainly for rooms with less space. The Olympic-sized breadth guarantees firmness for larger customers. A few people also observed that even though the Weirder Power Tower felt, to some extent, crammed full in areas with less space, the equipment is not as heavy in comparison to other home gyms and offer the in general smaller footprint. Whereas, various users warned that if the Weirder Power Tower is set up in an area with low roof, the head room will possibly be negotiated.

The Cost Consideration – The Entire Range of Value for Money to High End Home Gyms

PR1000 Home Gym from Bowflex

A high quality yet affordable home gym, that’s what Bowflex is with the price tag of $459. Within the entire spectrum of home gym prices, Bowflex lies in the middle in terms of costs. Most of the customers were happy with this pricing in comparison to the Bowflex PR3000 which is expensive. The durability of Bowflex PR100 has been applauded by customers who have used it for almost a year now and have reported it to be in good shape and working perfectly. Bowflex has been praised greatly by users owing to its adaptability and a host of promising exercise routines at such affordable costs. Yet there were some customers, who when surveyed said that they would have spent extra bucks on a costlier equipment for better exercises and workout, if given another chance again.

BFMG20 Sportsmans Gym for Best Fitness

With $479 get another home gym, Best Fitness BFMG20 Sportsmans Gym, in this mid-range cost. The satisfaction expressed by several customers of the quality of the produced results trumps the frustration and irritation faced by them while assembling this machine. People engaging in light workouts of moderate to easy level-few times in a week- found this gym very durable. However few large users commented that the BFMG20 Sportsmans Gym seemed a bit feeble and not firm.

BSG10X Home Gym from Powerline

A costlier option on the list is BSG10X Home Gym from Powerline which is placed at $994. Versatility and the firmness of the gym have received praises from lots of owners of this unit and they are satisfied and contented with the amazing results it produces even after it has been used for more than a year. The sturdy and stable built of the gym along with the ease of assembly has garnered praises from many customers reviewed by us. The cosmetics came under the radar of few users while we surveyed them. The paint was chipping off or was getting smudged but the users had only positive comments regarding the paint which came along with the unit and which can be used to touch-up the chipped and smudged areas.

Elite Smith System by Marcy Diamond

The costliest system on the list at $999 is the Elite Smith System by Marcy Diamond having Linear Bearings. The versatility and firmness of the machine garnered praise from the buyers and they found the machine stability and adaptability to be like that of a professional gym product. Set up instructions were found to be complicated or even unclear by few of the buyers. However except a few, almost all of the users rated the complete quality and this gym’s value as very high.

Power Tower by Weider

Power Tower by Weider is one of the low cost home gyms in the list costing about $134. The durable nature and value at such low affordable price has come under praises from many buyers. As per the owners, at such a budget cost their expectations were very low and they thought it to be a feeble product but the durability of the gym gave them a happy surprise. Although few were still unhappy due to the poor service accorded and difficulty in setting the gym up. Power Tower by Weider was appreciated by many owners for its adequacy in upper body workouts, even though it did not have a host of exercising options like that of some other costlier gyms.

What to Look for In A Home Gym?

The best home workout and fitness machine should give a proper upper as well as lower body workout. Another important factor while selecting is to make sure that it will provide wide range of exercises and should also fit in your house in an area decided by you. The warranty of the machine and accessories and equipment included in the portable gym should be considered too. It should not be a situation where you have to dole out extra bucks for accessories after already buying a costly gym.

Functionality of the Gym

The type and variety of exercises that would be allowed by the gym equipment is an important consideration for selecting a gym for home. Lots of machines allow lower as well as upper body routines. Resistance technique is another important choice that needs to be made. Weights are the most common choice among gyms. Power rods are used by Bowflex, which bend and help to boost your resistance. Some other gyms use your body weight to boost your resistance. The position of the machine bench in these home gyms determines whether your resistance increases or decreases.

Design of the Gym

Gym for your house generally has a space constraint or you at least have a place in your house charted out for placing the gym. Most of the products in the list are very heavy, larger in size and on placing them there is not much possibility of shifting them. The length and the height of the unit too should be taken into consideration as most of these gyms are wide and tall, thus needing a room with enough space to perform all the decided exercises.


The accessories and equipment included in the gym you are buying for your home should be analyzed. Some may come with just the basic stack of weights and frame of the unit. While some have additional support materials like training instructions in DVDs, harnesses for abs, pulley stations and double sided row bar. While buying you should check what accessories you will be receiving so as to avoid spending extra hundreds of dollars for the extra equipment.

Support and Assistance

Lifetime warranty companies are better as it is very beneficial in cases of such large machines. A company which is easily accessible to solve concerns should be selected. There are various ways to connect to representatives of such companies like telephone, email, live chat, etc.

There you have it, everything you’d need to know to be able to bring home the home gym that suits your requirements in the best possible manner.

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