An Inversion Table can help you enjoy the various benefits of inversion therapy by suspending you upside down and stretching your spine. Now that you are reading this article, the chances are high that you are already aware of the various incredible benefits of using an inversion table.

And the chances are also high that you have already got the best inversion table available on the market to improve that back pain. But do you know your failure to use it properly can do more harm than good?

So, what is the right way to use an inversion table?

Well, nothing beats the importance of a step-by-step guide that informs you to improve your exercising regime. Thus, if you have finally decided to jump on the Inversion Therapy bandwagon, and are clueless on how to use an inversion table, then keep reading.

You are about to begin a journey that can relieve your stress, treat your back pain, and take the pressure of your joints and nerves – all by using gravity.

Let’s get started.

1. Choose the Right Place to Keep Your Inversion Table

Once you have brought an inversion table, before you use it, first choose the right place. Look for an area where there is plenty of space to move around the table easily. This means that you shouldn’t bump into other objects while inverting on your newly bought table. As prevention is better than care, you can also keep a rug or mat under the table to prevent it from sliding.

2. Adjust the Height of the Inversion Table as Per Your Comfort

Most of the models of inversion tables feature adjustable height to help you use it comfortably. Read the instructions booklet you received with your table because every manufacturer has different specifications based on the product type.

This will help you know about the appropriate height that fits your body rightly. Also, make sure that your head rests on the bed of the table without any discomfort.

3. Select the Degree of Inversion

If you are a novice in the world of inversion therapy, then begin by choosing the lowest degrees of inclination. For example, you can incline the table to 60-90 degrees instead of straight away going for 180 degrees. That’s because slanting the table too much in a short period may cause dizziness due to the sudden blood rush to your head.

Once you have adjusted to inversion, you can then gradually increase the inversion degree to experience the benefits that this fantastic therapy offers.

4. Be Careful While Climbing and Be Secure

When you begin using the inversion table, step on to the table and place your back against it carefully. Next, put your feet in the footrests and secure them. Throw your weight by leaning back when it comes to reclining the table. And while using it, always make sure you move slowly instead of rushing.

5. Relax, Your World is Upside Down Now

As you attain the reclined position, relax by breathing deeply. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. In the beginning, try to stay inverted for a couple of minutes only. As you get more comfortable using an inversion table, you can increase the time to remain in the inverted position for up to 20 minutes.

Remember that there is no hard and fast rule to make the most of your inversion table. The time and the angle that works best for you should be based on your comfort level. However, it is essential to avoid doing what your body doesn’t allow.

Invert and stay healthy!

No matter what your age is, you can easily maintain a healthy lifestyle by staying active, and inversion therapy is one of the best ways to do so. It not only acts as an excellent treatment in most of the back-pain cases but is also useful in increasing flexibility, improving posture, relieving varicose veins, and stimulating the blood flow to the brain.

Inversion Therapy

Despite these benefits, using inversion therapy could be a bit complex. So, follow the steps mentioned above and use an inversion table well. But don’t forget that there is no guarantee that an inversion table can treat your back pain for sure. There are chances that you may still require surgery if your backache needs it. So, make sure to speak to your doctor before going on the route of inversion therapy for treating your back pain.

And in case you are trying inversion therapy just for exercising or relaxation, then also consult your physician to understand if it is meant for you. Once you get a go-ahead from your physician and have bought an inversion table, don’t be overconfident while using it.

For your safety, use your inversion table when you have someone around – be it a family member, a friend, or a trainer.

Happy Inverting!

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