Could you tell us a bit about yourself and how you started training?

I’m 27 years old, originally from Flint, MI and now live in Grand Rapids, MI. I’ve always been physically active from a young age coming from an athletic family highlighted by my dad and brother and all of their accomplishments. After a successful high school athletics run in 3 different sports, I accepted an athletic scholarship to the University of Michigan in pursuit of a professional athletic career. Going forward I then moved onto the next phase of my life which was a teaching degree in high school history, I realized my passion and was immediately drawn to the fitness industry. Then I chose to move across state to live with my older brother whom helped me focus all of my work in the gym, to a business conscious effort. That’s when I got my first fitness modeling contract and started to narrow my focus in what I wanted to accomplish in this industry.

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How do you stay motivated?

Motivation has never really been an issue for me. When you surround yourself with successful people in whatever field they may be successful in, it gives you an extra kick in the ass to be just as successful. Once you put in the work to figure out what it takes for you to be successful in whatever it is that you’re passionate about, it becomes second nature. Just as most people wake up and brush their teeth, or eat when their hungry, it starts to feel like something is missing if you don’t get a workout in or eat what you planned and prepared the night before. Especially when you start to get some recognition and you have people reaching out to you telling you that you inspire their daily habits. Those are added forces out there that help keep you in check if you feel like slacking. How can you tell others to do something to make them better if you can’t even do them for yourself?

What is your current workout routine?

I don’t exactly have a set workout routine. Over the years I’ve probably tried just about every workout split or program there is available. The thing about trying to alter your physique over an extended period of time is that all of that time allows you to figure out what works and doesn’t work for you. There’s no perfect physique, and there’s not a perfect workout routine. Try as much as you can and figure out what works for you, what doesn’t, and how you can create your own authentic solution to your weak points.

What is your diet like?

My diet sort of follows the same guidelines as my training, except for around times that I have to be on my game. Most of what I do now includes photoshoots or video shoots where I know I have a set date for something. I like to stay in shape year round so it’s not a huge issue to have to cut down or get into any particular form. I have no problem with carbs, I’ve found that eating more carbs at the beginning of the day and tapering them off as the day goes on fits best with how my body reacts. However, I do cut back on them and follow a certain cutting plan I’ve created for myself that works best going into any sort of professional opportunities.

What gives you the best results when trying to get lean?

Like I said before I have a certain formula I like to follow when getting lean for certain shoots, but I also like to emphasize that it might not be the best thing for everyone. Everyone’s body types and makeups are different and I’ve figured out the right formula for me over the years. To get as lean as possible is definitely not something I follow daily and requires a lot of diet, water, salt, and carb manipulation, but would not be a healthy choice for someone living their day to day life.

What 3 exercises have contributed the most to building your physique?

Limiting to 3 exercises definitely makes it tough haha. Since Track & Field was a huge background for me, I’ll have to say running since it helped build up my metabolism and is a great cardio workout. Next would be Lat pull downs. When I first started working out it was a huge ego exercise for me so I wanted to pull as much weight as possible. My brother has always had a wide back when he starting lifting hard that kind of sparked my interest, so once I started to develop wider Lats it helped me notice that it may be a genetic thing to develop the back a lot quicker. Third I would say Squats. I spent most of high school and college trying to be a better track athlete and Squats definitely helped me gain more power for those events, but also later to develop more leg strength and size to even out my physique.

What supplements do you use?

I try to keep it simple. Especially for an audience who might not be sponsored or get supplements for free, or can’t afford everything you see in these magazines. I think it’s a must to have a multivitamin, protein supplement, and if you’re someone (like me) who needs that extra kick in the ass before a workout, a preworkout. If you have the money to spend on Aminos, creatine, blah blah blah that’s great, but aren’t necessary to get to your body goals.

What is the most common training question that people ask you?

How do I get abs?” I think that is probably the most asked questioned I get and that is a very long answer so you guys can reach out if you want my input lol.

What is your greatest achievement so far?

It’s hard to answer that question because I don’t like to live in the past, and it’s also difficult to measure success in the professional world since we don’t have formal competitions like there are in sports. I was a 6-time USATF All-American in track, 2-time State champ in Long Jump, and State Record holder but who cares at this point? I would like to think that everyone reading this contributes to my achievements in helping people realize that they can work their asses off in whatever goals they have whether it be high school sports, collegiate/professional athletics, getting yourself into better shape, or even just working your ass off in your professional world. Motivation isn’t a normal trait given to everyone, we all look somewhere when we get low and if I can contribute even a little bit to you being better, then that’s a great achievement for me.

What is your favorite quote?

I really don’t have a favorite quote, but if I had to point to one statement that sums up my life it’s something I see every day. My brother got me one of those rubber wristbands for my birthday on one side was blank but on the other side, it has one customized quote on it that says

You ain’t shyt

Hahaha I know it’s not that flattering. But as much support and love I get from the people I’m closest with, they always keep me grounded and always make sure that I know where I came from. That quote reminds me every day that they always got my back, but at the end of the day, I’m not shit because there are always bigger things that are more important in life than social media likes you get, followers, and how many reps you can do working out.

What are your plans for the future?

I like to keep a short sighted future. Too many people waste their time trying to fit into someone else’s mold of their life that they forget to live their own life. Grand Rapids, MI isn’t a huge market for media or fitness and I understand that, but I plan on maximizing whatever opportunities that come my way. I’m lucky to have family all over the country (cousins Luke, Jim, Roy and Aunt Sue in Green Bay/Milwaukee; and also my cousins Trevor, Ryan, Aunt/Agent Jan, and Uncle Paul in Los Angeles) that have been nothing but supportive since the beginning, and whatever opportunities that come my way that will make all of them the most proud, I’m definitely ready to go.

How should people connect with you? E.g.: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, email, website, etc.

Well you guys read earlier I used to be a high school teacher so I actually deleted my Facebook during that stint, but is not up and running but I hardly ever check it…ever lol. I mostly use Instagram: @jeff__kline (2 underscores), Snapchat: jkline23, or if you need any workout or fitness advice just email me at jeffklinefitness[at]gmail.com

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