In the last few years, Kraken Kratom has emerged as a top quality kratom seller whose products have received positive reviews from users. In this guide, we are going to be taking an in-depth look at products sold by Kraken Kratom and the use of kratom extracts.

Kratom (scientific name Mitragyna Speciosa) is an evergreen tree which grows in the tropical climate, mostly in South East Asian countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, and Myanmar. The potion extracted from the leaves of the kratom tree has been widely used for the treatment of a variety of ailments ranging from chronic pain to alleviation of digestive problems.

The extract of the kratom tree is legal to use in the US but not in most of the European Union and also large parts of South Asia such as Thailand and Malaysia.

How Does Kraken Kratom Work?

Kratom acts both as a stimulant and sedative (much like nicotine). In low doses it makes people feel stimulated and energetic while at higher doses it acts as a sedative and lowers inhibition. Depending on use it is restorative or relaxing and even used as an aphrodisiac by some.  Traditionally in Asia, it has been used at times as an alternative to opium.

Kratom Powder

There are several subspecies of kratom trees which can range in height from 3 to 30 meters and the leaves contain many types of alkaloids such as 7-Hydroxymitragynine and Mitraphylline. Thai kratom causes a rush of energy while Balinese kratom brings about relaxation. Kratom leaves also contain a drug known as reserpine that causes blood pressure to be reduced.

Kraken Kratom sells all types of kratom extracts from Borneo, Malay, Thailand, Bali, and Vanuatu in the forms of pills and powder which can be added to shakes, coffee, and even sodas.

Kraken Kratom also sells kava tea an extract of Piper Methysticum, a plant that is commonly found in the Pacific Islands which is highly effective in bringing about relaxation from stress and anxiety.

7-Hydroxymitragynine and Mitraphylline act by attaching themselves to opioid receptors of the brain and cause the release of neurotransmitters otherwise known as chemical messengers. These neurotransmitters are able to alter our mood and perception and also in many cases lower the sensation of pain.

What Are The Benefits Of Kraken Kratom?

Kraken Kratom products can be effectively used to fight fatigue and pain. 

The Malay variety that Kraken Kratom sells is often used to provide relief from long term pain as we find in patients with arthritis. It is a highly potent analgesic and also provides plenty of energy and enhances the mood of the user. About a small spoon of Malay kratom stirred into coffee or fruit juice can provide a feeling of well being after a few minutes.

The Balinese kratom that is sold by Kraken Kratom is, however, most relaxing and causes a pleasant sensation after ingestion.

Thai kratom is more potent and very little has to be used. Only about 3 grams is able to provide plenty of strength and bring about concentration. That is why it is used to make hard physical work more bearable in Thailand.

After Consuming Kraken Kratom

The Maeng Da kratom powder is the most potent type with only 1 gram or a small pinch being sufficient to bring more energy and stamina. This has made Maeng Da variety sold by Kraken Kratom especially well received.

Kraken Kratom Side Effects

There are virtually no known side effects of Kraken Kratom. It is not its judicious use that leads to any side effect but overuse but then again one could level the same accusation against sugar and salt. High doses of pure kratom in excess of 6 grams can show some telltale signs. These include –

  • Agitation
  • Hallucinations
  • Nervousness
  • Delusions

In most cases, these side effects will wear off in a few hours after a good night’s rest.

Long term abuse of high doses of Kraken Kratom can lead to dry mouth, anorexia, nausea, and constipation. Therefore it is advised to take no more than is needed and to use it safely.

I have been using Kraken Kratom for a couple of years and not had any side effects that I can notice other than an increased sense of well being and vitality that I did not otherwise have.

There is no danger since various herbal supplements are used daily throughout the world and cause no side effects whatsoever. This is not some potion or crystal that a chemist cooked up in his lab but what Mother Nature provided us with. If you would look at it from the right perspective coffee is also a type of herbal supplement is it not? It stimulates you and gives you energy but that does not mean you will drink six cups of espresso in a row.

The same type of discretion has to be applied to Kraken Kratom products. Use it gently and no ill effects will be felt.

Kraken Kratom Addiction

Can one be addicted to kratom is a question that has been doing the rounds for years. The proper answer is can you be addicted to an OTC drug for headaches like Naproxen? Sure you can be but not in the same way as you are addicted to alcohol and nicotine. There is nothing in kratom that causes chemical dependency. But you may get addicted to the feeling of well being and get careless about it and before you know it you start wanting more and more.

Kraken Kratom Overdose

There has not ever been a case of death due to an overdose of kratom. Overdose symptoms are the same as taking too much alcohol and being inebriated. There may be a racing pulse and a lot of nausea and probably some delusion. It is treated in the same way as too much alcohol consumption. If you feel it is needed to reach out to a hospital emergency at all times. The effects recede by themselves within 8-10 hours.

Various Kraken Kratom Products

If you are looking for the widest array of kratom then Kraken Kratom is the where your search ends. They sell Malay, Balinese, Thai, Maeng Da, Green Vein and White Vein extracts in the form of powders and pills.

Different Kratom Extracts

The products are assured to have adequate mitragynine content and are priced between $8 and 22 depending on the variety and quantity. All orders qualify for free shipping and orders over $200 are shipped on priority.

If the orders are placed before the cutoff time of 2 PM on Mon-Fri or before noon on Saturday they are shipped on the same day. What is more, there is a 10% discount for payments using Bitcoin.

I have used most of their products and let me tell you that they really maintain their promise of quality.

Customer Service

Not only do you receive full support via chat and email but you can also call their customer service at business hours during the week. Overall Kraken Kratom provides the most efficient and hassle-free buying experience.

I have at different times emailed them regarding a query about my order and received a reply inside a few hours. The customer service is really polite and makes buying enjoyable. There is a comprehensive FAQ section on their website that answers most questions you will normally have.

Kraken Kratom User Experiences

Kraken Kratom has a large and dedicated group of people who use their products including yours truly. Conversations with other users have shown me that they too have a high degree of trust about these products and that the goodwill of the company is only growing.

Of course, why people consume kratom depends on their personal needs but most people are looking for something to give them an extra boost for a more productive day at work and better time spent at the gym.

Kratom Dosage

Regular use of no more than 3-5 grams of kratom is the most suitable dose for nearly everybody. The overwhelming majority of people at my gym are at least occasional users of Kraken Kratom (which would mean using it at least 3-5 times every month) and quite a few like me consume it regularly.

Kraken Kratom Legal Purchase

Let me clear up one argument. Kraken Kratom products are not illegal. Some states prefer that it be purchased by those above 18 but at the federal level there is no ban whatsoever about kratom.

This makes its use completely legal. But unfortunately, success is followed by counterfeits. Hence it is best not to go to an online store and buy Kraken Kratom from an unknown vendor but log into the company’s website and order it. This way you are more assured that it has not been spiked with some harmful additive.

It is an effective and highly affordable supplement that is available legally without many restrictions.


Look, the times are hard and we all feel like hamsters running endlessly on a treadmill. No, I am not trying to sound pessimistic but between a two-hour commute, kids, office, deadlines – there is very little energy left for a good workout and quality time with the missus after the kids have gone to bed.

Kraken Kratom is great at providing just that little bit extra edge that you are looking for and I would like to reiterate that it is natural like green tea and ginseng, not something created by a scientist.

There is a lot of ancient folk wisdom about herbal medications that we are yet to tap into. This happens to one of them and a really good one.

I suggest that if you are looking for great quality kratom products you go ahead and give Kraken Kratom a try. I promise you will not be disappointed.

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