My name is Marcus Vallentin, I’m 19 years of age and I’ve been training bodybuilding for the last 4 years, but only 3 years of serious training. I’m a hard working young man, and I love to be active in many ways, such as running, playing football (soccer), swimming and much more. One of the first things you’ll notice about me is that I’m a very competitive person who hates loosing. I’ve got a big brother with a mental handicap who is probably one of my biggest fans, and who also is a strong motivation for me to do my best, other than that I got my little sister who is an amazing person, and also much into sports, such as riding and fitness.

Marcus Vallentin

In my everyday life I’m studying on my last year in The Higher Commercial Examination (HHX) so my life is pretty much school, training and work. I’ve always been training really hard from a young age, before bodybuilding it was Taekwondo at a competitive level, with 5-9 training sessions a week.

One of the things that are worth to mention is that I have never been good at any sports, I was always picked last when we were playing football (soccer) in the schoolyard.

But the thing that I’ve noticed when I got older is that I’ve got something that most other people doesn’t have, and that is a seriously good work ethic, and what I then discovered is that hard work is the foundation of any success. This is something that I really want to point out when describing myself, I am not a talented guy when it comes to sports, not even when it comes to bodybuilding, but I am a very hardworking person, who believes in grinding.

Marcus Transformation

My timeline is a bit different than most, because when I started working out I already had a great core muscularity, which was a great benefit when I started lifting.

  • Age 8: I started doing taekwondo and I was training 2-3 times a week.
  • Age 11: I started to get into taekwondo and therefore I was doing cardio in my spare time and other than that I was training 4 times a week.
  • Age 13-15: I was training taekwondo, cardio and fitness between 5 and 9 times a week. At this moment I was a serious athlete. I traveled to USA Miami twice a year to train with some of the best taekwondo athletes in the world under the coaching of Olympic coach Juan Miguel Moreno. Other than this I was competing worldwide.
  • Age 16: I stopped training taekwondo and started lifting weights instead. This is pretty much were it all started. I was a skinny 63 Kg boy, with a height of 1.88 meters.
  • Age 17: I really started to get serious about my training, and really got into it. I was constantly watching the big guys in my gym, and asking them for advices to get better.
    One of the things that really got me interested in bodybuilding was the first time I saw my muscles grow, and the first time that people started noticing my new muscles.
  • Age 18-19: I’m working out 6-9 times a week, and I’m constantly trying to improve myself. Right now I’m hunting down a goal which is 90 Kg, I’m only 6 Kg away, but putting on 6 Kg lean muscle mass is a though one, therefore I’m working everyday to get to my goal by the end of May.
Dieting has never been my thing, I was never a big guy, and I’ve always been super skinny. So the most important thing for me was to get enough food, because to grow muscles it’s important to eat enough food. The thing is, I have never followed a diet plan, and I probably never will. The reason for this is that I do not want to destroy the sport for me, and following a meal plan is something that will drive me crazy. On my 3-year transformation road I’ve learned how much to eat to gain fat, how much I got to eat to loose fat. I think that one of the most important things dieting wise is that you let yourself eat what you want sometimes, like a pizza or something. But one little tip is that you got to think about how many proteins and carbs you had throughout the day. So if you have eaten oatmeal for breakfast, and a sandwich later on the day, followed by a pizza, you’d probably need a meal, which is low carbs, and maybe something with a lot of proteins, such as tuna, to even out the amount of carbs. Another tip is that you got to have an idea of how many carbs you have had throughout the day, and then see how your energy level is when training, because carbs is one of the things that has a high impact on the amount of energy you’ve got when training.

I will recommend some basic things, such as:

  • The meal you eat before working out has to contain lots of carbs.
  • The meal after a workout has to contain a big amount of proteins to rebuild the muscles that you have worked on. Proteins are very important when building muscles.
    Eggs and oatmeal is a great breakfast, because of the high amount of both carbs and proteins, and also it is easy for the body to obtain.
  • The way I keep my knowledge up to date is by watching YouTubers such as, Calum Von Moger, Bradley Martyn, Steve Cook, Jeff Seid, and many more. These guys’ makes a living out of training, and are making a living out of educating people in bodybuilding. These daily videos are a great way to learn new things, get tips, and educate you. Social medias such as instagram is also a great way to keep you up to date, and learn new things.
  • My best advices for people who is thinking about getting in shape, or even has a dream of being the best, is to go work for it. Nothing comes overnight and it will never. Hard work beats everything. People in this industry is trying to find the easy way, but there is no such thing as an easy way, hard work is the only way and believe me when I’m saying that 3 years from now, you wont regret spending some time in the gym, because “WOW your body is amazing” never gets old.
  • Another great tip is to set yourself a goal. You need to have a vision and a goal, to succeed, else wise it’s going to feel like an endless trip.
  • Another thing that helped me through rough times is to watch motivational speakers, such as Eric Thomas, because he’s motivating me to work hard.
  • But to round it all off, hard work and dedication is the true way to success. Recently I’ve been printing out pictures of people who inspire me, and one thing I found out that all of them had in common was that they work their ass of. I’m talking people such as Dwayn ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather, Connor McGregor, Mohammed Ali, and Usain Bolt.
Put in the work, and see things change.

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