Your diet directly influences your body growth when you are building muscle. For those looking to build some serious muscle, the good news is, it is possible to increase in mass in a period of twelve weeks when you are on a balanced diet. Muscle building should not end at the gym but should continue at home. While other food groups are also important, proteins are the most beneficial when it comes to muscle building and development. Muscular growth is a continuous process and just before bedtime is the best time to have a snack, more so, a protein snack. I have compiled the ten best muscle-building foods to eat before going to sleep. Eat these foods before bed and in no time, you will notice changes in your muscle mass.

Salmon and other Seafood

Salmon and other fatty fish are a good source of proteins and unsaturated fats. You can play around with different recipes of salmon before bed. Salmon has 17grams of protein for every 3-ounce serving and 5 grams of fat. Coming from an animal source the protein is complete and good for muscle bulking. The fish also contains omega 3, which is an essential fat and has low cholesterol. Omega 3 is also essential because it minimizes muscle fatigue and soreness after you work out. The body can, therefore, concentrate more on building new muscle than restoring what you lost during the workout.

Whole Eggs

whole-eggsEggs have always been an excellent source of proteins. You can prepare it as a delicious omelet just before bed to keep you full through the night. Eggs have essential proteins and fats to keep you growing. Each egg contains about 75 calories and good high cholesterol. Considered as the benchmark for proteins, eggs care very convenient to prepare with various options available. You might also like to read: Top 10 protein shake recipes

Furthermore, they contain vitamins, including A, E and K and a range of B vitamins such as B12 for energy, riboflavin, and folic acid. In addition, eggs also contain all eight essential amino acids needed for optimal muscle recovery after an intense workout. It can also build valuable minerals like calcium, zinc, and iron in your body. You cannot go wrong with eggs, and they are tasty.

Nuts and Nut Butters

nuts-and-nut-buttersNuts and Nut Butter are a perfect source of healthy monounsaturated fats. Check all protein heavy foods for healthy life here.  These small nuts pack a lot of good proteins, calories, and fats. A small serving of nuts can give your body up to 300 grams of fat per 50 gram which is code for quite remarkable amounts of energy. You can serve nuts differently; you can roast them or make a delicious peanut ball off brown chocolate.

Nuts also have minerals such as selenium, zinc, phosphorous and magnesium, which are all essential in building muscle mass and retaining a healthy nutritional status. In addition, they contain micronutrients that keep you going through the day or when hunger strikes. Smear some peanut butter on a banana and have a nutritious snack.

Whole Milk and Cottage Cheese

Whole milk is a great source of nutrients no wonder babies survive on milk alone. Take whole milk to increase your calcium intake and it is a good source of healthy fats. A glass of milk before bed gives you an intake of around 150 calories, which will build your muscle mass as you sleep.
More so, milk has always been used to calm you to the point of sleeping. Call it win-win. Pair this with cottage cheese and you have a power protein combo for your muscles.


This super fruit is the best way to add monounsaturated fats such as oleic acid in your diet. Consuming avocado improves your cardiovascular health and your overall well -being. This is possible because this fruit has high amounts of antioxidants and vitamins, including vitamin E.

Serve it with rice crackers or go old school and make some tasty guacamole. Whatever ways you chose to it eat it, the health benefits are immense.

Lean Beef

Beef is always a dependable source of protein. If you are building mass then beef is a must have in your diet. Lean Beef is a high source of proteins and fats, even higher than fish. When taken on a regular basis, it can help build your muscle mass significantly. In addition, beef has heme iron, which is easily absorbed in the body.

The benefit of heme iron to non-heme iron is that absorption of the former does not depend on other dietary factors and food. This translates to fast incorporation and absorption.


Ever wondered why horses have loads of muscle, perhaps it is because of the loads of oatmeal they consume. Oats are a great source of carbohydrates to keep you going during a workout. It gives you the energy you need to go through an extra set.

A post workout meal consisting of oats is also a great snack before going to bed. They are a great source for fibers and complex carbohydrates that help in digestion. Oats also add fats and calories in your diet ass you grow mass.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a sweet place to find carbohydrates essential for muscle building. Each sweet potato can contain 40 grams of carbs and numerous essential minerals and vitamins. It can help you avoid refined sugar altogether by substituting it with natural sugars found in these potatoes.

You can get creative and make sweet potato brownies paired with a glass of milk before you go to bed. The meal will leave you satisfied and fully nourished thanks to its high fiber content.

Coconut and Olive oil

Contrary to popular belief, not all fat is bad. For slow release energy that is vital for muscle growth, you can count on coconut and olive oil.

These are all healthy and natural oils that will not promote unnecessary fat storage while allowing you to incorporate fat into your diet.

Dark Chocolate

For food that has been getting a bad rap in the dieting and fitness world, chocolate plays a big role in your body’s development. It is a rich source of sugar that keeps your glucose levels up. Furthermore, it contains 75 percent cocoa which is a source of antioxidants and monosaturated fats.Try my personal favorite snack before bed a protein ice cream with chocolate protein powder, peanut butter, and almond milk.

Remember, I said dark chocolate and not just any kind of chocolate. Look for chocolate with a percentage of 25 and above to avoid consuming excessive sugar.

The bottom line

Building mass does not end once you leave the gym; continue your growth with healthy and nutritious snacks and give your body a rest in between workouts. Also, a snack before bed is a great way to slowly release energy and heal your muscles throughout the night. Just make sure you keep your diet clean and junk free.

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