2019 has been a year of fitness consciousness raising for all of us and anyone who says that a healthy body is not made in the kitchen is just lying to you. Over the last few years, we’ve seen keto, intermittent fasting and DASH but we have been blessed us with a new diet app NOOM that has garnered over 45 million active users.

Brought to us by two entrepreneurs, Saeju Jeong and Artem Petakov from Korea and Ukraine respectively, NOOM is an app that looks to bring a previously unseen psychological and behavioral approach to the idea of weight loss. Noom became so popular that people are continuously looking for Noom Diet Plan Reviews on various forums and questions answer sites.

This is done through a series of actions like regular check-ins, group support, and quizzes that not only keeps you on track but also helps you to cultivate better habits.

With the app boasting an average weight loss of 18 pounds in 6 weeks, it is easy to look at the numbers with distrust. However, a closer look into this very scientific model of weight loss convinces even the most cynical of fitness enthusiasts and opens their eyes to the possibilities that this program holds.

How Much Does Noom Cost?

NOOM has adopted a subscription-based model for offering its services and has different plans to suit every consumer’s interest.

Noom: Stop dieting. Get life-long results. Price: Starting from $59 Noom: Stop dieting. Get life-long results. Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 07/07/2019

The plans start from a monthly auto-recurring plan for $59, $99 for 2 months, $129 for 4 months, $149 for 6 months, $159 for 8 months and $199 for the annual plan.

Does Noom Work for Weight Loss?

Let’s take a look at NOOM and how it has taken the internet by storm with its unconventional, yet result-oriented approach to weight loss.

In a bid to formulate a fitness plan that is customized to the specificities of each user, NOOM begins by collecting information about your age, ideal and present weight, gender and your general diet. This works as the base for NOOM to begin working on its plan and it even gives you a timeline for the weight loss journey that lies ahead of you.

Seeing the Big Picture

With a set of strategically formulated questions that do justice to their comprehensive, big-picture approach to weight loss, Noom Diet Plan finds out more about your personality, eating pattern and even illnesses that you may have had in the past. This helps in formulating a customized plan that adequately addresses your weaknesses.

NOOM defines the big picture approach as a plan that is two faceted. It stresses the need for you to distinguish your super goals from your ‘ultimate why’. Super goals are the goals you have set for yourself that need to be achieved by the end of your plan and ‘ultimate why’ is simply a peek into the things that motivate you including the difference in the quality of life as a result of achieving your goals.

Once you sign up, you are asked to choose your desired weight loss speed to create a timeline for achieving your target. In addition to this, users are also given the choice to buy custom workout plans, meal plans or even a weight loss DNA test.

NOOM looks to move away from a “cookie-cutter” approach to weight loss by creating different programs to support users at varying stages of weight loss. Throughout the period of the plan, users are required to log their weight, food, and steps taken in a day for a continuous evaluation of progress.

Professional Fitness Coaches

Immediately after you sign up, NOOM assigns an experienced fitness coach to monitor your progress and keep you from going off track. The coach would be available on chat and would work with you to formulate an action plan and set short term goals.

The fitness coach is trained to study your case, suggest solutions and generally supervise your progress to the user’s satisfaction.

All fitness coaches on NOOM have an associate degree or higher, a health certification or proven experience of at least 2000 hours as a fitness instructor or personal trainer. Furthermore, they have to mandatorily undergo training for learning how to evaluate users’ fitness goals, current situation, and their specific conditions.

Does Noom have a meal plan? What is the Noom Diet Plan?

Contrary to popular belief, NOOM believes that an approach that is focused on moderation more than complete abstinence is better for weight loss in the long run. After ascertaining your calorie budget based on the information provided, NOOM classifies foods on the basis of calorie density.

The foods that have a low caloric value are indicated by the color “green” while foods with moderate caloric value are indicated by color “yellow” and the high caloric value foods are indicated by the color “red”.

From a weight loss perspective, your diet must predominantly consist of “green” foods, while consuming “yellow” and “red foods” sparingly and cautiously. Users must ensure that they do not exceed the calorie budget that has been prescribed in order to stay on track.

Behavioral Approach to Weight Loss

In an industry where there are 20,000 fitness apps and cut-throat competition is the norm, NOOM has managed to carve out a niche for itself by engaging in a psychological approach to weight loss.

In line with the idea that the body achieves what the mind believes, NOOM urges you to introspect on your habits, traits, and barriers to address the mental challenges and barriers to weight loss.

NOOM provides its users with bite-sized customized information pieces that are helpful to educate and motivate yourself to keep pushing.

Noom: Stop dieting. Get life-long results. Price: Starting from $59 Noom: Stop dieting. Get life-long results. Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 07/07/2019

This is done by a mix of prompting you to review health articles, focusing on motivation and even helping you accept things beyond your control but by still working around them. The team at NOOM works on the principle that effective and permanent weight loss is not possible without a complete rehaul of your outlook towards diet, exercise and healthy living.

This is also because when it comes to fitness, there is only so much that any outside element can do. At the end of the day, it is going to come down to the amount of commitment and resolve you have for achieving your goals.

Convenience and Utility-Based Model

The most impressive part of NOOM is surprisingly not the features stated above, but the convenience aspect of it, which seems to have been the selling point for the app and the business.

The interactive method with which the app functions has appealed to the people who struggle to incorporate fitness into their hectic schedules. Instead of visiting the centers for evaluating progress, you could check in and log your daily updates which help your fitness coach keep track of how far you have come.

As earlier stated, motivation is one of the most important drivers of weight loss as identified by NOOM itself. An interesting way NOOM fuels the motivation in its users is by the use of group chats.

These group chats are moderated by a group coach who nudges everyone to apprise the group of their progress, failures, milestones and more. This not only helps in keeping everyone committed to their goals but also helps in troubleshooting by brainstorming for a solution whenever someone shares a problem.

Furthermore, the massive database that holds information of almost 3.7 million food items helps you effortlessly log any food item that you consume during the day. This helps in keeping track of your macros and calories in real time.

Noom Diet Plan Reviews: What nutritionist feel about Noom Diet?

Although NOOM was built by a qualified team after tons of research and testing, the practicality, usefulness, and efficacy is something that has to be gauged from the users and qualified nutritionists who have tried out the program. Let us look at what different nutritionists and dieticians have to say about NOOM.

Abby LangerAbby Langer, a nutritionist, and blogger from Canada tried the NOOM diet plan to evaluate its effectiveness. After going through the program and incorporating the inputs given to her, she ended up with a positive feeling about the program.

She was particularly impressed by the emphasis that NOOM placed on the psychological aspects of nutrition and fitness. She holds that this is done by educating its users on the importance of knowing the ‘why’ behind anything that is prescribed.

Abby also narrated her experience with the coach who was assigned to her. The coach was prompt and knowledgeable, making the entire process a little bit more satisfying and effortless.

Abby also enjoyed the articles that were sent to her for improving her diet and nutrition. The readings were bite-sized and lucid for easy understanding. Moreover, the articles were customized and tailored to her needs, thereby giving full value to her time and effort.

Lastly, Abby was impressed by NOOM not unnecessarily prescribing expensive or fancy food, supplements or medication. This kept the process a lot more natural and healthy.

On the downside, she said that the program could be overwhelming for some as the intensity isn’t gradual but high and constant, right from the very beginning. This puts some people off from completing the entire program and it must be re-evaluated.

Abby also felt that the daily logging of weight could be counterproductive, especially considering the fact that small fluctuations are possible when measured on consecutive days. This can potentially put a user off from continuing and completing the program.

Cynthia SassCynthia Sass, a registered dietician, and nutritionist held that she has noticed a lot of positives about NOOM. She said that the features were nifty and useful, making the entire process a little less cumbersome.

Cynthia was impressed by the fact that NOOM does not prohibit the consumption of certain kinds of food, which is usually what happens on any weight loss program. This, in turn, puts people off from continuing the program.

She emphasized on the importance of having a program like NOOM that addresses important behavioral changes that need to accompany the diet and exercise. This was because there was a tendency among people who lose weight to gain all the weight back if their habits and behavior are not corrected.

The ability to accommodate events or parties in advance is another important feature that Cynthia believed was essential, as a long run weight loss program has to necessarily take into account such events.

That being said, Cynthia said that some things could improve in terms of the functioning. She noticed that the daily logging and tracking requirement was a hassle that most people did not have time for. Instead, a weekly logging mechanism would solve this problem without inconveniencing the users who probably have busy schedules.

Cynthia also felt that NOOM could follow a more affordable model as the present one is one the pricier side which may put a lot of people off. Therefore, she urges everyone to try the trial before you purchase it.

Samantha CassettySamantha Cassetty, a registered dietician decided to give NOOM a try after finding out that it was touted as the “last weight loss program you need”. Moreover, it had become a huge hit on the internet.

After trying it, she was most impressed with the scientific model which the app follows. She said that surveys have shown that almost 80% of NOOM users have noticed a reduction in weight after following the program, a success rate that is yet to be replicated in other programs.

Samantha also stressed the importance of following a program that did not mandate complete abstinence from certain kinds of food. Although the app reminds you that you should limit your consumption of the “red” foods, it is cute in the way it appreciates you for having logged your food.

However, she did feel that the categorization of certain foods on the app can use some improvement as it fails to take into consideration the advantages of some foods that are calorie dense but are healthy nevertheless. For example, nuts, seeds, olives, etc.

Samantha also pointed out a popular criticism of NOOM, that is, the intensity that is maintained throughout the program that could be overwhelming to some. Sometimes, the app gives you a calorie budget of 1100 which could be difficult for someone who has just started her weight loss journey.

NOOM vs Weight Watchers

NOOM vs Weight Watchers

When NOOM diet plan hit the world, it was labelled the “new Weight Watchers for the Millennials”, a label which is largely vindicated by the similarities in the way they work.

Both programs focus on moderation rather than abstinence from certain kinds of food, which makes sure that you never feel deprived. Moreover, both apps emphasize on eating below maintenance to help you shed weight quickly.

The main difference between the two programs has to be the psychological element of dieting that is present in NOOM. It drives you to think and understand the process of weight loss in a way that we have not seen hitherto in other fitness programs.

Noom: Stop dieting. Get life-long results. Price: Starting from $59 Noom: Stop dieting. Get life-long results. Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 07/07/2019

The difference is stark in terms of the philosophies adopted by these programs too. Weight Watchers emphasizes on the points system and it urges you to be diligent in making sure you never exceed the threshold for the day.

NOOM adopts a more comprehensive philosophy that places equal importance on your diet and the psychological barriers to weight loss.

This stress placed on overcoming barriers ensures that no one has to stay on NOOM forever. It is not designed for that, it is only meant to teach you the most important principles regarding weight loss and help you inculcate habits that you can continue forever.

This holistic philosophy of NOOM is meant to teach you how and why you need to stop binging on those cookies, even if it looks enticing. NOOM teaches you the art of moderation that helps you master the mental discipline that prevents you from going astray.

Another important difference that merits discussion is the coaching provided by both these programs. The coaches on Weight Watchers are previous users who have succeeded under the program, which is appreciable for the inspiration they provide and the experience they possess.

NOOM, on the other hand has qualified, dedicated coaches who have thousands of hours of fitness experience. Furthermore, they undergo rigorous training to learn how to understand and deal with clients which makes your interaction with them effortless.

It’s interesting to note that both these programs believe that goals are easier achieved in a group rather than individually. Both NOOM and Weight Watchers have group chats, meetings and other platforms wherein everyone is encouraged to share their experiences and difficulties in a bid to better understand and solve them.

Although both these apps follow a wellness based approach to weight loss, the platforms they have adopted to do the same are different.

NOOM works as a mobile app and would be greatly beneficial to anyone who may not have the time for physical evaluations and in-person training. NOOM looks to incorporate itself into the lives of those who are busy and cannot find the time for in-person coaching.

Weight Watchers can be accessed through your phone and their website, thereby offering a little bit more flexibility and convenience. Furthermore, Weight Watchers, through the WW studio, offers you a chance to meet and connect with health coaches and other WW users.

NOOM offers two different programs, the Healthy Weight Program and the Diabetes Prevention Program. Both these programs follow different approaches to solve the issues you’re facing.

Weight Watchers has only one program but it offers you the option of choosing the digital or studio option. If you wish to take the program online, using your phone or their website, you should go for the digital option. The studio option is focused on unlimited in-person meetings for those of you who may find it more appealing.

An important feature on NOOM that was found lacking in Weight Watchers is the ability to plan for events in advance. These events are essentially cheat days that you cannot avoid.

NOOM lets you account for these days in advance so as to make sufficient changes in your diet and nutrition. However, this does not seem to be an option in Weight Watchers which is slightly disappointing because a holistic program that is meant to be long term has to necessarily accommodate such unavoidable scenarios.

Both NOOM and Weight Watchers have some interesting features that anyone who wishes to lose weight can tap into. They have user friendly platforms that are designed for convenience and ease of use.

Your decision to pursue either of these programs should be based on your individual requirements, what features you prioritize and more importantly what philosophy of weight loss you find more appealing.

NOOM is the ideal program for anyone who enjoys app-based learning and is meticulous enough to log your food and weight every day. The program teaches you the science behind nutrition and dieting which helps in making the entire process of following a diet and losing weight more meaningful.

It pays equal attention to the psychological and physiological aspects of weight loss and emphasizes a more comprehensive long term approach.

On the whole, for anyone who is serious about losing weight, it is definitely something that is guaranteed to drive you to be consistent and maintain a healthy diet.

It offers no magic pills or expensive supplements, so it is important to realize that your commitment is going be the deciding factor for your success with this diet plan. They also offer a trial of 14 days for anyone who wishes to try the program and see if it meets his or her requirements.


If I could summarize NOOM in three words, they would be holistic, efficient and intensive. It is not for anyone who looks to cut corners and it is definitely not for anyone who is not committed to follow through with all the inputs given.

However, for anyone who manages to stay on track, act diligently and undergo consistent evaluation, NOOM is going to be worth every penny you pay for it. I hope this Noom Diet Plan Review cleared a lot of your confusions and you are ready to take the dive in your weight loss journey.

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