Have you ever wanted to boost up your performance in the gym? Of course, you have, it is every man’s fantasy to look like the best version of himself. Some slog it out for years to become the very incarnation of male masculinity. But there is no harm in taking a little shortcut, is there?

And many such shortcuts exist. They are called nutritional supplements. And today I bring you the exclusive on one such supplement. It’s called Nugenix. It is what is commonly referred to as a testosterone booster. It is made up of a cocktail of ingredients meant to boost up the production of male hormones or testosterone.

What does Nugenix do?

Sexual excitement is partly associated with an increase in testosterone, but other factors also come into play. The whole day long, the levels of hormones like testosterone rise and fall. Some males are sometimes more excited if testosterone is elevated, generally in the morning. This is where Nugenix comes into play, it once again helps in boosting your hormone levels in particular testosterone.

What is Nugenix made of?

Now to figure out how something works, we need to consider its make-up or what it is made of. Nugenix is made up of the following ingredients: Vitamin B6, Vitamin B1, Zinc, L-Citrulline Malate, Fenugreek Extract, Tribulus.

Vitamin B6

Nugenix ingredient - Vitamin B6

This is a good component for every nutritional supplement out there. B6’s function in several respects in the human body is recognized. Vitamin B6 adds to an energy-efficient standard metabolism and assists a  regular nervous system to function at its peak. Some initial studies have shown a direct correlation between Vitamin B6 and testosterone levels.

Vitamin B12

Nugenix ingredient - Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 performs a key part in your wellness and well-being as a whole. It helps to reduce exhaustion, fatigue and routine discharge of energy amongst other functions. It’s a nice addition because too many people don’t get that much of this vitamin from their daily nutritional intake. It is also believed to have an impact on testosterone levels.


Zinc - Nugenix ingredient

Zinc’s role in supporting a wide range of bodily functions in the human body is quite well known. It also helps in maintaining functioning levels of testosterone. Many people do not obviously have enough zinc from their meals and it may be a sensible idea to get a boost from outside sources. The 1 mg portion is nevertheless a little on the lighter side with 1 mg of Zinc set aside for three capsules.

L-Citrulline Maleate

This is an amino acid that can be found abundantly in watermelons. It is most frequently used in pre-workout supplements because it is said to provide a little kick to your workout sessions. It is not a poor component, it would seem that there may not be much proof to indicate that this specific component is doing any good in this supplement.

It also has a track record as a proven remedy for erectile dysfunction since it allows for increased blood flow.


Fenugreek Nugenix ingredient

For additives like this, Fenugreek is a good addition. It is a spice that is usually found in curries and other food-related products. It has been proven to be a valuable addition to a number of nutritional supplements and it can be found in a number of products in its field.

It is one of those components that has comparable alternatives available in the market.  It was sometimes used for marketing on some of the initial products but hasn’t been proven to be as efficient as previously assumed.

No product is perfect and the same is true for Nugenix. Analyzing the makeup of a particular product is about seeing what is not there along with what is. And Nugenix has some crucial ingredients missing in its constitution.

What are the benefits of Nugenix?

Benefits of Nugenix

Well, most Nugenix users that I have interviewed insist that they have experienced notable improvements in their body after partaking Nugenix. The results were varied, however. Some users reported an immediate change after intake, while others reported seeing changes over time. If you have low testosterone levels then there is no harm in trying out Nugenix.

The low testosterone issue can affect any guy. For this reason, Nugenix is a good option for such individuals. It is recommended that you keep taking 3 capsules just prior to a meal if you really intend to make the most of this supplement. There seem to be no side effects paired with this supplement so you can go at it without worrying.

For those into training, all such pills should, therefore, be taken some 30 minutes prior to undertaking any strenuous physical activity. It is best to take these pills on your off day if you happen to be a fitness fanatic, in case you lead a sedentary lifestyle this approach works too.

Nugenix is phenomenal since you don’t require a pharmacy to get your hands on it. Several trials have demonstrated that free testosterone is necessary if your vigor, body weight, testosterone levels and more are to be enhanced. ⠀

Now we come to the tricky part. Most males encounter a considerable reduction in this free testosterone as they pass 30, so men have more to be worried about the dreaded three o than women. Among the adverse impacts are decreased sexual drive, fragile muscles, lower endurance, etc. Those problems can be remedied by Nugenix.

What is the ideal Nugenix Dosage?

Ideal Dosage

The ideal dosage is three pills a day as stated in the bottle. This dosage should not be increased. Do not let poor results in the initial stages dampen your spirits or lead you into taking drastic measures such as increasing your dosage beyond the prescribed limit.

Before a meal

Nugenix works best when ingested before a meal, on an empty stomach. So in case you workout take Nugenix 30-45 minutes before your workout. If you aren’t working out on particular days then take Nugenix first thing in the morning.

Increasing your dosage

If you feel like, you aren’t seeing noticeable changes, even if you have been taking Nugenix for a while then you may consider increasing your dosage by a pill or two but be sure to run it by your doctor first.

Is it safe?

The Nugenix product is quite safe, hence you really shouldn’t be too worried regarding the side effects. But before undertaking any new supplement it is wise to carry out a bit of independent research to verify that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.

We also advise you to check with your doctor before going ahead with any new medication.

Sometimes it’s best to make a “pros and cons list” if you can’t seem to make up your mind about a particular product. The formula for the Nugenix product is safe and good but the drawback is that it is not some revolutionary product. It is a run of the mill testosterone booster and it is also a bit on the pricey side.

It is also not approved by any governmental drug agency like the Federal Drug Administration of the US since it is a natural supplement and could choose to forego the usual clinical trials.

And since it hasn’t undergone clinical trials its results aren’t verifiable. Of course, there have been independent studies but those results can easily be doctored. But on the plus side, this medicine is easy to get.

Side Effects of Nugenix Testosterone Booster

Cardiac Issues

Actually, supplements with testosterone may trigger more issues than they help address. Studies show that supplements and cardiovascular complications are linked. A research in 2010 published in the New British Medicine Journal revealed that a few males over 65 years of age have an increase in cardiac conditions when using testosterone supplements.

A subsequent study Trusted Source of males below 65 at danger of cardiac issues and elderly males with cardiac health found that the danger of cardiac-related issues was higher for both sexes when using testosterone supplements.

Other Factors

There are other factors that may affect your testosterone levels and by extension your sex drive.

  • Although low testosterone is a prevalent source of dipping sex drive in males, many other probable triggers exist.
  • Men can be affected by psychological triggers for poor libido. This would include fear, anxiety, pressure, and issues with relationships.
  • There are still a number of several other physical conditions in relation to poor hormones which can really cause a reduced sex drive. A few of those physical reasons include drugs such as opiates, beta-blockers, or chronically ill antidepressants.
  • Your physician can assist you to find what ails your poor libido. If they think that psychological variables contribute to it, they can suggest a consultation. Sometimes it’s best to try out natural remedies.

Nugenix Before and After Results

Let’s say that all goes well, then you will notice an increase in your testosterone levels and all that goes with it such as increased sex drive, improved musculature, etc. The results will take some time to reveal themselves so a little patience is called for.

Where can you buy Nugenix?

Nugenix can be found at any pharmacy near your home. If your pharmacy doesn’t have Nugenix then they can order one for you. Additionally, Nugenix can be found on e-commerce websites like Amazon and other pharmaceutical websites that let you order online.

Final Thoughts

All in all a pretty generic product but one that can get the job done. It’s a definite improvement over some of the more extreme testosterone treatments out there such as testosterone injections.

It is a safe predictable product with no harmful side effects, none that have been proven anyway, so you can take it and see if you notice any improvements. Make it a habit to check in with your physician every once in a while to see if things are going smoothly.

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