Who doesn’t want to have a ripped and toned body?

We can bet everybody wants the same but it is not something easy to achieve. Also, it does not mean that you have to go down to the dark alleys of steroids, even though sometimes it becomes mandatory.

If you want the Hulk-like body for yourself then you can definitely ask some of your friends for suggestions. Of all the answers that you will get, the name of Trenbolone will definitely pop up. Is it really the perfect answer that you are looking for? Or is the fact something else?

In-depth Overview of Trenbolone

Before using any bodybuilding supplements like Trenbolone you should do a deep research on the product so that you actually know what you are going to take up. We definitely understand that it is hard for you not to get the desired results after you have already pushed yourself beyond the limits of exercise.


And that is the perfect time when you would be craving for some drug assistance in order to get your preferred body type- so you might like to use Trenbolone at least for once. But before using this product you might need to know about the fact that it works in extremes- why it has the potential to Jack up your body and make it look like a bodybuilder yet it has some side effects which are not absolutely desirable.

Plausible Questions

By now you must be brimming up with questions like

  • Will this steroid actually build up my body mass like never before?
  • Am I going down the road to ruin my body with the side effects that come with the steroid?

Well, today we are going to talk about every aspect of Trenbolone and we will cover numerous topics which will eventually answer all your questions.

So keep yourself glued till the end!

What is Trenbolone and what does it comprise of?

Trenbolone is an anabolic-androgenic steroid that falls under the nandrolone family.

Now let us be a bit descriptive over here.

Our body metabolism can be bifurcated into two different divisions namely the anabolism and the catabolism.

While the work of catabolism is to break down the food particles the work of anabolism is to add up the nutrition element in the body. Most men with lanky figure actually suffer from intense catabolic activities and lower anabolic activities.

So, what does Trenbolone do?

This steroid helps in improving the anabolism of the body so that the body mass can be enhanced.


It became a very popular drug and it can be traced back to the year 1980 when people wanted to increase their body mass by making use of it.


FDA never approved the consumption of the steroid in humans.


This drug is synthesized by the illegal Labs and sold in the black market.

But why didn’t FDA approve this drug?

Because the manner in which the drug is converted into an injectable form is absolutely unsafe, crude and unsanitary.

Trenbolone is most popular among the athletes and the gym freaks as well as the bodybuilding enthusiasts who are trying a shortcut in order to develop giant mass and overthrow their genetic conditions.

Basic properties of Trenbolone

Did you know that this is a compound which was three to five times the strength of male hormone name testosterone?

Isn’t it a surprising fact?

It is highly androgenic and that is the reason why it has been used successfully as a male features enhancer. It also means that unlike all other testosterone supplements that come with a bit of oestrogen, it is the one in which estrogen levels are untraceable and therefore there is no fluid retention or development of fat mass. It has been tried and tested by the medical experts and has been termed as the strongest injectable fluid steroid in the entire market.

Anabolic Androgenic properties

According to the strategic anabolic androgenic rating scale, it has been seen that Trenbolone steroid has been able to score 500 while testosterone only scores 100.


Can you imagine, how strong this steroid can actually be!

If you are using this steroid cycle after a cycle then you might expect both androgenic as well as anabolic changes in the body.


Because with prolonged use of this steroid there will be an increase in protein synthesis as well as muscle mass in accompaniment with better appetite and reduced catabolism. It can also help with weight management and is also efficient in illuminating the stagnant fat in the body.

Types of Trenbolone

Even though there are numerous kinds of Trenbolone there are two major derivatives which are also known as esters- which are organic compounds that react with water to convert into inorganic acids.

Trenbolone acetate TA

This compound has very short esters that help in spiking the blood levels fast. That is one of the reasons why the effects or not long lasting and in order to sustain the results frequent injections are required. Is anabolic ratio is 5 times stronger than of testosterone and it has a strong binding affinity to androgen receptors. During the cutting cycles, it is used by bodybuilders and athletes in order to enhance their performance.

Trenbolone Enanthate TE

This is a slow-moving Easter and it weeks the blood much slowly but it is better because it has prolonged effects. It is not only used by athletes in order to cheat their way through, but it is also used by people who have low testosterone issues and want to enhance their masculinity. This steroid has a long half-life and therefore one will not like to take it quite often.

How does it matter which one of the Trenbolone categories you use?

Here we will give you the effects and the pros and cons of using either TA or TE.

Effects of the shorter ester from TA

  • Quick results in the body
  • Gets cleared out from the body quickly, therefore, long-lasting side effects
  • Frequent injections have to be taken to sustain the effect
  • Really expensive to consume

Effects of the longer ester from TE

  • Visible effects will be slower
  • The effects are long lasting and so are the side effects
  • Does not need to be injected often.
  • Relatively cheaper than the TA

NOTE: Please note that the fact that the kind of ester you take does not change the chemical composition of the drug it only has control over how fast the effects are released in the body and cleared out. Also, you should be choosing the ester based on your capacity to tolerate the side effects of the steroid.

What are the effects that Trenbolone has on the body?

Being the strongest inject able steroid, Trenbolone definitely has the potential to transform your body to a great extent. But before injecting it you should know about all the benefits that this steroid gives:

  • Protein Production: It increases the level of protein synthesis in the body thereby increasing the muscle mass and density. Needless to say, it also increases the strength and power of an individual.
  • Loses bloating: Eliminate all signs of water retention in the body, therefore making it looks dry and ripped.
  • Nutrient supply: This steroid knows exactly how to partition the nutrients into different parts of the body, and how to throw away the excess fat after putting calories into the muscle.
  • Increasing RBC: It is a medicinal effect- like increasing the red blood corpuscles count as well as the pumping capacity of the heart. Therefore it can actually enhance the cardiovascular health of an individual which is required for the athletes.
  • ATI enhancement: This steroid is definitely a masculine ATI enhancer because it helps in raising the testosterone levels and keeping it optimum.
  • Aggression enhancer: Increases aggression and assertiveness in the human body
  • Energy: Last but not least it also gives a higher level of stamina and endurance so that the body can remain rejuvenated all throughout the day.

What is the Trenbolone cycle and how can it be used?

The Trenbolone steroid is used in a cyclic pattern by all the individuals who want to build muscle mass even while having a lean figure. A steroid cycle can be defined as the period when you take the drug on a regular basis for a specific interval of time. Always remember that the dosage that is recommended while consuming Trenbolone in a cyclic pattern depends on a number of factors- like the type of Trenbolone that you have opted for and the kind of experience that you have as a user. If you are absolutely a novice, it is recommended that you go for the TA category as good as it is faster acting and also clears out of the bloodstream fast.

Warning: Kindly note that indifferent of how resilient you are you should never be using Trenbolone in the first cycle itself. Before that, your body should be seasoned which cyclic use of testosterone so that your body can take time to adapt to this steroids, their effects and their side effects.

Just because the first cycle of Trenbolone is named as the basic cycle yet it is not for the beginners as we have already discussed before. Taking Trenbolone right from the beginning will mean that you are taking a Ferrari for your first drive.

Basic Trenbolone cycle

During the test cycles, you will be given a mix of Trenbolone along with testosterone so that the effects of the steroid does not hit you hard. Also, it will help you in understanding how much of Trenbolone you can actually handy and these tests will definitely help your body to get used to the effects of the drug.
The recommended test dose is no less than around 400 milligrams per week in total. After your body gets used to TA, you might be given TE so that you do not have to be injected frequently. During the basic cycle, you will have 50 mg by the end of the day and the doors can be increased to 75 mg if your body can tolerate it.

For those who are new to this steroid, the basic cycle length is for 8 weeks. The longest cycles are only for the experienced individuals who actually know what they are taking and how they can be affected by the same.

Intermediate Trenbolone cycle

This is the cycle in which additional drugs are given in order to hike up the results. This is given to the people who have completed the beginner’s test cycle and your body has already been able to tolerate higher doses of Trenbolone. In accordance with the results that you are getting you can even choose to add some other Drugs along with this steroid so that you can get the best possible results that you have been craving for.

The drugs that you can add absolutely up to you but you can definitely use something like Anadrol so that your muscle growth can be accelerated and your muscle mass and density can increase.

But if you are experiencing a cutting cycle, then you can add Winstrol which successfully attaches itself to the androgen receptors and allows free flow of testosterone- which organ stimulates the anabolic effects in the body with greater gusto.

Advanced Trenbolone cycle

It is a fair warning to all who are progressing towards the cycle as because it is a stage which gives very aggressive and brutal results. It is a cycle that is initiated by none other than the experienced Trenbolone consumers and it has many serious side- effects. The dosage of this cycle is very high and it can go up to 800 milligrams per week but a background test is also run in order to stop your testosterone levels from flowing hugely.

During this advanced cycle steroids known as Drostanolone are injected into the body but it can only be taken if the body fat is absolutely low so that you can get the best results. The advanced cycle is preferred mostly by the athletes because this steroid helps in kick-starting the athletic performance highly.

The side effects of Trenbolone

While using any drug or steroid, the actual thing that you need to know is, of course, the affectivity of the same, but along with that also the side effects that it can bring. Some of the most prominent Side Effects are being listed below:

Trenbolone cough

This is one of the most common side effects which is pretty irritating. After getting injected you will feel and irritation going down your throat because Trenbolone is actually an irritating element to the lung tissue. Injecting this oil into the body can cause some of the steroids to seep into your veins and capillaries and it can be pushed towards the lungs in the process.Needless to say, the result is definitely a harsh persistent cough but it goes away as well. As the dose of the steroid goes higher, the cough might increase and that is the reason why many people add Cardarine in order to manage the symptoms.

Gynological effects

It might sound silly but with prolonged use of this drug, many have experienced man boobs popping out. Of course, everyone would like to have a ripped and shredded body, but it is for sure that it would not look good with a pair of dangling “man boobs”.Even though this steroid does not even have a trace of oestrogen even then you cannot escape the side effect especially if you are prone to a condition like Gynecomastia. Many of the individuals have faced this problem as because Trenbolone has a tendency to produce Prolactin in the body.

High blood pressure

If you already have the problem of elevated pressure levels in the body then it is just about to turn worse when you consume this steroid. Since destroyed causes a spike in the blood levels, therefore, your blood pressure can rise dramatically.Therefore you do have to maintain your blood pressure at the optimum level by taking help of medicines so that you do not develop the problem of hypertension. The problem with the side effect is that the elevated blood pressure will not only give you headaches but if it goes beyond control it can even cause stroke, Kidney Disease, long-term vision problems, as well as heart failure.

Acne and other spots on the face

Yes, you read that right! We understand that no one wants to go out with a full-on Pizza face and a muscular body, but if you are taking the shortcut then you definitely have to accept it. Since this steroid is oily in nature and it is getting injected in your body, it will definitely increase the sebum production from the oil glands in the face- and this thick lubrication on the skin will make it a breeding ground for the acne. Your skin is likely to become inflamed and will be a second home to infection and zits. After all, no one wants to have purple cysts on their face!

Insomnia will never leave you

If you are taking up this Trenbolone then make sure that you are ready to stay up all night. We know that a successful Bodybuilder needs to sleep a lot but this is one steroid that will definitely disrupt your sleep cycle in one way or the other. Even if you manage to sleep you are highly likely to be woken by night sweats. Since this kind of insomnia is induced by taking Trenbolone this side effect has been named as Trensomnia.

You are angry and irritated all the time

This can happen majorly when you are taking up the intermediate and advanced cycle of Trenbolone. As we have already warned you, this can give aggressive and brutal results and the fact that you are remaining angry all the time is just a part of it. Majority of the steroids boost aggressiveness and anger while enhancing the masculinity but Trenbolone is a whole other ball game.

Sometimes you might find yourself being irritated and Angry out of no reason but if you are a placid male then you may remain unaffected by this effect. But if you are already short-tempered then it is highly unlikely that you will be able to control your aggression and might end up in frequent fights out of trivial situations.

Say goodbye to libido

Even when you are a healthy individual with great physic attracting a number of females, yet you will not be able to find satisfaction in bed because you have been consuming this steroid. One of the adverse effects of Trenbolone is low libido as well as low sex drive and performance. Gone will be the days when you would actually like female attention, instead, you are more likely to experience the loss of sexual prowess. Now think really hard.

What good will be your muscular body if you cannot put it to good use and satisfy the opposite sex?

Food for thought

It is an undeniable fact that’s Trenbolone is one of the most popular steroids in the market and people are actually flocking towards it to make themselves look good and bring back the long lost confidence. It is actually every potential drug with numerous benefits that can give you a shortcut to give the body type that you have always decide to gain access to, but it does not come without any side effects.

In fact, it is the side effect that you should really be thinking heard about. It is for you to decide whether you are ready to accept side effects that might put your body to risk at the expense of getting a greater looking body. Since it is one of the strongest steroids the side effects or not to be taken lightly and definitely it is not for the faint of heart as this drug has a huge potential to turn your body into a topsy-turvy state.

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