How does Phoenix 98623 Revolution Cycle Pro II Exercise Bike Works

The Phoenix 98623 is really a revolutionary cycle that offers a stable riding experience to work-out as rigorously as you want without being precarious. The revolution cycle spin bike is even commonly seen at health and holistic centers and fitness gym for keeping the body toned and shaped.

Know what you get more in Phoenix Cycle than other Gym bikes

Phoenix 98623Level of Comfort

Seating– It is noticed that seats of such cycles are generally uncomfortable. But Phoenix fitness spin bike review mentions that unlike counterpart, it comes with a tight seat that does not wobble and can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically.

Handlebars– You can make adjustments up and down by sliding the pin or knob for loosening and tightening purposes. Handlebars are covered with rubber coating that ensures firm grip and prevents from palm blebs. It will also save you from getting cramps after workout and thus you end up having wonderful exercising experience.

Height adjustment– Man/Woman of heights between of 5 ft to 6 ft 3 inches can easily fit to get fit with the bike. Other bikes normally accommodate people above 5ft 2inches.

Pedalling– The durable bike from the revolution cycle studio is suitable for intermediate users as well as fresh beginners. The toe straps in the pedal do not let your foot to sweep off while in the motion. You just have to slide in your shoes and fasten the strap to have stable cycling experience with good gripping. Both the crankshaft and pedals are strong to push them with as much force as you want.

Driving Motion

The heavy weighted flywheel is 39.6 lbs that gives a genuine ride like feel of outdoor bike. You do not get to encounter jerks in the motion that further protecting from any injury.


A tougher and muscular work-out could be acquired by turning on the tension knob. The knob is placed close to the frame top where you can also notice a lever that is majorly for emergency. You can use the lever for urgent pause or if you wish to get off from the ride.

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Pros of Phoenix 98623 Revolution Cycle

  1. A tension knob installed to prevent your knuckles from getting blown while setting the resistance level.
  2. A heavy flywheel that is accustomed with a chain, like to drive an outdoor bike. This not just gives the feel of outdoor bike but also makes sure to have unsteady and consistent driving motion like you get on an outdoor cycle.
  3. Features a flask holder
  4. It is convenient to drag the bike in any area or corner of the house with its transport wheels. Tip it on the wheels and place to the point you want to keep it. It will not leave any scratches on flooring.
  5. Quick and easy height adjuster for varied heights, so that usage is not restricted to single person.
  6. Favorable control over resistance and do not make much noise while working out.

Phoenix 98623 Revolution Cycle Pro II Exercise Bike dimensions

  • Length = 42.3″
  • Breadth = 24″
  • Height = 42.5″
  • Bike Weight = 113 lbs
  • Flywheel weight =39.6 lbs
  • Max User Weight =275 lbs

Final thoughts

The bike is reasonably priced at under $500 as compared to other bikes of the same product class. This fitness bike is quite a good pick to get a fit body in a lesser timeframe.

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