If the machine you are purchasing is your only equipment and you want to do as many exercises as possible within a single home gym setup, then the Powertec Leverage Workbench Gym WB-LS is definitely the option you should be investing in (You can buy it from here). It is also the machine of choice for you if you prefer to mix and match your workout routine with other equipments and want multiple exercise options. According to user reviews, it is great for those who are focussed on strength and conditioning exercises.


This home gym also sits well with those who do not have a lot of space in their residences or do not the very high ceiling clearances because it is a very compact device with much lower space requirements compared to other home gyms.

Here we’ve focussed on the many aspects of this home gym and included a totally separate and detailed section on the kinds of exercises you can perform on it to give you a clear overall picture. So read on, if you are mulling about investing in this particular equipment.

Powertec Workbench Leverage Gym: Why do we love it?

Product packaging:

The manufacturers pack the unassembled machine into three separate boxes of decreasing sizes. The packaging is extremely sturdy and the boxes do not bend, break or tear despite the heavy weight of their contents. The boxes themselves are also made from reinforced cardboard and are quite sturdy. In fact, many users and buyers say these are probably the heaviest and most durable packaging boxes they have ever come across.

The boxes contain the main machine itself, a short bar for cur and triceps workouts, the lateral pull down bar, a D handle, a short chain and an attachment meant to perform leg extensions.

The individual parts are further wrapped in foam and bubble wrap and placed in compartments separated by Styrofoam blocks to prevent them from knocking around while transportation. The many layers of packaging will take you over an hour to get through.

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Thanks to the superior packaging quality, all component parts of Powertec Workbench Leverage Gym are neatly labelled and sorted. Looking for the smallest of parts takes no time at all for they are all very clearly named and numbered. However, the installation instructions provided in the accompanying booklet might prove to be largely inadequate. This is also a recurring complaint in a large number of user reviews across various e-commerce websites including Amazon.

The six page booklet merely has schematic diagrams labelling out the components and parts without any instructions as to how to join them together. You will need to study each step and picture carefully to understand what you need to do. If you are good with your hands, you are not likely to have a problem. But if you find it a challenge to hammer a nail, you will in all likelihood, require some assistance.

Space and tools:

You will require approximately 80 to 85 square feet of floor space and a ceiling height of at least 7.5 feet to install this machine. The lateral bar while carrying the 45lb weight plate demands a safe ceiling clearance of minimum one foot to prevent any untoward incidents.

While assembling the machine, you should have a socket set, a rubber mallet and a few open or closed ended wrenches. The mallet will come in handy to fix the big pin that holds the main lever. It fits very snugly and requires a little bit of precision. So using the rubber mallet is a good idea to prevent any damage to the threads on either end. Some users say putting a nut on the end which is being hit with the mallet provides some extra amount of protection to the threads and further reduces chances of damage.

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Overall build quality:

After putting the entire machine together and getting done with the assembly – a task that normally takes around three hours of your time – you will surely notice how sturdy the machine is. The metal used to fashion it is quite heavy and can evidently bear large loads. The entire contraption is powder coated and there is no chance of it getting chipped or the paint peeling off.

The pulley cables meant for raising and lowering the weights while you exercise are coated with a layer of vinyl. There is no binding at all and their operation is quite smooth and noiseless.

The sleeves that contain the weight plates are also coated in PVC so there is very little noise while loading or unloading them on to or from the machine. The leg holds and leg extension for the lateral pull are also coated in good quality vinyl which has a leather-like look and feel to itself. The caps for the pads are made out of aluminium and do not come undone. The bench itself is firm without being too hard to cause a back injury. Also it can be wiped down easily and does not retain excess moisture.

Unlike other home gyms, the Powertec leverage workbench gym WB-LS is not wobbly and does not make the user feel unsafe or scared that a part will fall and injure him or her.

Weight handling capacities:

The main lever-arm can be loaded to up till 500lbs while the lateral pull down bar can handle about 350lbs. The leg lift and squat bars can comfortably manage 250lbs and 300 pounds respectively. Overall, the machine is a well built and sturdy one that delivers on the promises made in its advertisements.

After sales customer service:

This is another major point in favour of Powertec. Every user who has ever had reason to contact the company’s customer care section has commented on how stellar it is. The customer service executives are extremely patient and well-behaved and hear out even the smallest of queries with the greatest of attention. They help out to the best of their capabilities and beyond and provide detailed explanations to handle any problem you might be facing with your equipment.

The company is also very prompt on replacing faulty parts and keeps its word on warranty issues. There have been instances, according to customers, where faulty parts have been replaced within 48 hours of being reported.

Exercises with Powertec Workbench Leverage Gym

According to most users, using this machine seems extremely natural. You do not have stretch your physical limits so much that it feels like you are doing something forced. But to experience this kind of an ease, it is important that you set the machine to your requirements perfectly – adjust the height, tighten the cords, fit the pulleys and check whether they move smoothly, etc according to your individual needs.

The manual that comes with the machine lists just about ten basic exercises that you can do in it. But that is not the case at all. You can log on to website meant for health enthusiasts and find out multiple ways to utilise the benefits of the Powertec leverage workbench gym WB-LS. We’ve listed here some exercises you can perform on this home gym, but in no way is the machine limited to just these manoeuvres. Tinker around, but with caution, till you find the best ways to work up a sweat and stay fit.

  1. Flat, incline and decline chest presses → You can use variable weights on the leverage arm to perform these exercises. While the decline chest presses come off perfectly, the body sometimes slides down the bench such that your head rests at the base of the machine making it uncomfortable and a little risky. Otherwise, presses on this machine are a joy to do with the multiple press angle options and a good amount of contraction.
  2. Shoulder press → You can also utilise the leverage arm to execute shoulder presses – which many say is the machines most effective exercise, most likely because working upwards at a 90 degree incline, this probably is the leverage arms optimal angle.
  3. Dips → With the leverage arm at its highest setting, the machine works well for dips as well. Since the handle bars are narrow, they make for better triceps dips than chest dips. Also, executing dips on this machine is tougher than other settings, giving your body that much more resistance to overcome.
  4. Squats → There is a padded handlebar at the end of the leverage arm to let you do squats. But the fact that you have start from the crouch down position largely limits the amount of weight you can effectively use.
  5. Pull downs → The shortened range of the pulley system’s motion ensures that you can get the most out of pull downs on this home gym system.
  6. Rows → The cable system is too short to give you the best out of performing rows. You have to bend too much at the waist to get a good grip even at the cost of making yourself uncomfortable. This is one exercise that can’t be performed optimally.

To conclude

The positives

  • The wide variety of exercises that can be performed utilising the strength arc
  • The leverage arm also enables you to perform multiple moves and work out many muscles
  • The weight management system allows for micro-loading that lets you progress on the quantity of weights in a gradual manner and helps you attain long term results.
  • A very versatile equipment that lets you perform a great number of exercises with a little innovative thinking
  • The company provides a lifetime warranty on all component parts of the machine and truly delivers on its promise

Scope for improvement

  • The pulley’s motion is somewhat limited and becomes evident when performing long range exercises like rows and pull downs
  • Some parts of the machine including the pulleys wear out faster than others. Like the pulley shows signs of degradations after about three years of continuous use. Though Powertec promptly provides replacements, some parts do wear out more quickly than others.
  • The metal plate for standing while performing squats or cable curls is a little small and increasing its size by about 8 inches would be a good idea
  • Last but not the least, the most repeated complaint with this device is that all moves begin from the stretched or finishing positions. While it might be okay for some exercise, begin something like squats from a crouch down posture really limits your options.
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