Completing a satisfying and proper stretch workout is definitely a vital requirement for everyone from world class sportsperson to ordinary human. Have a look at the Pro Leg Stretcher by TMAS. An exercise machine that comes with a rock solid design, Pro Leg Stretcher is simple enough to be used by everyone. If you are a professional who is looking for some beneficiary and effective hamstring stretching or if you are a normal person who is looking to do effective splits then your wait ends here. Pro Leg Stretcher by TMAS has all the right features that you may want to see in your regular exercise machines.

Think why the world loves this exercise machine!

Pro Leg Stretcher by TMASA very genuine and justified question! The Pro Leg Stretcher by TMAS comes with a very simple design. Having an adjustable back rest adds to the charm as the user can comfortably do the exercise. The steering wheel control system allows the user to slowly and steadily increase the stretching, thereby preventing occurrence of unwanted jerks and painful muscle injuries. Rest assured, positive fitness result is guaranteed with this machine.

A bit on the techs

The Pro Leg Stretcher by TMAS weighs approximately around 38.5 lbs. Another interesting point that the customers will love is that the machine comes fully assembled. So, you can start your workout with the word go with this machine!

More Reasons to go for this machine

Are you still in doubt about the effectiveness of this machine? Worry not, there are additional features that can surely erase your doubts about this machine.

  • Go with your stretching beyond the conventional 180 degree limit.
  • Padded seats give you a very comfortable experience in your workout.
  • Give your back some relaxation with the adjustable back rest.
  • Hold your stretching position to check your strength and endurance with the attached stop latch.
  • Not only leg, this machine is greatly useful for stretching the thigh and groin muscles also.

Fitness Guru’s First Choice is Pro Leg Stretcher by TMAS

Undoubtedly true. The machine really goes easy on your hamstrings and thighs. Given the steering wheel control system, the user has full control in deciding the amount of stretch he wants to opt for. The machine is structurally constructed so well that it does not show signs of sudden jerks or part resistance.

Another interesting point that is loved by the fitness freaks is the adjustable back system. The user can decide on what position he wants to sweat out. Is it the upright position, full reclined position or some position in the intermediate, the machine has an answer to all your doubts.

Design is bit different, must notice!

Unlike many other stretching machines available in the market, Pro Leg Stretcher by TMAS does not use cables for stretching purpose as they can get snapped under high tensions. This is usually the case with really enthusiastic trainers and sportspersons who are customers of regular hefty exercises. Rather, this machine uses the gear system for effective stretching movements. Must say, the engineers care for your workout benefits!

Go ahead to stay fit with Pro Leg Stretcher with TMAS

Need not to say that there are ample numbers of stretching machines available in the market. However, if you are a sincere user you care for his daily stretching exercise plans, this machine definitely stands on top of every chart. Very much user friendly and highly efficient, you can surely rely on this machine for delivering excellent results.

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