Recumbent bikes allow the biker to seat comfortably in a reclining position unlike most other bikes that you use on a daily basis. These bikes are popular among the masses for their ergonomic design which helps the user to reduce stress when they sit on it. When it comes to a traditional bike, the weight of the rider affects three core areas: hands, feet, and sit bones. But with a recumbent bike, your seat is reclined and the weight of the user spreads out in a way that it does not affect just one area more than the other. In this article, we will detail you on the core benefits of using a recumbent bike, while working out.

Recumbent bikes come in three standard designs: recumbent tricycle, short wheelbase and long wheelbase. Technically speaking, it is not exactly the same as a traditional bike but is somewhat close to it.

  • Recumbent Tricycle: This style has the crankset in the front of the fore wheel. Some of them come with a single rear wheel that is joined to the drive train and front wheels are on the side that is used for steering. The rider sits comfortably on top of the chassis that allows the wheels to turn.
  • Short Wheelbase: In this kind of recumbent bike, the wheels are below the rider’s chassis and the crankset is on the front of the fore wheel. For the comfort of the rider, the telescoping feature is added inside the tube of the crankset.
  • Long Wheelbase: In this style, the front wheel is placed ahead of the crankset. They are different from short wheelbase recumbent bikes in the way that they run on larger tire that is placed at the back and a smaller tire is placed in the front. This is prevents blockage to the rider’s vision.

Now that you know about the standard designs of recumbent bikes, let’s move to the essential benefits of working out on a recumbent bike. We will break down the details of it in the following pointers and you will realise how advantageous they can be for you in your workout sessions.

5 Top Benefits Of Working Out With A Recumbent Bike

1. Weight And Lessening Of Stress

The most important advantage of recumbent bikes is the fact that they have been designed in a way that is entirely ergonomic. Not everyone can handle the same amount of stress on a day to day basis while working out. When the rider’s weight comes down to the three core areas of hands, feet and sit bones with a traditional bike it does not become easy for the rider to sit on it for too long. But with a recumbent bike, the level of stress is lessened considerably as the weight of the rider spreads out evenly. You do not have to then worry about it affecting any soft tissue or loss of blood or any kind of nerve numbness.

The long wheelbase and handlebars gives the rider comfort when riding on it as the seating position is also reclined. You can stretch back with comfort and even pull back as and when you feel the weight has come down from top to bottom.

2. Speed

Recumbent bikes are faster than traditional bikes. The one reason for it is the excellent aerodynamic design. This means that recumbent bikes does not create much vertical surface that prevents air from pushing back when you are riding on it. When you recline the seat, the wind just glides over the rider that makes for a comfortable riding as well as workout session.

3. Pelvis, Legs, And Back

When the rider is in a reclining position, your lower back and pelvis are in a comfortable position as well. With a traditional bike, you have to lean forward every time you use the handlebars, putting a level of stress on your back and pelvis. On a regular usage, this could lead to pain in your feet and lower back. But with a recumbent bike, you won’t be affected with such a pain leading to the longer running period with it.

4. Safety

Safety should be a top priority whenever you purchase a fitness equipment. With a bike to most important issues come from visibility and safety. In this concern, a recumbent bike is a safe bet, more so with a recumbent tricycle. You don’t have to worry about sliding too fast when you take a turn. These bikes are designed in a way that will give the rider better visibility and movement.

5. Rider With Any Sort Of Disability

Hand crank recumbent bikes are more popular than a hand crank traditional bike. If you search online on the benefits of a hand crank recumbent bike for a disabled person you will realise that the benefits are innumerable. A person with some kind of disability will face a lot of issues with a traditional bike even if it comes with a hand crank but when it comes to a recumbent bike with hand crank you can be rest assured of their benefits. It will not just be good for their health to workout on it on a daily basis but it will also life their spirits and make them happy.

Apart from these important benefits of recumbent bikes, another essential benefit of a recumbent bike is its aerodynamic shield called fairing, that is usually placed on the front of the bike. This shield helps the rider from blocking the wind when they are riding. When there is less wind that pushes on the rider while riding, it helps them to warm up their workout session with comfort.

Recumbent bikes are a great fitness equipment that evenly affects your entire body without stressing your soft tissues or blood flow. A lot of people swear by it over a treadmill when it comes to the cardio workout routine. You are now acquainted with the benefits of working out on a recumbent bike but the real feel will only come when you buy one for yourself and experience the difference yourself.

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