Welcome to another interview from the Fitness Spotlight series. Today, we have interviewed one of most popular fitness trainer Roni Kangun from Tel Aviv, Israel. So without wasting much of your time, let’s take a look at things Roni has to say about FITNESS.

Roni Kangun

1. In your own words, define Fitness?

Fitness is a tool with which you can build the body of your dreams, strengthen your health and just cheer yourself up.. and while u go with it, fitness becomes a lifestyle!

2. Why and when did you decide to become a fitness trainer?

5 years ago I start to be a full-time trainer (on the Day I finish my fitness studies and got my fitness diploma ). Before that, I only trained my friends in my free time (I used to be a pro basketball player and international male model).

3. Are you CPR-certified? What other certifications do you hold?

Yes, I do have, from Wingate sports university.

4. How do you keep your fitness training knowledge up to date?

From time to time I’m going to watch training of top sports teams in football (English premier league)and basketball (NBA and Euroleague) for having more variety for my workout programs that I give to my clients, and of course from fitness and health magazines! But each new exercise I try it first on myself (for having the idea how good or how difficult is it)

5. Describe your typical day. What it looks like? How do you know when it’s productive?

In a daily base, I wake up at 5.30 am (yes that’s early 😉 ) and going to the park at 6.30 am for my first client at 7. Then I workout myself at the noontime (before I’m eating my lunch), and then back to work! I go to sleep around 10 pm. In my vacations I workout at 8 am.

6. What experience do you have with customer service? Describe how you handle customer service situations involving difficult fitness center members or prospective members.

Well, This question isn’t relevant for me since I never work for any fitness center or a company.

7. How important is nutrition to you in creating a client’s regimen?

The Nutrition part is VERY important for me, and my clients know it! Either u want to lose weight or to gain muscles, the food program is a big factor for reaching your goals.

8. What is the one habit you would recommend others develop? (Think lifestyle habits, productivity habits, or drinking some secret ninja tea made from a flower found only at the top of the mountain.)

Well I don’t have a bombastic habit 🙂 but what I would recommend is to drink 2 glasses of water (can add lemon if u like) when u wake up, that’s what I do every morning.

9. Describe how you handle a client who is unhappy with your work, or a client who doesn’t achieve her goals when you know the problem is with her level of motivation.

I have a very strict discipline for my clients in my training so in the sec I see she/he start to lose focus in the training is taking her/him to a small talk and explain her/him that if she/he wants to continue to train with me they have to get back to focus!

No matter which goals u have (losing weight or gain muscles) u have to trust my opinion and my training program (and food program) that I build for each client individually, and once u committed by 100% there is no chance u will not reach your goals!!! (The results of my clients is what is talking)

10. What are your thoughts about organic food? What are your thoughts on a vegan diet? When you encounter a client or prospective fitness club member who is committed to a diet that differs from your own, how do you remain objective?

Well as I said in the last question, I’m always advising to stick with my food plan, but I’m always open to listen what my clients have to say and if that’s something which can help her/him to stay with the level I’m looking for it can work for us!

About vegan or organic food, as long as u get all what our body needs ( protein, vitamins etc. ) I’m good with it!

I never did any diet, I’m just eating healthy and that’s all the story!

11. Give me an overview of a training program you would set up for a client strictly looking for weight loss and toning? What do you tell clients who are looking for instant results?

There r 2 things,

  • I’m telling her/him that if she/him want to lose weight they have to start eat well.
  • My workout program will work more on cardio and high tempo workout (that depends on the level of the client of course) with more repetitions and fewer breaks during the workout.

12. Do you have fitness goals for yourself? If so, what are they?

I’m always trying to get better and better and developing myself, but I don’t have something which I’m saying now “that’s my goal”

13. If you could only recommend one book for our community to read, what would it be and why?

My girlfriend is reading now a book called “the calorie myth“ and she likes it (she’s saying that the writer has the same vision about nutrition as I do) so I will follow her opinion.

14. Where does your personal motivation and inspiration to be successful come from?

Since I was a young I have competed in the high levels so I always had the drive to be the best in what I do, so that’s now my nature!

15. Give me three essential exercises you suggest for all clients? Why are these in your top three?

This question is too general, that’s depends if that’s woman or man,and the level of Workout Of the person , but basically I would recommend a bodyweight exercises, as squats (for man and woman) pushups (for man) and sit-ups (man and woman) that’s the best 3 basic exercises that I would recommend and everyone can do, even if they r not in shape!

16. How should people connect with you? E.g.: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, email, website, etc.

Instagram: @ronikangun
Facebook: www.facebook.com/roni.kangun8
Email: ronikangun@gmail.com

17. Where are you located? Please include city + state + country (if outside the US).

I’m located at Tel Aviv, Israel, but from time to time going to NYC London and Milan

18. Roni Kangun Clients And Achievements:-

With Robert Pires, top football legend

Roni Kangun with Robert Pires

With top models, Toni Garrn and Alina Baikova

Roni Kangun with Toni Garrn and Alina Baikova

With top fashion designer, Dan Caten (owner of Dsquared2)

Roni Kangun with Dan Caten

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