Are you searching for an ideal recumbent bike for carrying out physical workouts? Well, you are doing the right thing. However, you need to choose an appropriate recumbent exercising bike which can suffice your requirement and at the same time adequately fit within your budget estimate. The Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Bike is one such model which has gained consumer attention in the recent times.

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Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Bike Features

According to the fitness experts, one of the probable reasons why the Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Bike supersedes its other counterpart is because of the presence of lower impact nature of the exercise. This means the workout on this equipment becomes quite easy for anybody and especially for those who are recovering from major injuries which led to less mobility. A brief discussion on the design follows below-

The Frame

The absence of a bulky flywheel casing the way gives the user the advantage of getting a comfortable seat position. Apart from that, the seats are placed in a slightly inclined manner which helps out to reduce the pressure on the joints and proves to be an additional support as well.

The Foot Pedal

The foot pedal has been positioned in patented two-degree inward slant which prevents the knee feet pain and also helps to correct the posture of the body.

The Steel Tubing

The presence of steel tubing as well as the aluminium shroud offers a robust durability to these popular bikes. It also makes them light weighted and manageable. The wheels are provided at the bottom which makes the transportation quite easy.

Some Other Additional Features

Besides these above said design features, you also get many other interesting features on the purchase of this exercising recumbent bike. These include – You can adjust the seat and handlebars as per your specific needs

  • A LCD monitor of nine inches for viewing the programming
  • In Built fan
  • It offers as many as six different programs
  • The platform is semi recumbent
  • You can monitor your heart rate and chest strap
  • Customizable large sized pedals
  • MP3 player and ECB resistance
  • A standard sized bottle holder

Who Is an Ideal Customer for This Recumbent Bike?

Precisely anybody can buy it; who is looking for or going through a rehabilitation process after suffering an injury. Other than that if you are looking to shed some extra kilos and also burn the accumulated fat then this exercising bike will be of great help.

It even offers a couple of options for bettering your overall cycling performance and the display buttons help in monitoring your results much closely. In fact, you can tilt the console to view the screen more clearly.

The Different Workout Programs

While you avail this extremely effective exercising machine to ensure the best fitness level and maintain a well toned body, you can also bring out variations in your workout regimes. The variations can be brought in pedal speed and the level of resistance etc. As such the workout program of the recumbent bike has been categorized into four groups-


The manual program offers you the facility of just sitting on the seat and start cycling the bike. The process is same to riding a bicycle. You just need to enter a few personal details and adjust the resistance electronically.


Here you get two options and primarily need to follow all the instructions similar to that of manual. Plus you have to select the resistance for each of the segments

Heart rate controlled

In this programming option you get everything that is needed to control your heart rate. It comes with a wireless chest strap transmitter which is in-built.

Present Profiles

It has mainly five sets of programs that include hill, fat burn, cardio, strength, and interval etc. All provide you specific fitness goals.

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