Door way exercise tools are the most effective measures for complete upper body exercising at the comfort of your home. The sunny health and fitness door way chin up and pull up bars are regarded as the idol equipment to sculpt your body and make it completely toned. You can get a fully sculpted physique with muscular body at the ease of home. The product is available in the market at gym equipment sellers and dealers. The exercises are conducted by using only the body-weight, so you are escaped of heavy weight lifting and getting blisters on your palms.


Description of Home Pull Up Bar

  • Manufactured with metal material that supports body weights up to 220 lbs
  • Highly adjustable according to height and weight of the person
  • Can be mounted for sit ups and push ups
  • Rubber ends gripping and foamed bars for comfort
  • Attached to ceiling, wall or doorframe
  • Upper body exercising including full workout for chest, arms, biceps, shoulders, abs and back. Also targets face muscles.
  • Heavy-duty Model# 025 with chrome plating steel bar
  • Dimensional properties of : 2″H x 2″W x 25″L

Now with different types of pull bars available in the market, Sunny Health and Fitness Door Way Chin Up bar offers multi-functional features which are excellent for aerobic conditioning at home.

Benefits of Sunny Health and Fitness Door Way Chin Up Bar

Perfect Multi-Gym Fitness

The doorway leveraging chin-up offers complete physical fitness with toned upper body at home. You cannot just strengthen your physical fitness, get away from issues like fatigue or obesity, bloated stomach but you can get a “Greek God” like body and keep it maintained for as long as you wish. The mounted hardware doorway chin up bar by Sunny health & fitness can be optimized for hard-core upper body exercise ranging from dips to make triceps, press-ups for upper body strengthening, abs hitting to get abs and pull-ups for shoulder blades and biceps. The steel bar remains covered with foam pads for super soft comfort and to prevent from getting bubbles between the layers of palm skin. One of the best wall mounted pull-up bar in the market can be trusted for effective and efficient results for body building, body posturing and fitness at home.

Portable door way chin-up bar for different muscle exercises

You can use the heavy duty hardware in different styles. The versatile doorway chin-up can be utilized for extensive grips, narrow grips or neural grips by modifying the holding distances. Apart from crunches and press-ups, the doorway leveraging chin-up can be used for back, face and shoulders too. The standard tool for all your pull ups, push-up and chin ups are more loveable because it can be installed at home in a jiffy as no screwing or fitting is required.

Heavy-Duty Easy Gym

The steep construction of this free standing pull up bar attracts many fitness enthusiasts. You can also opt for wall mounting apart from doorframe installation.

H3 Inexpensive Total Gym at home

The highly adjustable tool come with 4 in 1 fitness doorway pull up bar. This chin-up bar by sunny heath %& fitness comes under $15 which is a perfect value for money.

Why choose Sunny Health and Fitness Chin Up Bar – $15

As already mentioned about its health benefits and value for money, the product is promising to give you wide range of exercising options at home. You can undergo core fitness training without having to hire a trainer.

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