Superdrol is one of the most potent synthetic anabolic steroids whose active ingredient is methasterone (also called methyldrostanolone). It is a prohormone, meaning, a substance that is the precursor to a hormone and is converted by the body to an active hormone.

It was widely available as an OTC nutritional supplement from 2005 to 2012 when it became classified as a Schedule III drug. It is an oral steroid that has been really popular with bodybuilders, weightlifters and other amateur and professional athletes seeking to build muscle mass.

The history of Superdrol dates back to 1956 when it was discovered by Syntex Corporation during their research to find a drug that had anti-tumor properties and could fight cancer. While methasterone did not have anti-cancer properties it was able to provide methyltestosterone and had an anabolic to androgen ratio of 20.

The drug remained largely unknown until 2005 when it was brought to market as Superdrol by Anabolic Extreme. It was really successful but unfortunately, due to FDA action in 2012, it became a controlled substance.

In recent years Superdrol has seen a resurgence in popularity and is available online since it is manufactured in other countries.

How Does Superdrol Work?

The base ingredient of Superdrol is the active substance methasterone which is an anabolic agent derived from dihydrotestosterone or DHT. Methasterone has two extra methyl radicals made of one carbon atom bonded to three hydrogen atoms at second and seventeenth carbon positions.

This change allows Superdrol to be a significantly strong anabolic substance that is at least three times stronger than many steroids.

Base ingredient of Superdrol

Since it is derived from DHT which is a modification of drostanolone, Superdrol can be taken orally and bypasses the liver during metabolism.

It is able to promote protein synthesis and augment nitrogen retention by the cells. This has a huge benefit since the greater the rate of synthesis and retention the faster muscle tissue grows.

The regular use of Superdrol also leads to increased oxygen supply in the muscles. During physical activity muscle fibers are torn and then replaced by healthy tissue when the body is at rest. This is accelerated by Superdrol’s ability to carry more oxygen.

What Are The Benefits Of Superdrol?

What then is the benefit of Superdrol in strength training? Primarily it boosts your energy levels and allows you to exercise intensely and for longer periods of time. Secondly, the muscles grow stronger and this allows you to exercise using heavier weights. Not only that, but Superdrol provides an overall increase in strength.

Muscle gain

Superdrol Muscle Gain

Superdrol use leads to more mass. There is no arguing this fact. In fact, empirical evidence shows that it is possible to gain 8-12 lbs of muscle over 4 weeks due to use of Superdrol. This is, of course, a substantial gain.

Very little of this steroid is converted to estrogen and most of it is available for anabolic purposes. Moreover, the weight gained is not due to an accumulation of water but muscle making it is possible to retain it for months.

Weight loss

Without any doubt, physical training is a great way to build mass. But it is also true that many train to lose fat and for them, it is important to have the endurance to work out longer without tiring.

It is possible to get involved with really intensive training using Superdrol and you can lose more weight, and faster than you have ever done before. Besides, you can eat plenty of calories and there is no need to deprive yourself since you are able to burn it off at the gym.

No estrogen conversion

One of the most undesired side effects of steroids is estrogen or the female hormone. It causes degradation of male sexual characteristics and may give rise to gynecomastia or man-boobs that are really disliked. Superdrol makes it possible to have all the benefits of a steroid without this disadvantage. Its anabolic androgenic factor of 20 is superb.


In the offseason, many like to bulk up that is building muscle tissue without bothering too much about muscle definition. This means lifting heavier weights every week. Superdrol is excellent at providing the body with adequate endurance for such severe workouts.

Since it promotes the synthesis of proteins, it is an invaluable aid to bulking in the offseason. Moreover, the Superdrol cycle is quite short at 4-5 weeks. This allows anyone to target a weight gain of 10 pounds in a month.

Lack of water retention

All bodybuilders are ultimately judged based on muscle size and definition. It is difficult to have great definition if you have water retention. Several steroids that build mass also retain huge quantities of fluid that makes the body look bloated and out of shape.

For those who have focused on diet and put in a lot of hard work at the gym, it is a disaster to have it all come apart because of water retention due to steroid. Superdrol is unique in that it causes almost no water retention. Due to its help in creating firm and impressive muscle, it is immensely popular among strength athletes.

Testosterone replacement

If the testosterone level is low, it is easy to treat it using Superdrol. Lack of testosterone can lead to serious problems ranging from an accumulation of body fat to lack of libido. With an intake of methasterone, this can be reversed in a few weeks with no danger.

Superdrol Side Effects

I have outlined in full the many benefits that Superdrol has. It is also important to touch upon any potential side effects of the drug for a fair review. Not only steroids but everything we ingest can have potential downsides, and it is important that you be well informed and make the decision after careful thought.

Estrogenic effects

Superdrol has nearly no estrogenic side effects. There is no need for you to become worried about gynecomastia and water retention when you are using this drug.

Androgenic side effects

Androgenic refers to male sexual characteristics. In puberty, this causes changes to the body and later on in adulthood baldness. Superdrol can definitely bring about some androgenic side effects and cause balding or acne. However, due to the exceptional anabolic-androgenic ratio of Superdrol, it is minimal compared to other steroids.

Effects on the cardiovascular system

At times it is possible that Superdrol may bring about cardiovascular symptoms. You have to watch out for any reduction of HDL or good cholesterol or increase of LDL or bad cholesterol.

In order to protect against cholesterol, it is important to take a few grams of red yeast daily. It is also essential to consume 100 mg of Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). Superdrol may cause blood pressure to increase and to protect yourself against it consume Hawthorn Berry every day.

Testosterone side effects

Use of an anabolic steroid will always affect the body’s own creation of testosterone. Superdrol also has this characteristic which is common to the entire class of drugs. It is essential to take testosterone supplements adequately. At the end of the cycle, the body will gradually recover and produce testosterone again. It is here that the short cycle of Superdrol proves very beneficial.

Superdrol Cycle

Speaking about Superdrol dosage it is important to remember that every person has their own unique requirement based on body type, training method, and age. Typical dosage of Superdrol is 20-30 mg daily. It can at most be increased to 40 mg but no more. At this high level, it is not advisable to continue for more than 4 weeks at most. At the end of this period, there is a requirement to give the liver adequate rest and allow it to recover.

Superdrol Cycle

The daily dosage can be split into units of 10 mg. Superdrol is best taken throughout the day, since it has a half-life of about 8 hours. Taking 10 mg every 8 hours would make it possible to have peak levels of 15 mg in the body with an average of 10-12 mg. it could be split as one in the morning, one before the workout and last one in the evening.

A normal Superdrol cycle lasts 6-10 weeks. If you are just starting out consume no more than 10 mg for a few days to find how your body reacts. If there are no serious side effects increase it slowly to 20 mg and continue for six weeks. At the end of that time evaluate if you would like to use it for two more weeks.

As with any other anabolic agents, great diet is the key. If your diet does not provide you the raw materials you will not see any gain. Superdrol works best with a calorie surplus diet.

Superdrol Before And After

The great thing about Superdrol is that it can be used for both bulking and cutting. This is because the gains from Superdrol tend to be dry weight. As this image shows there are huge gains from the use of Superdrol. There have been reports of gains up to 15 lbs with six weeks use.

Superdrol Before and After

Of course, much of the gains depends on protein-rich diet and the intensity of training. If you are looking at stacking, try it before the workout.

Where Can You Buy Superdrol From?

Over the past few years, Superdrol is no longer sold over the counter as it used to be. But that does not mean you have to search on the black market either. With some research, you will be able to source it from online. It is important to make sure that the suppliers have a good reputation and are not just selling sugar water.


As I have reviewed in this article, Superdrol is a very effective and safe anabolic agent. Strength training is a serious pursuit and use of Superdrol can provide the boost necessary for anyone to go the extra mile at the gym. Use of Superdrol is safe, but like most substances, you must use it with caution at first to figure out how your body responds to it.

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