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Do you know which workouts will help improve your triceps strength, whether you’re a woman or a man like Michael Wilson?

Or are you more well versed on rating recumbent bikes like Willie Smalls?

To summarize, any content that you feel crops from an amazing idea to help inform us and the general curious readers of fitness gear and fitness routines are very much appreciated on this blog.

Additionally, there are a few features we’re looking out for in our articles.

Who we are

Considering how this blog caters to information regarding fitness gear, we’re not meant to be read by the average reader. We cater to professional fitness experts, addressing topics that any trainer would be simply curious about, or struggling to understand, like the best equipment you can gear your gym with, workouts that specifically adhere to specific muscles in a particular gender and age category, and even fitness gear to utilize yourself such as shoes.

Basically, we educate and promote new and different techniques that can be utilized to produce efficient results.

Considering how much knowledge each trainer can acquire while subjected to working at a gym for quite some time, if you’ve learned something new and unique, specific, or general, sharing it on here can help it reach several others who can benefit by reassessing their own regimes to improve it as well. Participating in the conversation to improve our collective knowledge is part of our mission.

At the same time, we care about providing our readers with the most valid and reliable information.

Essential Guidelines you could practice

Effective Answers: Your article, while addressing a problem, provide an effective solution, something that can be practiced and achieved. For example, if your article suggests performing certain workout regimes to help strengthen your triceps, you’d be liable to include your reasons as to why and how this exercise can do that.

Practical Solution: once presented with the solution, your reader should be able to understand what is expected of him, i.e. what they need to do efficiently. You could present your own plan or worksheet to present it as such. For example, if you’re asking your reader to efficiently make a diet plan, provide a mock dietary plan, including important details like breakfast timing.

Backed by Authoritative Sources: your article must include information by authoritative figures in the industry, your idea alone won’t be enough to suggest a complete change over. For example, if you’re writing an article on certain variations on leg press machines improving your blood circulation, including statistics from sites like Harvard Health will improve your article’s validity.

In conclusion: the article must leave your reader with a sense of action, of meaningful inspiration to act out your advice.

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